DIA Remote Viewers ‘saw’ Aliens on Titan : CIA released documennt

DIA Remot Viewers ‘saw’ Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan : CIA Document

Earlier this month we had reported the untold story that NASA Scientists announcement regarding alien life exists on Saturn moon Titan is a part of continuous disclosure.

And in response we had received many email regarding “what proof we are having other than our last year report to support our claim” ?

So those who writes to us and ask about more solid proof please have look at down below CIA released documents, which clearly showed that DIA remote viewers ‘saw’ extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan. CIA document clearly support our claim that we are under continuous disclosure mode.

According to CIA released document : So far have run into three types of entities associated with bases at various location with the Solar System.

TITAN BASE : All personnel observed at this base on 20 November1986 appeared to be no different than native earthlings. There were two male technician types sitting at a control panel of some kind. Behind them stood and attractive female with brown shoulder length hair, wearing a pale Green lab coat or smock. She appeared to be in some sort of supervisory role.

MT. HAYES : There appeared to be two types of entities associated with this site. The two entities located outside of the structure were accomplishing some sort of routine task. Unable to make contact with them or gain information of any sort. Inside the structure were two entities.

One sitting at some sort of circular console with a round screen like object. The other was busy doing something in the background. The entity at the console appeared human in form. He seemed friendly enough and invited me to observe his actions at the console.

SOUTH AMERICA/AFRICA : There appeared to be two types of entities associated with this site also. The first had a very large, round shaped head on a slender neck very unhuman in appearance almost robot like unable to make contact with this being.

The other entity was almost human like in appearance. His face was devoid of any hair, his complexion was very pale facial features were very indistinct with the exception of a sharp, slender nose.

This entity seemed friendly enough and appeared to (unreadable)