Deciphering the Core Deception

The greatest strength of disinformation is also its greatest
weakness. That it can reach so many means it cannot reach everyone. Since its
audience has limited intelligence and attention span, the message must be dumbed
down and put front and center to meet its mark. That makes it suspiciously
conspicuous to anyone with a more discerning eye.

For a
message to be so clever as to deceive even the most discerning, it would
necessarily be so subtle and complex as to fly right over the heads of its
intended audience. Disinformation created specifically for a popular alternative
radio show, for example, would indeed capture the minds of a good majority of
the audience, but it would be so suspiciously simplistic that listeners in the
discerning minority would roll their eyes.

disinformation must therefore be sophisticated enough to minimize into
irrelevance the discerning minority while keeping it simple enough to appeal to
the required majority.

Disinformation originates with intent to advance
an agenda, so it can be reverse-engineered to reveal that agenda. By analyzing
enough alien disinformation one can logically deduce the alien agenda.
Alternatively, one can hypothesize what the agenda might be and then check
whether different sources bearing the traits of disinformation are consistent
with that hypothesis.

In my fifteen years studying the subject, what
emerged was a distinct pattern of disinformation woven throughout numerous
sources ranging from the academic to mystical publications.

convenience I will call this pattern the “Core Deception.”

consists of half-truths split up among seemingly independent sources but sharing
a common direction of persuasion. Often the same falsehoods were framed
differently to appeal to the particular audience.

The “Core Deception”
contains the following key elements:

Encouraging suspension of discernment

Misapplying spiritual principles

the unavoidable facts

alien interference in divine light or destiny

Threatening with consequences of not cooperating

through promises and rewards

naive assumptions toward false conclusions

Manipulating emotions through euphemisms and dysphemisms


Scapegoating corrupt human leadership

amnesty for corrupt human leadership

Glorifying the alien image and appealing to sympathy

individual and collective consent

Demanding unification and integration of mankind with

awareness of hyperdimensional reality

false dichotomies through role swapping

follows is a deeper exploration of these elements, including real examples
paraphrased from the literature together with my commentary and analysis.
Remember that these examples exist out there right now and are actively shaping
public opinion toward holding a certain view of the alien presence.

the picture pushed by the Core Deception to the one being presented in
this article and decide for yourself which is more comprehensive, true to
experience, logical, and realistic.

Elements of the Core Deception

1. Encouraging
suspension of discernment

* We
cannot judge aliens as bad if we ourselves have problems.

statement portrays discernment as a hypocritical act of moral judgment, then
discourages discernment by suggesting we should avoid hypocrisy by not pointing
fingers in the first place. It presents a false choice between scrutinizing
either aliens or humans while ignoring the other. Instead, we need to
objectively examine both for problems. Maybe some human problems are related to
alien problems, as in cases where aliens are involved in unethical behavioral
modification of human targets.

* It would be hypocritical to cry foul
about what negative aliens do to humans since humans themselves eat, abuse, and
experiment upon animals.

As mentioned, the injustices committed by
both humans and aliens should be brought to light. But let’s keep in mind that
one wrong does not justify another, nor does the elimination of one wrong
eliminate another. Even if all humans were to become vegans, the purported trend
of certain aliens eating humans would continue. It is not just rapists who are
abducted and raped, or meat lovers who are taken and eaten, or cattle ranchers
who make up the population of implanted and domesticated abductees.

It is more
a case of animal abuse and experimentation being a microcosmic reflection of a
greater negative dynamic that certain aliens have taken to a high art. When one
looks at who is committing the greater atrocities upon animals, one sees that
these so-called “humans” have lost all touch with their humanity and have
aligned with something sub-human or demonic, and the same can be said of aliens
who do it to humans. Neither should be beyond reproach due to the actions of the

* We should not think about negative aliens because what we
focus upon, we energize and attract.

This is a misapplication of the
Law of Attraction. While we do attract what we become obsessed with or
emotionally invested in, the converse is not true that we repel what we ignore.
While ignoring something removes the force of attraction, it can still manifest
by chance or through its own freewill. What actually repels and blocks is
awareness, preventative action, and intentions and requests for protection.
Therefore this statement is totally backwards in advocating ignorance as the
solution. Ignorance merely leaves the door wide open.

* We cannot
understand the motivation of aliens because they are so much more advanced than
we are.

The humanoids we are dealing with are advanced but similar
enough that, through diligent research, personal experience, and spiritual
intelligence we can understand enough of their motivations to detect benevolence
or insincerity. Those who assume limits for human understanding have failed to
probe those limits themselves and therefore have no right making such claims,
and even if they probed and hit a brick wall, others may still blast right
through it.

* We do not know enough, so we should keep it simple and
stick to a black/white view.

This recommends ignorance in the name of
practicality and objectivity, implying that we ought to just move forward with
what we have regarding the alien presence and keep it simple. What a defeatist
perspective. Instead of settling for a simplistic and erroneous picture, what
should be done is to broaden the scope of research and apply some critical
thinking to always improve the accuracy of the picture.

* We cannot
determine alien intentions until after working with them long enough to see what
they have to offer, anything sooner is jumping to conclusions.

more we learn about the alien presence and their possible motivations beforehand
from the mountains of evidence and research already available, the more
discerning and astutely perceptive we will be when it comes time for contact and
negotiations. In other words, we will more quickly discern alien intentions if
coming to the table prepared, perhaps quick enough to avert disastrous
commitments. This statement instead encourages the postponement of judgment
until long after numerous agreements and relations with alien factions have
already been established, which may be too late if the alien faction in question
is particularly persuasive and invasive.

* Our lack of understanding
is what leads to misperceiving alien methods as being hostile. We are like
scared animals resisting the help of a kind veterinarian. Aliens are here to
teach us, and our irrational fear of them is what keeps us from

There is a difference between a blind fear reaction to
something unknown, and the discovery of alien skulduggery after years of
research. Lack of understanding can just as easily lead to perceiving insincere
forces as benevolent, while proper understanding can peel away the mask and
reveals the deceptive dynamics beneath. There is too much research, abductee
testimony, and historical evidence indicating hostile intentions among some
alien factions. To rationalize them all away as mere fear reactions and
misunderstandings is naive and dishonest to the extreme.

* The
greatest barriers produce the greatest rewards, therefore we need to move
through our fear of aliens and accept our partnership with them to reap the

This is another example of passing wise prudence off as
ignorant fear. While there are people who fear the unknown and thus fear all
aliens inclusively, there are others who have enough awareness of negative alien
factions to likewise be cautious, though with eyes open instead of closed. The
challenge mankind faces is not only overcoming fear of the unknown, but lack of
discernment concerning the unknown once it breaches the walls consensus

* To anticipate the arrival of aliens as being anything other
than a positive blessing is giving into primitive fear-centers of your brain
instead of the more evolved parts.

Once again this tries to pass off
educated cautionary perspectives as blind fear reactions. It plays on the
politically correct, materialistic, self-deprecating meme that humans are more
primitive than they actually are. While many humans are indeed brutish and
backwards by alien standards, it is underhanded to project this upon others who
are mature, aware, discerning, and have done the research, gone through the
experiences, and/or incarnated with uncommon knowledge concerning the alien

* Focusing on negative aliens distracts us from moving
forward with the majority of aliens who are positive.

Being aware of
negative aliens, their characteristics, tactics, and motivations is what allows
us to distinguish between genuinely positive aliens and those who merely pretend
to be positive. In fact, positive alien factions may require a minimum standard
of discernment on the part of their potential contacts, and knowing how to
discern between them and impostors may be the awaited proof of maturity and
worthiness of contact. Not to say one should become obsessed with negative
potentials to the exclusion of positive, nor the other way around, but that a
balance of both is important.

* There is no right or wrong, good or
bad, when it comes to aliens because these are labels stemming from our own
judgmental attitudes.

This kind of moral relativism ensures that,
with zero discernment, mankind would hand the reigns of its destiny over to the
first alien faction to volunteer itself as our surrogate conscience. Instead of
rejecting judgment, we ought to hone it. As long as positive versus negative are
defined logically, intuitively, and discerningly, valid judgments can be made
without falling into the errors of emotional bias, blind dogma, or backward
tradition. Since mankind will face the consequences of its decisions, mankind
must make those decisions in accordance with its highest system of standards in
order to grow from the experience and preserve its

Alien factions have their own ideologies, some
meeting the standards established by mankind, others not. And that separates
alien factions out into those who respect mankind’s decisions, and those who
oppose or undermine it.

even if all judgment were to be subjective and viewpoints relative, it is still
the responsibility of all individuals to make distinctions between different
alien motivations and see which ones are agreeable.

Misapplying spiritual principles

* We are all One,
all fragments of God on the path to self-realization and merger with God. There
can be no such thing as an alien invasion. For them to invade us is as
impossible as us invading ourselves, because aliens are us, and we are

Creation is not just an amorphous blob of homogenous unity, but
a unified diversity. Individual minds are cut from the same cloth of
consciousness, but since each mind is endowed with freewill, its choices may run
into conflict with the choices of others. And this breeds competition or

A lion and
gazelle may be “One” in the absolute sense, but that has no bearing on whether
the lion can or cannot capture and kill the gazelle. Likewise, the freewill of
hostile aliens factions and freedom loving humans may be in conflict with each
other, where one ultimately wins out; this neither invalidates, nor is
invalidated by, the fact that both aliens and humans are manifestations of the
same primordial consciousness underlying Creation.

* You are the
creator of your experience, therefore you cannot be a victim, and therefore
aliens cannot be abusers.

This argument hinges on an erroneous,
oversimplified, and overextended picture of how individual consciousness is
entangled with personal experiential reality. Quantum physics supports the idea
that observed reality is shaped by the consciousness of the observer, but there
are overlooked subtleties and limitations to this interaction. Even though we
crate our experiential reality by choosing at certain points, we do not create
it everywhere completely enough to eliminate all possibility of freewill
violation, abuse, or victimization. We are often overridden by the causal
consequences of prior choices made by ourselves and others who are mutually
entangled with our reality.

There is also a difference between consenting
to risk, and consenting to some particular manifestation of that risk. For
example, every time you drive, you accept the risk of an accident without
actually choosing to have an accident per se. Agreeing to face the risk of
freewill violation, choosing to enter into a reality where that possibility
exists, does not translate into consenting to the violation when it actually
tries to occur. And so freewill violations can still take place in environments
that one has freely chosen to enter.

* When we fear aliens, we are
really fearing the part of ourselves that they represent. And we represent the
part of themselves that they lack. Therefore we need each other as mirrors to
learn and grow into our full potential.

For this argument to work,
the parts of ourselves that aliens represent must be parts we fear irrationally.
Then it would follow that accepting and integrating these parts toward greater
psychological completion reflects over into accepting and integrating with
aliens to become more complete as a civilization.

But what
if the aliens that draw our concern represent the psychopathic, parasitic,
predatory parts of ourselves that we have good reason to overcome?

argument ignores that possibility. Then instead of accepting both, we would need
to acknowledge and overcome both, and in doing so we jettison the inner and
outer dross and grow into our full potential. Thus the question is whether to
integrate or overcome, and the answer depends on the particular motives and
characteristics of an alien faction and whether what they represent is healthy
and progressive or entropic and spiritually dysfunctional.

* What you
resist persists. The more allowance you give to aliens, the less unnecessary
pain, resistance, and fear persists in the process and the more it becomes an
exciting journey of joy and discovery.

It is true that resisting good
and necessary experiences creates friction and pain. But the statement falsely
assumes that alien abductions are good and necessary, or falsely implies that
the pain and suffering associated with abductions is proof that a positive
experience is being unreasonably resisted.

the experience is positive or negative, accepting and cooperating will indeed
reduce or eliminate the suffering, but with two totally different outcomes. The
first leads to genuine growth, the second to subjugation under the illusion of
growth. The argument attempts to obscure this difference. The proper way to
remove the suffering associated with a negative experience is to end the
experience. Rather than capitulating, one needs to prevail over it, especially
if one has choice in the matter.

If people
didn’t have the choice, their cooperation would not be so desperately

3. Spinning
the unavoidable facts

* Most aliens
are benevolent. Only a small minority of aliens are devious, but they are the
ones who make the news so it falsely seems like all aliens are that way. There
is only a very small renegade faction of aliens, and the rest mean us no

This attempts to marginalize negative alien activities by
pinning them on a small and insignificant minority of renegade or devious aliens
with the goal of keeping the overwhelming majority of aliens free from
suspicion. Rather than being the exception, however, negative alien encounters
that “make the news” are only the tip of the iceberg.

They are
incidences that have leaked out through cracks in the wall of secrecy. While
benevolent aliens exist and may number in the majority, it would be erroneous to
conclude that the majority of human-alien interactions like abductions are
benevolent as well. The abduction program may be the characteristic modus
operandi of manipulative aliens, meaning that benevolent aliens would have
little or no involvement in typical alien abductions.

what the public knows of aliens through abduction accounts should not be falsely
credited to benevolent aliens despite them possibly being in the majority. Also,
the phenomenon of cloaked aliens carrying out surreptitious monitoring,
influencing, and energy harvesting shows that even if they are small in number,
negative aliens can have quite a pervasive presence.

* Aliens monitor
people, but only to catch up on what their human friends have been up

Very poor attempt to spin the widespread problem of abductees
being implanted for remote monitoring and influencing purposes. The fact that it
had to be spun at all indicates implantation is happening and that there is
concern over people becoming suspicious of the phenomenon. Observant abductees
who have implants know from personal experience that their function is not
simply to monitor and record. Depending on the type, implants can also influence
emotions, alter hormone production, create disorientation to interrupt forbidden
lines of thinking, induce sudden drowsiness, create paralysis, manipulate
dreams, simulate schizophrenia, insert thoughts, and transmit voices and

* If you hear reports of negative abductions, do not be
alarmed because you are safe, just as you continue to be safe despite hearing of
the occasional crime happening in your town.

Abductees who learn too
much about the real nature of abductions become to concerned, uncooperative, and
suspicious of their abductors. This can be deterred if negative abductions are
framed as being too distant a phenomenon to be concerned with. If the abductee
believes that reports of negative abductions have no bearing on his own
experiences, then he will feel safe and continue cooperating. Negative aliens
are very concerned with their public image because they use it to leverage
desired behaviors out of misguided targets, so whatever perception tarnishes
that image must be quarantined and rendered inert.

* Some aliens, in
having little understanding of emotion or individuality, may rough handle people
out of sheer incompetence and lack of finesse.

That may be true in
some cases, but not all negative abductions are solely characterized by painful
procedures that can be explained away as the products of incompetence. Mind
programming, torture, rape, and energy harvesting are not mistakes, but
intentional acts.

* Greys have evolved such large heads because their
society placed high emphasis on intellect. They clone because the larger heads
would not fit through the birth canal. Cloning reduced variation between
individual, which is why they tend to look alike. When they moved underground to
survive inhospitable surface conditions, their bodies became smaller to make
better use of limited space. To compensate for the lack of natural sunlight, the
pupil of their eyes evolved into eventually covering the entire eye

This is an example of taking what the public assumes about
Greys and incorporating it into a plausible but misleading story. The goal here
is to present Greys as their own sentient civilization who suffered a cataclysm
and after lengthy adaptation evolved into their current odd form. The above
story is patently false; their signature black eyes are not giant pupils, but
dark coverings over either a reptilian-like eye or a camera-like sensor
depending on the type of Grey.

If their
black eyes were actually pupils overgrown to capture more light, the abduction
environment wouldn’t be so brightly lit and the light would illuminate the back
of their retinas making their eyes anything but black. Rather than being a
civilization unto themselves, Greys are more likely artificial entities grown in
tanks to become worker drones for other aliens.

* Greys need our
genetics to restore what was lost through generations of cloning. Greys use
probes and implants to sample our neurochemicals in hopes of simulating these
themselves, so that they may once again feel emotion.

No other
disinformative meme has gained more traction than this one. It seemingly
justifies the entire abduction program and its harvesting of human biological
materials. It paints Greys as a dying race needing our sympathy and cooperation.
But as mentioned, Greys are more likely manufactured entities than a poor dying

They are
disposable puppets equipped with a fabricated back story to manipulate public
perception of the alien presence. Notice how their back story uses all the
scientific buzzwords defining our modern culture without actually overstepping
the boundaries of our culture. Pollution, radiation, war, evolution, genetic
engineering, cloning — concepts all entertaining, recognizable, and palatable to
the public.

Were the
story instead to involve interdimensional biological automatons grown in
time-accelerated growing tanks from recycled human and cattle parts and fluids,
that goes too far beyond the limits of comfort for most people.

Mankind keeps ignoring the alien presence, driving aliens into resorting to fear
tactics to cut through our ignorance and help us finally acknowledge

This rationalization presents negative aliens as ignored
children who become so desperate for attention they turn delinquent. Applying
child psychology to advanced aliens is naive at best, although it does serve the
strategy of tugging on the heart strings since it paints aliens as innocent,
desperate, suffering, and crying for attention. Cattle mutilations would be an
example of this supposed delinquency.

give aliens no recognition, so they slice up some cows to make us take notice.
Sounds fine in theory, but the parts removed during cattle mutilations are
strategically selected toward extracting valuable substances and building
artificial humanoids. Not to mention, if aliens wanted to catch our attention
they could do better and fly low over major cities during daytime than hurting
random cows.

* Isolated incidences of terrorizing abductions exist,
and we must distinguish between these and the majority of abductions that are by
benevolent Greys.

By now there is enough evidence of negative
abductions that it can no longer be suppressed. Instead, here it is being
diverted, rationalized, spun toward preserving the agenda at all costs. Since
the exact percentage of negative abductions is unknown, that leaves room to
arbitrarily make up a percentage and make it appear that a good portion are by
supposed benevolent Greys.

those who forward the idea of benevolent Greys fail to address the possibility
of screen memories that paint over negative abductions with the illusion of
positive ones. These screen memories are well within the capability and modus
operandi of a negative alien agenda. Without that being taken into account, it
cannot be said with confidence what portion of Grey abductions are actually

* Aliens operate in stealthy ways to bypass our conscious
denial of them, but operate in our world nonetheless because subconsciously we
have invited them.

The implication is that they operate stealthily
only to accommodate our conscious denial, while our true desire to invite them
lays buried in the subconscious. This rationalizes the stealthy nature of the
alien presence by putting blame on humanity for being willfully ignorant of
their inner spiritual longing for contact. Concerning the negative alien agenda,
the statement would be more accurate if turned around, “Aliens depend on our
lack of conscious awareness to operate in stealthy ways, and use our
subconscious vulnerabilities as back doors to gain deeper access to our

* Nosebleeds by abductees are simply psychosomatic reactions
to buried abduction memories trying to surface.

Nosebleeds correlate
with abduction activity, that much is true, but rather than admitting this is
caused by brain implantation through the nose, which sounds painful and
disturbing, the correlation is here explained away as a psychosomatic
manifestation of memories trying to break through the barrier of denial, that
it’s therefore a good thing that these memories are finally coming through.

abduction memories are suppressed by design to cover up what really happened and
shelter the abductee’s fragile psyche against remembering overwhelmingly
frightening and traumatic experiences. These memories are not meant to surface,
unless they are decoy screen memories to inject false data into the body of
abduction research literature.

* Paralysis during abductions is done
through remote electrical stimulation of the brain and has a positive
rejuvenating side effect on the person being paralyzed.

Paralysis is
another feature that cannot be dismissed because so many abductees report it,
therefore it must be spun. Here the spin is that it has a therapeutic and
rejuvenating effect on the body, that we should therefore look forward to
getting paralyzed since it boosts our health and vitality. No comment

* When aliens show abductees traumatic visions of
holocaust, death, and planetary destruction, it is merely to induce an emotional
reaction and the production of neurochemicals that Greys wish to

The best way this can be spun is to frame it as an innocent
pursuit of scientific curiosity. This simplistic explanation does not match the
sophisticated, motive-driven, and self-serving nature of the alien factions
involved in that kind of procedure. There are several better

The first is that the procedure is yet another form of
energy harvesting through the induction of fear and terror. It does not involve
tubes or needles being inserted into the brain, so it is not to harvest physical
neurochemicals, but the emotional energy emitted can be tapped without the need
for that.

Second, it may be a form of doom programming, to indoctrinate
abductees with expectation and trepidation over the plight mankind faces and to
therefore make them more serious and dedicated to cooperating with aliens to
supposedly help save mankind.

Third, it may be an attempt toward
triggering and thereby revealing hidden programs in the abductee that are a
threat to the alien agenda, programs of a pre-incarnative kind either pertaining
to his or her spiritual mission on earth during the end times, or missions
programmed into him by competing alien factions who desire these programs to
remain inactive until earth undergoes apocalyptic events.

extracting this information, aliens performing this procedure gain vital
intelligence that can help them pre-empt the opposing agenda.

4. Framing
alien interference in divine light or destiny

* It is our divine mission to work with the Greys, to allow
our genetics to be infused into theirs and allow them to regain their emotional
flexibility. They need this to help them merge with God. It is the spiritual and
genetic union of humans and Greys that will preserve the future of

People defer to a greater purpose or higher power more often
due to blind faith, programming, and emotionalism than reason and experience.
Deep down, humans know that there is a higher purpose, but through lack of
awareness such spiritual impulses are easily diverted toward anti-spiritual
results. Notice here that everything but the final result is seemingly positive:
regaining of emotions, divine mission, merger with God, spiritual union,
preserve our future, etc…

The final
result of genetic union, however, is the further lock-down of the human soul
matrix through the infusion of cybernetic genetics.

Think of
how much Greys lack freedom, individuality, self-determination, compassion, and
any trace of higher spiritual traits, and how easily they are programmable and
manipulable through telepathic interface, and you will see the direction in
which mankind will be modified through genetic union with Greys.

5. Threatening
with consequences of not cooperating

* We cannot defeat the renegade reptilians alone since they
will ignore our authority and have greater technology. Thus we need outside
help. Reptilians won’t leave without a fight and Greys are our only

If the problem were only solvable through physical battle, then
mankind is completely outgunned. Even so, allying with the wrong alien faction
would cause further problems. The Greys don’t have a good track record of
honesty or sincerity and are likely trojan horses built by the same threat.

There are
other factions, positive Nordic types for instance, who would make better
allies, although they would probably offer nonphysical assistance instead of
military intervention. Which is alright because the solution out of this mess is
metaphysical more than physical. The brute physical methods of resistance are
essentially futile anyway.

A choice
will be offered to stay in that box and ally with the Greys, or step outside and
align with positive transcendent forces offering a more creative approach
founded on spiritually intelligent principles.

* Our earth-based
technologies are insufficient to help us overcome our energy, food, and climate
crises. We need alien technology to survive.

Why these technologies
are not being used is not due to human incompetence or stupidity, but
suppression of extraordinary talent and ingenuity by human and alien forces
with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Fringe technologies
may be suppressed to build up exactly this condition of desperation in order for
the suppressors to offer themselves as the solution.

example, by addicting the world to oil and preventing something as simple as the
mass manufacture of efficient and affordable electric cars, an oil crises can
bring the world to its knees, leaving people immobilized, starving, and
desperate to give up anything including their freedom to forces that can
ameliorate the suffering. We have the technology already, and anyone familiar
with fringe science or black technology knows how carefully these are kept from
the public.

inadequacies of our mainstream technology is entirely

6. Enticing
through promises and rewards

Aliens can give you gifts of clairvoyance, healing powers, and other paranormal
feats if you cooperate with them.

These powers are dangled as
incentives for submission and proof of alien benevolence. After all, it would
seem that being gifted with healing and psychic powers must be a good thing.
While paranormal abilities develop in the course of spiritual training,
especially when training under the guidance of genuinely positive entities, they
can also be induced or taught for strategic purposes by self-serving forces.

psychic and healing powers alone say nothing about the intent toward which these
are given, taught, or used. It is no loss to the alien agenda if an abductee can
now heal a few people or predict their future, and it instead serves the agenda
by polishing its image and encouraging others to cooperate. These are trivial
trinkets given in exchange for obedience.

that negative alien factions, including those masquerading as positive, never
gift their abductees genuine freedom, accurate awareness, or practical

* Alien technology can beam earth with special energies
to help enhance our intuition and interdimensional abilities.

This is
another example of aliens attempting to hijack or take credit for a natural
spiritual process. In occultism, there is the proper way of spiritually
developing through one’s own strength and initiative under the advisement of a
more developed individual, and another way of cheating and gaining powers by
entering into symbiosis with a self-serving individual or entity who lends that
power in exchange for soul energy and servitude. The latter is the path of dark
occultism or black magic.

distinction applies to alien interactions as well. Enhancement of intuition and
interdimensional abilities is a natural and destined part of future human
evolution. But if an alien faction can intercede in the process and pose as its
sole provider, then mankind will abandon the proper path of spiritual
development and follow the black path to acquire these abilities at the expense
of freedom.

* Aliens will help transform mankind through new
technologies that are in harmony with the earth, that will banish all disease
and poverty, injustice, and want.

The question is under what
conditions these technologies will be provided, and toward what ends. If the
technology is leased rather than taught, mankind will be forced to conform to
alien demands to avoid suffering the revocation of that technology. If the
providers are less than sincere, this gives them powerful leverage to do with
mankind as they please. Benevolent and wise aliens would advance our technology
only if accompanied and earned by spiritual and ethical advancement on our part.

responsible use we would therefore preserve our self-determination and leave
them free of the burden of having to constantly supervise us. Aliens who instead
want to interfere in our affairs and take control would use promises of
technology as a bargaining chip and means of inducing addiction and

7. Taking
naive assumptions toward false conclusions

* Aliens advocate peace and loving your neighbor, and that
does not fit the characteristic of brainwashing. Those who advocate peace,
brotherly love, generosity, altruism, and oneness are necessarily

The goal of all tyranny is to impose peace and order
through the annihilation of opposition, which includes the eradication of true
individuality and independent thinking. Within a completed totalitarian state,
ideals like peace, brotherly love, generosity, altruism, and oneness are
encouraged as long as they serve the ends of the state.

These are
beneficial for collectivism, positive means toward negative ends. Therefore they
are not necessarily proof of benevolence. Additionally, no manipulative alien
would tarnish its image or show its true colors by advocating violence and
hatred against neighbors; words here are not as important as actions and
underlying intent.

Not that
these positive ideals must be avoided, rather they must be accompanied by
additional qualities like discernment and independence, otherwise they become
means of pacification and tranquilization.

* Aliens are not hostile
because if they were, they would have wiped us out already, or could do so in a
matter of minutes. No outward sign of hostility indicates

Hostility takes more sophisticated forms than just
violence. If aliens wanted to engage in a violent takeover of earth, they
wouldn’t be shaping public perception through disinformation and the grooming of
key opinion leaders, nor would they be engaging in abductions, mind programming,
and implantation.

The fact
that they are performing these delicate manipulations indicates their hostility
is covert. Having us enslave ourselves and hand over the reins would be the most
efficient and self-sustaining a form of conquest. Subduing a civilization
through sheer force sows the seeds of resistance in the embittered population
and is logistically prohibitive. But winning their minds, their hearts, and
their souls through psychological and spiritual warfare, that is the way to
create a prison without walls, to create slaves who desire their servitude and
suppress resistors as enemies of progress.

The agenda
therefore depends heavily on disinformation, and judging by the level of
disinformation out there the agenda is moving right along.

* It takes
a strong connection with the Creator to manipulate spacetime, therefore any
aliens here on earth capable of manipulating spacetime must be

Manipulating spacetime is not that simple.

technology alone can engineer spacetime to a great extent. Through special
technology, negative beings can go quite far in manipulating spacetime.

negative beings can still develop a strong connection with the demiurgic aspect
of Creation responsible for the material world, and through this perform
seemingly magical feats. Advanced initiates and masters of dark occultism have
this ability, though their alien superiors have refined it into a complete

Third, the
only advantage positive beings have is in being connected to the higher divine
aspect of Creation as well, which is superior to the demiurgic aspect, allowing
them access to a broader range of probable realities and spacetime

fourth, negative beings can still gain illegal access to this broader range of
manipulations if they steal and abuse technology built and tuned by positive
beings, or if they influence others with special access into doing their
bidding. Therefore merely having the ability to manipulate spacetime is no proof
of positivity.

* Any
race advanced enough to get here must also have outgrown its destructive

The logic is that planetary civilizations who don’t
overcome their destructive ways end up destroying themselves through war and
resource depletion before they ever become space faring. It takes planetary
unity and a pooling of efforts to reach out and begin exploring other worlds,
therefore it is assumed only civilizations that have adopted holistic and
healthy ways can evolve long enough to leave their worlds and travel to earth.
In truth, the positive path of enlightenment, peace, and harmony is not the only
way to achieve planetary unity.

Civilizations can also unite after being conquered from within by
negative elements using cunning strategy, psychological warfare, infiltration,
and subversion to establish a global totalitarian empire. If done carefully
enough, they can do this without ever having to resort to mutually destructive
physical warfare. And even if a benign civilization begins exploring and
colonizing other worlds, it is possible that internal disagreements cause
factions to split off and take their technological capabilities toward less
benevolent ends.

For all
these reasons, space faring negative civilizations are perfectly

* There is a protective quarantine around earth and no
aliens with ill intent can get through.

Negative alien factions do
exist and are operational in the world, so if there were such a quarantine, it
must have been put into place after negative alien factions were already present
on earth, sealing them in. Or the quarantine is conditional, allowing their
entrance under special circumstances. One way or another, the proclamation that
aliens with ill intent cannot exist here due to a quarantine flies in the face
of experiential evidence and research.

* The rewards of cooperation
with aliens far outweighs the danger of deception. We should therefore not
frighten them away with displays of suspicion, but welcome them openly or else
miss our chance to reap the benefits of contact.

Welcoming without
discernment ensures that the risk of enslavement is greater than the potential
reward for cooperation. A truly wise and benevolent alien faction would not
desire that we be blindly trusting toward them before establishing relations.
Nor would they be disappointed in us taking a discerning approach since if they
are sincere and honorable they will pass the tests of discernment. Cooperating
with less scrupulous factions leaves too much room for bait and switch tactics.

the approach should not be having to choose between total paranoia or total
gullible acceptance, but discerning between forces who deserve suspicion and
those who have proven their integrity.

Manipulating emotions through euphemisms and dysphemisms

* Aliens are not intruders, but “visitors” or “guests”
because we have invited them.

There is good reason to believe some
aliens are indeed guests or visitors, but here these terms are being misapplied
to the wrong aliens, namely the Greys and others involved in alien abductions.
If one wants to choose a term other than intruder without sacrificing accuracy,
the term solicitors or subverters would suffice because a large part of their
efforts go toward gaining permission, invitation, and cooperation to worm their
way deeper into the targeted world.

In action
they are stalkers, solicitors, and manipulators rather than outright intruders,
but in intention they are nothing less than intruders and interventionists. If
we have invited them, it is only because we were unaware of what that entailed,
and after becoming aware we would have every reason to revoke the

* Saying that aliens are negative is a symptom of cultural
ignorance, bigotry, and fear.

This argument hinges on a classic
logical fallacy. Just because cultural ignorance, bigotry, and fear can lead to
saying that aliens are negative, that does not mean saying aliens are negative
is necessarily a symptom of these. It could instead be a conclusion reached
through uncommon awareness, critical thinking, personal experience, and in-depth

Of course,
saying aliens are all negative with a nasty tone and resorting to stereotyping
and chest beating, there is no excuse for that. But that does not mean we should
claim all aliens are positive as a sign of cultural sophistication, fairness,
and perceptiveness. Notice how again and again, one false choice is used to
justify another false choice.

we should identify various alien motivations for what they are, whether
positive, negative, neutral, and everything in between.

* Abductions
by Greys should be called “temporary detainments” because they always return the

In regular abductions the abductee is usually returned, but
the term “abduction” only hinges on the forced and sudden removal of a person,
and not whether he or she is returned. Therefore the term “temporary detainment”
is redundant and only serves as a euphemism to sedate the emotional response to
the term abduction.

It should be understood that not all abductees are
returned, however. Human mutilations and consumption of humans for food and
biological materials is a highly taboo and underreported subject. While it does
not happen to typical abductees, who are abducted for more sophisticated
reasons, it does happen to those who are weak enough and in the wrong place at
the wrong time. There is no telling what exact percentage of missing people in
the world are being taken for this purpose, not to mention all those who never
even get the privilege of being reported as missing.

But given
the number of people who do go missing every year, permanent abductions are not
only possible but have the advantage of perfect deniability if the body is never
found. Each instance would then simply get dismissed as yet another unsolved

* Abductees should more accurately be called experiencers,
communicators, interfaces, guests or contactees, because they have been invited
to meet with aliens and have given permission. Abductees are not victims, but
co-creators and equal participants.

This only applies to genuine
cases of benevolent alien contact, which are less common than alien abductions
where permission is coerced or circumvented.

The latter
would naturally try to present itself as the first, and using euphemisms in the
name of political/spiritual correctness as one means toward that

9. Debasing

* Aliens are hesitant to
contact us openly since we are a violent, hostile, aggressive race. Aliens are
peaceful and have non-polluting technologies, yet mankind continues to destroy
the planet with wars and pollution.

Modern man as a whole is
aggressive, but that isn’t the only reason aliens are hesitant to make contact.
Positive alien factions probably see mankind as still too immature to handle
open contact without destabilizing, while negative ones see our civilization as
not yet sufficiently programmed to guarantee complete submission to the alien
agenda upon first contact. But the mass programming is quickly reaching
completion, so the time for contact draws near.

It should also be noted
that only a subsection of the human population is violent, hostile, and
aggressive by default, and that if humanity had been left free of cultural,
political, religious, and psychological manipulation by elite human and negative
alien forces throughout history, it would have become much more peaceful and
aware by this point.

In other words, it would be in the alien agenda’s
favor to project the aberrant faults of the few upon the many, and to use the
very dysfunctions it has covertly encouraged as an excuse to present itself as
the superior solution. It is by placing all blame upon humanity and devaluing
its self-esteem that unsavory forces can make themselves look like saints in

Thus a
false choice becomes attractive against an artificially denigrated

Scapegoating corrupt human leadership

* A corrupt human cabal is keeping mankind from reaping the
rewards of contact with aliens. The cabal sees aliens as a threat to their
control over mankind. They are behind disinformation suppressing awareness of
the existence of aliens.

This assumes that all aliens are positive
and the only antagonists are xenophobic human factions bent on keeping mankind
under their own control. By scapegoating some human cabal as the sole problem,
aliens preserve their image as the logical solution. It would be more accurate
to say that corrupt human elements have been colluding with negative alien
factions to keep mankind from connecting with higher benevolent powers who
support our spiritual liberation.

There may indeed be xenophobic human
controllers, but they would clearly be in the minority given the sophisticated
methods aliens have for mind programming and infiltration. They would also be at
technological and logistical disadvantages to other human groups who have
collaborated with negative alien forces or have been completely taken over by

spiritually transcendent solutions can overcome negative alien control, and
xenophobic human controllers with their militaristic mindsets are too integrated
into the negative hierarchy to acknowledge these positive solutions, therefore
they inevitably become unwitting assets to more sophisticated negative forces.

Their role
is ultimately insignificant.

* Aliens have been here for thousands of
years without doing any harm, but the cabal will stage an alien threat to
justify building space weapons against aliens. They have also abducted people
and programmed them with screen memories of negative aliens to paint aliens in a
bad light.

If this were true, the cabal would be heavily involved in
building widespread anti-alien sentiments in the population to prep their minds
for the staged invasion. The cabal would be grooming, supporting, funding, and
publicizing high profile researchers who dish out nothing but dirt on the alien
presence, ensuring that these types always get airtime while silencing the few
who try to portray aliens as positive.

They would
use their media and entertainment contacts to inject persistent xenophobic
slants to books, movies, and television documentaries on aliens. And they would
be performing widespread military abductions to produce abductees with staged
memories of horrendous alien abduction experiences, so that alien abduction
research literature would be saturated with accounts of these.

But what
do we see instead?

complete opposite. Researchers shedding light on the darker aspects of the alien
presence are the ones getting ignored and killed, while those pushing pro-alien
disinformation get lifted into the limelight. Abductees who get a peek behind
the curtain are marginalized for not fitting into the orthodox view of what
abductions involve.

accounts that have traits of being falsified also happen to be the ones
consistently portraying aliens as benign. The most popular fringe books,
documentaries, and movies on are slanted toward portraying them as mysterious,
wonderful, and innocent. If there is a cabal, everything indicates this cabal is
pushing a pro-alien agenda, which can only be if they are in collusion with
deceptive alien forces.

11. Securing
amnesty for corrupt human leadership

* Disclosure can only come about if insiders are given amnesty
in exchange for revealing the truth.

A policy of amnesty that is too
universal, unconditional, and forgiving would actually encourage the
continuation, expansion, and completion of criminal insider activities if the
culpable ones know they have nothing to worry about if in the end all will be
forgiven. It would be in their best interest to encourage that kind of amnesty
so that they may continue operating post-Disclosure, washed clean of their

To even attempt to offer amnesty, it must be given not only
in exchange for truth about the alien presence and suppressed technologies, but
for testimony under oath against colleagues and superiors and the complete
spilling of guts and handing over of classified information. Then once everyone
incriminates everyone else, there should be enough truth on the table to sort
out who deserves amnesty and who does not.

found guilty, including witnesses who have violated their testimonial oaths by
operating as pathological disinformants, should be prevented from having
any leadership role in the post-Disclosure world. Whistle-blowers who know they
are being sincere have nothing to worry about, while those thinking they can
exploit amnesty and advance their covert agenda will be held accountable.

It should
be done in no less forgiving a manner than how mafia and crime rings are taken
down. It is not about seeking revenge against these criminals or being
unspiritual and unmerciful, but safeguarding mankind from psychopaths incapable
of rehabilitation who will just exploit amnesty to further their

The practical reality of amnesty, however, brings into question
who has the authority and ability to offer amnesty and protect the witnesses?
Prior to Disclosure, no one. The black ops networks are so technologically
advanced that even under 24-hour police protection (or before a live audience) a
witness can be hit with an invisibly projected beam and drop dead from apparent
aneurysm or heart failure. Those working for black ops projects have signed
documents virtually permitting their own assassination should they ever break
their secrecy oaths. The laws governing protection of classified information and
national security are also beyond the jurisdiction of the conventional legal

And so it would take an authority more powerful than the entire
military-industrial complex to successfully deconstruct it. The closest we could
come is a “unified planetary justice coalition” that takes on delinquent
governments around the world and flushes out the criminal elements.

But then
we must contend with a world government, world military, world tribunal so
powerful that it could just as easily form the global police state.

After Disclosure, the spiritual thing to do is offer amnesty and forgiveness to
those military and government factions involved in abuse and experimentation
upon humans.

Amnesty could provide safe passage for the black ops
infrastructure (covert scientific, intelligence, and military-industrial
complexes) to be transitioned out of serving national security and into
furthering planetary security. But that can and will lead to a technocratic
totalitarianism on a global scale if the benefactors are impostors and openly
consolidate the world’s control networks into a single network under their

Right now,
the deniability and secrecy surrounding black projects ensures that modern
mainstream technology remains relatively unsophisticated. Police state
technology and crowd control weapons are limited to tasers, rubber bullets,
sonic weapons, water cannons, public cameras, internet monitoring, cell-dar,
national ID cards, and so on.

But if
Disclosure unpackages the extent of black project technologies (and alien
technology) then upon percolating into mainstream use, these technologies will
allow the rapid proliferation of horrifying methods of police state control:
tractor beams, paralyzing ray guns, cloaked security personnel in antigravity
vehicles, remote thought-reading, “pre-crime” and dissent detection, and mind

That is
the fate awaiting mankind if amnesty is handled so naively that it plays right
into the alien agenda.

12. Glorifying
the alien image and appealing to sympathy

* What deviant aliens need most is love and

If anything, we can hold love and acceptance in our
hearts, but as an act of tough love we must firmly block their attempts to
transgress beyond their jurisdiction. This is because deviant aliens are not
delinquent children unaware of the harm they cause, nor innocent victims of
circumstance, rather they have highly intelligent reasons for what they do.

They have
chosen their path and like psychopaths view love and acceptance by others as
convenient vulnerabilities to exploit. Anyone who has personally experienced how
psychopaths operate know that they abuse kindness rather than respect it, and
this scales up to the psychopaths comprising the human elite controllers and
negative alien factions.

* Greys are respected members of a galactic
federation who have helped humans spiritually.

The “Galactic
Federation” is part of New Age lore, signifying an alliance of benevolent alien
races here to help mankind. An alliance or brotherhood of benevolent aliens
probably exists, and perhaps some of them employ Grey drones as generic helpers,
but it would be misleading to say that the Greys abducting and implanting humans
are a benevolent race unto themselves who are part of this

* The aliens who will reveal themselves soon are the ones
who created mankind.

This appeals to followers of the ancient
astronaut theory and those who generally regard aliens as our superior
progenitors. The question is not whether mankind was genetically engineered by
aliens, but whether the ones who will be claiming this for themselves are
telling the truth, and even if so, whether that gives them the right to
intervene in our affairs.

* The Greys have technology so advanced that
it’s almost self-aware, showing that there can be a link or merger between
technology and consciousness. They themselves are highly spiritual and have
turned conscious advancement into an art form. Their consciousness is collective
yet pristine and innocent. Greys are spiritual. Instead of sexual contact they
come closest to affection by holding hands in a circle and merging with The

Another example of overly anthropomorphizing and romanticizing
the Greys. It plays upon the observation that Greys are seemingly
expressionless, sexless, intellectual, and hive minded. But instead of admitting
this is due to cybernetic traits and robotic functions, it is spun toward them
being sophisticated, zen-like, and fond of spiritual unity.

* Greys
have an attitude of love and protection coupled with fear of their being stuck
or trapped in their current evolutionary stage, and so they need our help to
evolve and we should look upon them with compassion and some sadness. Greys are
future descendants of humans who need our biological material to treat a
degenerative medical disorder. We are approaching a point where the Greys were
earlier in their evolution.

of destroying ourselves like they did, we must let them help us avert our demise
and in turn help prevent their extinction. Hybrids are the seeds of a new race
that combines the best of both humans and Greys. Hybrid babies need love from
female abductees, and the Greys learn about love through their interaction. For
the Greys, we represent not only their past, but their only hope for a

Notice the emotionally loaded language designed to appeal to
sympathy, compassion, concern, hope, and love. The problem is not these virtuous
feelings, but whether the premises from which they are called are actually true.
The above explanation plays on common knowledge that Grey abductions have
something to do with hybridization, medical procedures, and the harvesting of
biological materials.

But it
weaves these into a slick fairy-tale designed to target the nurturing,
protective, and sympathetic instincts in the target audience. It simply tries
too hard from multiple angles to be emotionally persuasive at the expense of

13. Coercing
individual and collective consent

Aliens cannot help us until a critical number of people demand their
involvement. Aliens want global consensus, not dealing with just one country.
The world as a whole should vote.

On the one hand, positive forces
who respect freewill would intervene only if requested. On the other hand,
negative forces who desire a fully legalized takeover would also require our
consent. The difference comes down to how heavily we are pushed into giving that
consent. If the faction is one that fundamentally respects freewill, then it
would calmly let us make up our own mind. If the faction is less benevolent,
then it would more desperate. Therefore the underlying intention is what

Also important is the procedure of consent. Would a global
democratic vote suffice?

Only if
the voters are wise and intelligent enough to make an informed choice. By
definition, only a quarter of the population is of above average intelligence,
and it takes at least that to respect reason more than emotionalism.

It is thus
highly unlikely that the choice will be won by those with enough information and
critical thinking abilities to see through propaganda unleashed by a deceptive
alien faction asking for our consent. Unless it took a much higher percentage
than a mere majority to win, democracy would once again become a vehicle for the
legitimization of tyranny. If elected or appointed officials were to make the
decision instead, questions of their integrity, soundness of mind,
qualification, and potential rigging of their selection must be resolved.

As can be
seen, the issue of planetary consent is fraught with pitfalls.

Aliens will be contacting humans personally, bypassing the national

This would do away with corrupt government deciding
alien-human relations, but it could also be a means of adding even greater
legality to the takeover. If human governments are so self-serving and
disconnected from its electorate that they simply do not represent the will of
the people, then gaining consent from the government would not equal consent of
earth as a whole.

Maybe this
is why aliens have colluded with government/military factions who have given
their consent, yet are still feverishly preparing the population to beckon their
intervention when the time comes. Not to mention, governments are numerous and
no one country can speak for the rest, but a unified beckoning by people
everywhere would qualify.

* A unified, global government could make
contact. Contacting aliens by sending them a radio message, would assure them of
our peaceful intentions. They need us, and how we respond to them determines how
well we are respected by other aliens.

Another source proposes this
idea, that we make contact with aliens who happen to be our interplanetary
neighbors. A unified global government may possibly qualify as representing the
whole planet, in which case an invitation by them would be enough to open the

that, or it would merely be a staged gesture that provides a plausible segue
toward direct contact with aliens.

* Aliens cannot interact with us,
or perceive us, if we do not first give them permission at some level. Therefore
if they are in our lives in any way, rest assured that we have given them
permission already. To resist their presence is to deny the choice already made,
which is a denial made in ignorance and fear, therefore one must become aware of
the choice and honor it to move from denial and fear into acceptance and
understanding. Losing fear ends victimhood. You will no longer be a victim. You
will be an equal participant. The quality of your interactions with them will
change significantly.

Coercion of consent is not just a planetary
matter, but shows up on the personal level as well. Here is an example of
permission being extracted from an abductee by making him or her believe that
the mere act of solicitation is proof of already having given permission. The
relation between alien activity and permission given is gradual rather than
clear cut.

Just as a
salesman can knock on your door even if you haven’t invited him or bought
anything yet, so can aliens make basic approaches or covert manipulations
without having been invited. If you open the door, now the salesman is allowed
to make his pitch. The process is gradual, and starts with getting a foot in the

With manipulative aliens, it is by leveraging what intrusions they
can make that they can make deeper intrusions.

convincing an abductee that those little intrusions prove the abductee has made
forgotten agreements that must now be honored, they have the door opened for
them from the inside. The more permission is given, the more tangible the
interaction. Psychological manipulation is what they have to start with, but the
deeper they enter and the more willingly one aligns with them, the more physical
and irreparable the damage becomes.

This is
true on both the personal and planetary level.

* The Reticuli are
presently acquiring genetic material from volunteers who have, on a soul level,
agreed to be a part of the awakening of the Earth and the birth of a new

Dubious claim, considering the other ego hooks Greys
and their controllers are known to use, which often lead to delusions of
grandeur and a total abandonment of discernment in gullible abductees. If
abductees are made to feel special and chosen, and that it is their life mission
to participate in the abduction and hybridization program, they will gladly

spiritual volunteerism is necessary to be identified as useful, monitored,
profiled, abducted, and exploited like an animal. One becomes even more useful
and manipulable if an agreement is made out of haste, desperation, curiosity, or
ignorance. This is because doing so places one deeper under their jurisdiction,
which rolls back the intervention of divine or positive alien forces who would
otherwise step in to counter blatant freewill violations.

Soul agreements
are the preferred requisite for positive alien groups, however, since they are
non-interventionist by nature and thus work only with volunteers or those who
have, out of their own freewill and effort, risen to a level ready for contact
and service.

Things get
complicated when the voluntary agreement was made before incarnating and now
forgotten, because negative alien groups could exploit that to claim it applies
to themselves instead of the originally designated positive group, thus
hijacking a person’s destiny and diverting their good intentions and vague sense
of mission toward furthering their self-serving agenda.

* When you are
at your low point in life, call on the Greys and they will lift you up. When
mankind is at its low point, it must call upon aliens for the help and

This is among the most dangerous of deceptions. It
encourages spiritual submission to negative forces during one’s lowest and most
vulnerable point where they can do the most damage. It is a classic brainwashing
technique where a new identity is forged out of the broken shards of the old,
where one is uprooted from former solid ground of logic and transplanted onto an
artificial platform of new assumptions. One becomes a reconstituted zealot for
whomever does the reforming.

There is an important stage in esoteric
development where the ego crashes and burns, allowing the true spiritual
identity to rise from the ashes. But this spiritual rebirth must be volitionally
brought forth from within.

here the advice is not only to call upon an external source like dialing a tow
truck to get one out of a ditch, but a predatory source at that. It is in
climbing to a spiritual zenith through one’s own freewill that communion with
higher positive forces is earned, while upon falling helplessly to the depths of
despair is when predatory negative forces find their moment of

14. Demanding
unification and integration of mankind with aliens

* Humans must form friendly relations with each other before
attempting to form friendly relations with aliens. It is through global
unification and integration that we can be rightly reach out to

The question is unification and integration under what
principles? Under the principle of harmony, wisdom, cooperation, and realization
of the human potential? If so then it will take many centuries to naturally
overcome cultural, religious, political, and social prejudice and division. The
only way this can happen sooner within the coming decades is either a
cataclysmic catalyst with profound spiritual consequences, or enforced unity
through a single world government.

The latter
we must safeguard against by not allowing unity and integration or other
virtuous sounding ideals to justify anti-individualism and totalitarianism. It
is not unity itself that is important, but unity under the right principles.

Unity that
arises through a natural harmonization of individuals with common realizations
of spiritual purpose is one thing, enforced unity through propaganda and the
elimination of dissent is another.

* Hybrids symbolize a marriage
between humans and aliens and represent the future of both. Arrival and
disclosure of aliens represents our cosmic families coming

We don’t need infusion of Grey genetics to evolve, rather
we need natural reactivation of the human genome that was genetically crippled
during the last phase of extraterrestrial modifications. This latest
hybridization program is just a continuation of those previous ones, designed to
further suppress the parts of us that alien controllers find threatening like
individuality, intuition, feelings and discernment, and further enhance the
traits they find useful like intellectual and telepathic

Whatever the case, hybridization is not the best way for us to
evolve. Cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has shown how individual conscious
awareness, perceptions, and belief affect one’s DNA, allowing changes and
mutations within a single lifetime through a mere realignment of consciousness.
It is through such a shift in our awareness and perceptions to a higher
paranormal and spiritually exceptional level that mankind will evolve the
natural way.

But this
can be thwarted through forced genetic assimilation if the latter is accepted as
a matter of destiny and necessity.

15. Limiting
awareness of hyperdimensional reality

* The more evolved Greys are ethereal in their existence,
others more physical. We can only interact with the ethereal ones in altered
states of consciousness because they cannot enter our physical

Greys can shift between physical and ethereal states like
other aliens and are not exclusively limited to either state. The ones that are
strictly physical are more likely android facsimiles built by human military
factions, while the strictly ethereal ones are negative thought-forms or astral
beings projecting that appearance.

Interdimensional aliens are by nature
“amphibious” in the sense of being able to manifest physically, shift out of
view into the local etheric environment, or shift completely out into another
dimension. They occupy the level of evolution between physical humans and
nonphysical spirits, straddling the boundary zone between material and ethereal
reality and crossing sides readily.

Also, truly higher-evolved beings who
have transcended physicality are not barred from manifesting physically when
they need to. Rather it is lowly etheric thought-forms, which are temporary
constructs (including life-forms and machinery) built in the ether and lacking
physical bodies that would be barred.

* Greys cannot breathe our

The idea that Greys cannot breathe our air is used by
some sources to explain why they need to hybridize themselves with us, to
produce a new vehicle for themselves that can exist in our atmosphere. This is
doubtful because Greys are frequently spotted in open air, whether surrounding a
car during a roadside abduction or entering an abductee’s bedroom for a
nighttime abduction, or just lingering around the apartment before and

abductees can go aboard alien ships and be surrounded by Greys without either of
them having to wear visible breathing apparatuses. Abductees have also reported
being taken to alien worlds where they were able to go outside and breathe the
air just fine.

So either Greys can breathe our atmosphere and we can
breathe theirs, or Greys don’t breathe at all, or their face is a mask hiding a
respiratory device underneath. The same goes for Nordics, Reptilians, and
Mantids — they have been seen in the physical without wearing helmeted space
suits or air masks. This is probably because our humanoid forms have common
evolutionary or engineered origins, and thus we would be environmentally

If this explanation for hybridization is to have any merit,
“air” would have to be interpreted symbolically as actually meaning the
“vibrational level” of a particular realm. In that sense, hybridization would
represent a bridging between their lower vibrational realm and ours. This
connects with Greys being proxies or probes serving that purpose for routine
abduction tasks, and thus a human-Grey hybrid would represent a self-reproducing
species that extends the upward reach of lower vibrational forces.

So aside
from dragging us downward through infusion of cybernetic traits, they in turn
would be extended upward.

16. Offering
false dichotomies through role swapping

* Reptilians here in the solar system are a negative renegade
faction of their species. They are at war against the Greys, who are spiritually
and technologically advanced and our only hope for defeating the Reptilians. The
Greys are seen as higher spiritual beings by humanoid beings living in bases
underneath the Martian surface, who need our invitation to come here as refugees
from their dire conditions. The Reptilians giving us problems are only a
renegade faction that don’t represent the intentions of their entire

This scenario invokes the main players: Greys, Nordics, and
Reptilians. It portrays Greys and Nordics as benign, Reptilians meddling in our
affairs as malevolent, and the rest of Reptilians who are not here as benign as
well. But if they are all part of the same faction or alliance, then this
scenario would be nothing more than offering a false choice.

We would
be siding with one arm of the agenda against a decoy threat. If this scenario
were to be followed through to its conclusion, in the end the small renegade
Reptilian faction would be kicked off the planet, and mankind would then fall
under the leadership and occupation of Greys, “good” Reptilians, and Nordics —
exactly what would be desired if they were all part of the same agenda

* Greys are inquisitive beings who have degraded their gene
pool through generations of cloning. They are here to create a hybrid race that
can ensure the survival of both their species and ours. A small renegade faction
of Greys are negative, some are just incompetent, but the majority are
benevolent. Mantis beings are extremely ancient and wise energy beings who
appear insectoid only because our subconscious interprets them that way. Earth
is also influenced by a group of negative aliens responsible for cattle
mutilations and Men in Black encounters. These beings are using fear tactics to
prevent us from shifting into a higher dimension because such a shift threatens
their existence.

Here the Mantis beings and the majority of Greys are
said to be benevolent, a small minority of Greys incompetent or hostile,
and Men in Black evil. And yet all of these — Mantids, Greys, MIBs — are more
likely part of the same overriding agenda that also includes negative
Nordics and Reptilians.

mention of a “small renegade faction” or “incompetence” is necessary to
marginalize via a disposable bad guy what truths have leaked out about the real
nature of the agenda.

* Greys and Nordics are two evolutionary
offshoots of the human race, having time traveled here from the future. Nordics
are highly spiritual, most Greys are friendly, while a small rogue faction of
Greys is negative. Government is acting entirely on its own, not under any
control or direction by aliens, just some treaties with them. Reports of
Reptilians or Mantids are likely misperceptions on the part of abductees when
they see certain pathologically disfigured Greys.

That last part is a
baseless rationalization considering the level of detail involved in the
abductee depictions of Reptilians and Mantids, showing them as fully distinct
from Greys and healthy in their own right. This scenario goes further than
others by saying that Greys and Nordics are not only benevolent but our own
descendants. The anthropomorphic makeover of cybernetic Greys is a consistent
part of the disinformation, and portraying them as benevolent future humans is
an extreme example of that.

More importantly, the crux of the deception
here is the claim that all Nordics are highly positive beings from the future.

If this
were taken as gospel, then any and every Nordic alien group that presents itself
to the world would be hailed as our benefactors, even if they happen to be
cloned Nordics used as puppets by negative alien factions, negative Nordic
overlords, or aryan members of an underground civilization looking to
migrate to the surface.

Hidden Order Behind Contradictory Scenarios

Notice that the various disinformative scenarios outwardly
contradict each other, whether they come from channelers, academics, insiders,
researchers, or aliens communicating through abductees and contactees. Some say
all alien factions are positive, some admit a few are negative, and where one
scenario draws the line between positive and negative differs from where another
makes that distinction.

Obviously they cannot all be correct even though
each makes a compelling case for being something other than a petty hoax. This
eliminates the possibility that all aliens are positive and sincere, as there
would have to be far more consistency and verifiability in what they say for
that to hold true.

Some researchers have gotten exasperated with all the
contradictions and concluded that aliens must simply be nonphysical pranksters
playing with us, or perhaps dynamic manifestations of our collective
unconscious. If only it were that simple. These explanations fail because,
despite the contradictions, what these scenarios have in common is that they
keep drawing from the same cast of players: Nordics, Reptilians, Mantids, Greys,
and the Government.

In other
words, the contradictory scenarios have an underlying order pointing toward a
dishonest agenda. Disinformative sources who admit to some negative factions
simply take a few players and posture them against each other. This seems to be
the most effective approach since it both marginalizes evidence of negative
alien activities by pinning these upon a small disposable faction and offers
other aliens of the same agenda as the solution.

portraying at least one of these as our allies it is ensured that the agenda
moves forward regardless of whom we choose.

The various scenarios also
have traits of being tests aimed at different target audiences used as focus
groups to help construct and refine the most successful scenario that will be
presented to the whole world when the time comes. Incidentally, the scenarios
are not so contradictory as to be impossible to absorb into the final revealed
picture. There is enough padding within each to allow for

So the goal appears to hook different audiences with
different stories, learn from their reactions what composite story would assure
the highest rate of acceptance across the broadest spectrum of individuals, and
then activate the final scenario and pull all those audiences plus the rest of
the population under its influence.

The next
part will speculate on some final scenario

– Tom & Hyper Dimensional
Sciences –