Disclosure by Prime Creator
September 21, 2017
A compelling Message From Prime Creator, Love #5, Sector of Creation on September 21, 2017

~ This video has multiple healing frequencies from the Love Lineage, including Prime Creator, Love, Jesus, Sananda, Ashtar, Alcyone #1, Alcyone #3,, and Alcyone #5 etc.
~ You will receive healing every single time you play this video.
~ Listening to this once will take ten days to process.
~It will continue to peel away the layers of density for all who listen.

Good afternoon PC. I understand that this is your final message to the world in this virtual reality I should say. I would like to start out with that this is a very important and significant time for all of humanity. One of the greatest misunderstandings is how we got into this circumstance to begin with; of living a life of disharmony, brutality, war, unhappiness and bloodshed. So I would like you to provide a summarization of where you feel the history of our circumstances began.

PC: I would love to Alexandra

Alexandra: Awesome!

PC: Where do I begin with this subject matter? So many things have transpired. It has been such a long road. So many complicated things have occurred that are intertwined and intertangled with all things, with all of us, including the Love Lineage, all of our creations, and all of our children.

It seems there was a miscommunication long ago between the Love Lineage and another lineage of beings regarding the subject of what could be taught and what could be not. This other lineage came out of no where, requesting our assistance to learn from us. Little was known about them. There was an understanding that these beings who were not from the Love Lineage desperately wanted to learn and experience the things those from Love could teach them. We were hounded and prodded frankly, even bullied until we caved in to agree to teach these beings some of the things we know. This was to be done within the strictest of rules and parameters. To our dismay, this initiated a chain of events that caused the literal destruction of some of our lineage, which I am unwilling to go into. The magnitude of its effects and the details of what has been done to us will not be revealed here today, for the horror would blow your minds and only cause unnecessary sadness and broken-hardheartedness.

These horrific and unspeakable things happened as a result of our lineage agreeing to teach these other beings under duress.

Understand that when we agree to teach various lineages, we will typically tour their home world to see how we can assist them. There must always be a beneficial exchange for the greater good of The All. When we toured this particular lineage's home, we saw very old and outdated technologies which conflicted with reports of technologies that they had already actually created. It was determined that something was not adding up and we felt uneasy with the agreement to teach them. We reviewed the benefits of what would unfold millions of years into the future and received a strong message not to do the exchange with these beings. We then conveyed that we did not see this as an optimal exchange of learning, ending all possible trading with these beings. Our findings actually revealed more devastation than was originally seen. What we didn't know is that they had deceived us through their presentation of what they truly desired from the Love Lineage.

Meanwhile, the father of these beings was livid that we declined to assist them, and because we honestly rejected that this exchange would be of benefit to the Love Lineage, the father of this lineage put a contemptible plan into place against the Love Lineage. The father decided to place the Love Lineage in stasis so they could take everything they ever wanted from us without any exchange whatsoever.

When reviewing prospective students of other lineages, we always review possible issues, contemplating many scenarios, and then decide to come up with a plan that teaches basic concepts that we teach our own lineage in a manner that is most beneficial for that lineage and their way of learning. This is to ensure that the greatest learning opportunity arises for each and every being. All are watched carefully. It is made sure that all learn and are prompted to move forward.

Unfortunately we were bullied into teaching this lineage of beings, contrary to what we had expressed. We found some beings who had decided that the schooling was far too difficult for them and chose to take matters into their own hands. They never came to the Love Lineage to express their needs or that they did not understand some of the things that were being taught to them. Their irritation grew to such a degree that they became frustrated, angry and their hatred of us increased. They believed that we deliberately taught them highly difficult material, intending harm to them, giving them things to learn that were so difficult and that they could not possibly comprehend, which is just not true. We were very specific from the very beginning, telling them we were going to teach them basic knowledge and then advance them from there.

The parents and children all agreed initially to our system of teaching, which included receiving documents starting with what was to be taught in a specific manner. If problems arose, we would resolve them in a peaceful and loving manner since we are beings of love. Many of these things came with complications. Many of these beings did not comprehend what was taught. They did not have it in their genetic makeup or upbringing to communicate on all levels. Please note that there is nothing that can not be discussed, disclosed, or agreed upon, to make shifts or changes for the sake of any one person's learning.

Due to perceptions of overly challenging teachings, one parent of a child went to great lengths to display his unhappiness and rage, literally gathering and rallying others to side with him, and inspiring still others to concoct a plan against the Love Lineage. They claimed we were not teaching their children in a proper way. They created a very harmful and destructive plan that was detrimental to all us. We never meant to harm them or their children, but instead teach them what we knew.

What they did not understand is the Love Lineage is so pure in all ways and in all parts of themselves, that they are much like the prodigies you discuss here on earth. It is our nature to break things down to the most minute detail in order to thoroughly teach others what we know, as well as at a pace each being can handle. It was at this time that they decided we were not teaching them basic foundational concepts that they needed to learn and understand, for it was way beyond their comprehension. Because of this, they then devised a plan to destroy us, believing we did not teach them what we agreed to teach them. This is so far from the truth.

Does this give you enough information?

Alexandra: Yes. Excellent. Thank you for that. It really clears up some things for me. So if I am understanding you correctly, there is a particular lineage that was interested in learning from the Love Lineage and felt they were not getting their needs met. And they felt that whatever was being taught to them was intentionally made to be difficult for them. It also appears that they never really intended to work with the Love Lineage but actually to take whatever they wanted. At that point, what was their intention in communicating this to the Love Lineage and to you as the Prime Creator?

PC: At that point, they never discussed the fact that they felt their needs were not being met by us. It wasn't until they gathered a large group of beings displaying anger, resentment, and rage, that we learned they felt we had not fulfilled the agreement we had chosen to sign off on with them. Again this is far from the truth, especially since we agreed under coercive circumstances. I did ask "Why has this child not come to me and asked for help so I can show this child what is needed for full comprehension?"

Let me review a bit of what was asked of these children. Each child was given a line, like a tube of energy that is hollow on the inside, making it a fragile tool. We asked these children to make basic shapes of foundational blocks such as the star, circle, heart, and square. They needed to understand how to change this one piece of tubular energy, extending it, shape-shifting it, and moving it with their mind. This would be an example of what we were teaching them at a foundational level, and in which the Love Lineage fully comprehends and can do very easily.

It is at this point that the students decided to work on making these shapes. While doing so, they are not to break any shape of this tube, not to kink it in any way. It must be a smooth image when working with the tubular energy. This is a foundational premise - to learn how to understand and create something without damaging something else. It is exactly why we use a small piece of tubular energy for creating things. This is a basic foundational piece in understanding creation itself. It is to teach the mind how to be careful and cautious as to how it moves energy.

Alexandra: Interesting: Basically even while the Love Lineage is shown how to handle shapes, they are especially taught not to damage or break them either. You don't want to hurt it - the shape that is.

PC: We do not! When the beings understand the delicacy, the intricacy, the softness of energy involved as you move it and shape it, they will also understand that once that energy is moved, all things move with it and around it, and are affected by it. Thus, it is not just a piece of tubular energy. It has a consciousness. All things have a consciousness and you need to treat them with honor and respect.

Alexandra: OK that's brilliant. So at this point, with the disgruntlement of this father and his children, who felt their instruction was not up to their expectations, what was the outcome from that? What ended up occurring from that point on?

PC: There were further communications with the father and with each child separately. The father had expected his children to expedite their learning in an equivalent pace and process to the Love Lineage. They are not of the same genetic makeup as us. Therefore, this was a time for us to learn to understand other races while helping them to evolve. We did not give them a timetable of expected results, nor did we know that they were expecting results by a specific time, as this is considered linear thinking for the Love Lineage. We monitor things as they move along and progress while the student shifts, progresses and masters the subject matter. There is no timetable. A student only passes a class upon mastering that class. Once they accomplish this, they will then be taught other material. We were told that they did not master those subjects and therefore wanted us to teach them something else.

Alexandra: Did you agree to that?

PC: We did not. Because it would create a predicament. If they could not understand the basic foundation of all of our teachings, why would we give them more information?

Alexandra: Exactly. So when you refused and stood your ground as to your own teaching policies and parameters, as well as your concern for exchanging with those beings in the first place, what was the outcome from that?

PC: The outcome from this experience was pivotal for the Love Lineage itself. Their contrived plan was launched against us, literally to destroy us and our lineage. And they believed that if and when they could take us out, destroy us, and strip us from all that we are, they could then have our essence for themselves and embody us.

Alexandra: That is absolutely crazy. This must have been an insanely painful experience for you.

PC: It is extremely painful for myself, my entire family of love, the children, and the creations ...ultimately we were used in experimentation, binding our minds and parts of our essence. They began experimenting on us in containment, as well as creating with our essence, causing us to suffer severe consequences from their choices of what they created. Because they were quantum entangled with us, it created demoralizing wounds that we continually needed to heal, and incessantly connected us to their miscreations. These acts and creations have been so horrific that I cannot discuss them at this level of understanding. It would be too shocking and beyond our comprehension.

Alexandra: It is amazing that we are still around then, is it not?

PC: It is a miracle. We were on the verge of extinction if we did not pull ourselves out of this quagmire. We had to figure out how to heal ourselves and our lineage and quantum disentangle ourselves from these beings through a peaceful and forgiving resolution that came from our hearts

Alexandra: So what was basically a decision and a misunderstanding on the part of this other lineage, feeling that you were deliberately not going to teach them the way they expected to be taught, developed into almost a hatred and a vendetta. Is that correct?

PC: That is a nice way of putting it.

Alexandra: And how long PC has this been going on?

PC: If we compared "time" up there to down here, then I would say it has been going on for about 40 years. This may not seem like a very long time but remember time does not exist up there. We recognize it is easier for the beings on earth to relate to "time" for reference purposes down here. Also, we need to understand that all players that are participating from the very beginning are down here on earth right now. We can go into that later if you would like. The time frame down here goes into thousands of trillions of millenia. One millennia is 25,000 years

Alexandra: That is insane.

PC: I hope that gives you a time frame.

Alexandra: So basically we have been repeating over and over and over again this madness, of receiving the backlash of a vendetta based on a perception that this father and his children were not taught up to his expectations for some sort of reason when in fact you had very specific policies that you stuck to and that was decided that it was interpreted a different way. Is that pretty much a good summary?

PC: Yes that is.

Alexandra: OK. And so at this point, this has been going on for 350,000 quadrillion years times 10,000, right? I believe that is where we are from the last time I spoke to you.

PC: That is correct.

Alexandra: So it seems as if we are continuing over and over and over again in this situation, why have we never been able to get out of this circumstance? This vendetta? This mad hunting and experimentation of the Love Lineage? Why haven't we been able to escape this?

PC: There are many myths on earth that people feel are unreal. I will use the example of Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. When someone creates an opening without an exit, there is no way to get out. When you go down the rabbit hole, it is like a spiral or a vortex. Every place you hit or land in a space and time that is created with a layer of separation of yourself and what comes with it is forgetfulness. This repeats itself all the way down to the bottom. Once you hit the bottom of the spiral (or hole), where you finally land, you ask yourself "Where am I? I don't understand where I am at this time. I do not remember and this does not look familiar to me. I've never been here before." All the while trying to figure out how you got there in the first place. These beings created this opening and lured people into it but they could not get out. Then they created the big bang which actually "sucked" us into the hole through a backwards vacuum phenomenon without our participation in whatever they created.

Alexandra: But didn't that backfire on them since it pulled them into the game as well?

PC: Yes it did. They were not expecting themselves to be pulled in here as well. So ultimately all participants up there are down here as well....and every place in between.

Alexandra: So I would imagine falling down this so called rabbit hole and spiral would have taken some time. Is that why we are looking at as far as the 350,000 quadrillion years? Or have we been at the end of the road in the so called 3rd dimensional realm for not as long of a time?

PC: It did not begin in this lower dimension as you refer to it. What people remember mostly is Avalon, Lemuria and Atlantis. The frequency being held at that time was quite a bit higher than it is now. Although the description of dimension is illusory, it is a term that people are familiar with. For example Avalon was at a frequency of what you would comprehend as the 15th or above dimensional level. But remember that dimensions are part of the illusion. People who reside on earth believe they are raising their frequency and yet they are in the same place. They have not gone anywhere. They are simply still stuck here. Each time a repetitive process has occurred after a cycle of 25,000 years, if people have not resolved their problems they keep dropping in frequency.

Alexandra: Which was the name of the game. It was the intention for people to continue to drop was it not?

PC: It was. To keep them contained, to never get out, lose their memories and do whatever these beings deemed them to do, if they could not do it themselves. They expected it from you, meaning the Love Lineage could supply them with whatever they needed. It was their rules of the game and their space.

Alexandra: Just crazy. You mentioned Lemuria and Atlantis. What dimensional frequency was Lemuria?

PC: It was around the 12th dimension. Atlantis dropped down to around the 7th or 8th.

Alexandra: And now we are at the 3rd... that is sad. Did you not tell me once that we are on a fast track to drop even further in dimensional frequency.

PC: Yes, before 2012 that was the case. We were going to drop even below where we are now and we were going to destroy this planet and ourselves along with it.

Alexandra: At this point in time, many have watched and read the messages you have provided. And I think they are all probably wondering why are you coming forth now with more information? At least more detailed information ... and of course you and I both know that this Q and A could last days to provide all of the details, which is not the purpose of this right now. But why now? Why are you coming forth now with this information? What are you hoping to accomplish?

PC: First of all, this is the genuine acceptance of a repeated request by you yourself. It is to reveal at this time and to show people that this is the time for me to collect my children and bring them home.

Alexandra: Outstanding. Do you feel that time is near?

PC: Absolutely, this time is near. I always tell you Alexandra that I do not give dates or time frames, as that is a linear approach. If anyone is giving that information, it has not come from me and is incorrect.

Alexandra: Thank you for that. So all of the biblical passages, all of the ancient text references such as we will leave like a thief in the night, or some say we will be raptured or rescued. What is your comment on that?

PC: It was set up by these beings that if I was ever to free my children that there would be a hijacking. That is strictly their creation. It is not mine. I have no intention of creating anything that would destroy the beings or this earth in order to retrieve my children from this place. All must know that they will be provided for, loved, forgiven with gratitude for all that was learned. In addition, we must understand that whatever those beings' participation has been, they must be held accountable for their participation in what they have done to the Love Lineage, themselves, and others. The wrath of god is not something I inhabit. I do not believe in destruction. That does not come from a place of love, forgiveness or gratitude. The beings will be shown the harm they have caused everyone and everything to the fullest extent so that they have full comprehension and full understanding of what they have done to others and what it has caused.

Alexandra: So it is a very intense time to go inward to see what role you have played in participating in this game.

PC: Absolutely! There are many beings on earth at this time that refuse to look at this information. Some of these are the very participants that created this horror and destruction! There are many that refuse to let go of what they originally agreed upon at the beginning of the destruction of the Love Lineage, of myself, my children, and my creations.

Alexandra: I think a lot of people can not possibly understand that any being can think this way. For example, the child sacrifice that is prominent across the world. It is very difficult for any of us to come up with that idea.

PC: It is.

Alexandra: I would imagine it is very challenging for the Love Lineage to make sense of it all, to extract themselves from such an abhorrent life and reality here. I am wondering how were you able to get where we are today, where you are confident to take your children home?

PC: When I state that I am confident to take my children home this means I have successfully healed myself and my children from all the horrific things that have been done to us from the very beginning and into the future.

Alexandra: That is a huge accomplishment!!!

PC: It is huge, but needed to be done. It is the only way that I could see the outcome. I wasn't sure what the time frame was as to when it would be done, but I could see the ending. I knew it could happen and therefore pushed forward and made plans and arrangements of how to achieve this for myself and my creations, including all of my children.

Alexandra: Once again that is outstanding! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that.

PC: Humanity should know that even if they participated in this, it does not matter where you are from. This healing work releases you from the connections that you were quantum entangled with. The Love Lineage has forgiven you with love and gratitude for all they have experienced. This forgiveness has been granted but overall healing work has been done for both sides. It is the responsibility of the individual to choose and accept the work for themselves. It will come in at a pace that they can comprehend it. But they must know and understand it on a conscious level and have full comprehension on all the things they participated in. Meaning they must look at their participation in order to receive the healing they are consciously aware of. Again, meaning if they cause harm and destruction to another, they will have to hear and understand what this is in order to fully receive that healing that has been prepared for them.

Alexandra: So PC some might say that understanding on a conscious level cannot possibly erase the horror and the destruction and the malice that has been done against the Love Lineage. What would your response be to that?

PC: It will not erase anything, nor will we forget. Nor will they forget. It is up to the individual. If you cannot forgive yourself and others, you will just hold yourself in a place of space and time festering in anger, resentment, and rage. Literally meaning you cannot heal yourself into wholeness, and you will be stuck there into eternity until you move through it.

Alexandra: Very good point. Thank you for that clarification. I think everyone really needed to hear that.

PC: It is very important.

Alexandra: How would you respond to someone who said there is no such thing as a rescue mission? How do you perceive what you are here to do for your children and your creations?

PC: I would interpret it as I give it my all. Or there would not be a Love Lineage. I may not see it so much as a rescue mission but as this being my last chance to save my children before mass destruction would have happened here on earth.

Alexandra: Now you have made reference to the Big Bang. Are you saying that that has literally spiraled since the beginning and replayed itself over and over and over in every millennia?

PC: Absolutely! That cycle would have played out again in 2012.

Alexandra: And why was that not played out?

PC: It is because I was giving it my all to shut it down and create more time to raise the frequency of the consciousness of humanity. I had reached a point and achieved enough clearing work to allow that to continue.

Alexandra: OK. Many people make reference to the fact that we live in a world riddled in viruses. What would you say to that?

PC: All viruses, illnesses, and diseases were not created by the Love Lineage. They were inserted into people through various means. And this time frame that humanity is in, involves Artificial Intelligence which is and has been manipulating the mind. It can be sent through a frequency, sound and vibration. Someone can receive mind control through some sort of wave where that individual will never ever know about it. This is through cell phones, TV's, radios, WiFi, satellites, or any communication device that has a frequency, sound, vibration, color, or wave. This includes all cell towers, smart meters or anything that is digital.

Alexandra: So we really don't have a prayer in this reality since we are inundated with electromagnetic frequencies. How have you been able to reach some of your children in the Love Lineage? How have they been able to reach you, hear you, or connect with you?

PC: Some have not lost their connection. I work with them on a soul level at night, using terminology you understand down here by the way. There are classrooms I have each night so I can gather my children and help them comprehend what is going on down here. And to make a plan with them according to their daily structure while living on earth when awake. Many do meditation and have reconnected with me that way, as if they are talking with me like you are right now. This conversation can happen all day long if one chooses.

Alexandra. Excellent. So you have always been available but haven't our religious institutions guided us to reach out, connect, and pray to someone other than you?

PC: Yes they have; to the False Father.

Alexandra: Can you talk a little bit about who the false father is?

PC: I do not want to point fingers. I will elaborate on his background - he is a being that was committed to his lineage to find a resolution to help his children believe that all must go through him and must not be taught through anyone but him. This is a distortion and a lack of truth. The characteristics of pure love are not of the same genetic makeup as his. Therefore those patterns of that lineage up there are reflected all throughout your history and continue on today. It is of all things that you see in people down here of planet earth.

Alexandra: Ah very good clarification. Now you mentioned in our last message about the simulator. I have noticed even more articles and messages are being released onto the internet reviewing that we are in a simulator. People are beginning to embrace that we have been in a simulated virtual reality game. Can you talk a little bit about how we ended up in a simulated virtual reality in the first place?

PC: It all started with the Big Bang where many of us were knocked unconscious. We were then placed in stasis and carried into a simulator. Then we were artificially programmed to do what someone else wanted us to do for them, without our permission or our awareness.

Alexandra: Wow! So we have been inside a simulator in a virtual reality, not a reality we chose to be in, but a reality they chose for us to be in. Right?

PC: That is correct. It happened twice on a micro and macro level.

Alexandra: I cannot even imagine what sort of chaos that created amongst the Love Lineage. But I think more importantly how has the time spent in stasis within the simulator impacted our psyches?? How has it affected us for carrying on for such a very long time?

PC: The psyches that have been retrieved from stasis and simulators of the Love Lineage are very fragile. They are in healing chambers on the micro and macro level. Those on the macro level will be in these chambers for a minimum of 5 years - again using language you can understand down here. Those on the micro level will be approximately half that time, will exit the healing chambers sooner and be evaluated to see where they are in their healing progress, how their psyches are doing, how they are handling the deprogramming of what has been done to them. They are regaining their strength right now at this time, and some are walking by themselves, again I am using terminology which helps you understand. They are able to move around a bit. The second round is exiting the chambers, and will be reviewed to see what their progress is like.

Alexandra: So this is all new to you. You have never gone through something like this with your creations before, have you not?

PC: I have never gone through this before.

Alexandra: This must be a massive universe beyond our comprehension. There are other lineages obviously. How are they looking at what's happened to the Love Lineage and the simulated game?

PC: They were horrified and didn't understand how to help us. They could only ponder what could be done to help us or volunteer.

Alexandra: I would imagine most would avoid the simulator like the plague because no one would want to go into a simulated reality. Isn't this the main reason we lost a clear connection with you.

PC: It is because you were intentionally blocked from me. Things were inserted into your psyche that directly connected you to the other being "God The Father" and you were told that he was/is your creator.

Alexandra: Many have written in and asked is there more than one creator PC?

PC: There are many creators of many lineages.

Alexandra: I just wanted to make sure we got that out there to the folks.

PC: It is difficult to relay to those who do not have full comprehension. It is challenging to describe to being down here the knowledge and comprehension of how vast the space is that we come from. We have taught other races prior to this and had never had these problems before like we did with this lineage.

Alexandra: I would imagine many beings out there are rooting for the Love Lineage to return back home.

PC: We are grateful for their volunteering efforts. We will have much to share with them about what we have learned, so they can learn from us and never have this happen to them either.

Alexandra: Do you feel the number one issue, problem and catalyst was hatred?

PC: I do believe it started as a miscommunication which turned into frustration for their children not having enough time or patience to learn what we were teaching them. They were very demanding to experience an instantaneous understanding of the information and be able to do it right away.

Alexandra: So they expected instantaneous results with little effort?

PC: Correct.

Alexandra: Which is interesting because that theme is reflected in this virtual reality everywhere. Everyone wants something very quickly. It is the free ride syndrome.

PC: And they do not want to take the time to perfect it.

Alexandra: Right. So now that you are tying things up and you are here to retrieve your children, many people have various ideas on how this is to occur. I know you will not give out dates and times. I know you will never go there and have been very consistent with us in your communications. Can you give people an idea of what they can look forward to?

PC: I will not give details as to how this will take place. Especially since people have trouble with the mind and misinterpret the information given. Or when people are not enlightened enough to receive 100% truth for what it is. Therefore I can tell you that my children will be moved to a place that is secure and reunite with me and my family. Others will be going to wherever they need to go as well. All will be done in a healing, peaceful, loving manner.

Alexandra: Perfect. Do you have any comments on the world at large right now?

PC: Earth is a reflection of the healing work that has been done for me and humanity to move this pain and suffering out. Earth has a consciousness as do all beings. A blade of grass has a consciousness. Dirt has a consciousness. Many people down here dismiss this premise. They do not understand that a rock is not just a rock down here. It has a consciousness and communicates with you. Well, things are shifting and changing because these are things that have a consciousness. When I shift the energy to heal the consciousness of all things that have been created, they are all included. They must shift and move as well, as they heal whatever part that is.

Alexandra: Does this apply to planet earth? You have mentioned that the earth will be no more.

PC: It is not a time frame. Earth is a place with a consciousness. In order to heal all things, beings must be moved to a place where all healing can transform all things. That includes this earth, meaning beings who are here or will be here, who are unwilling to avoid and cease in the participation of destroying this planet.

Alexandra: It is kind of like how do you heal from a contagious illness when you are in a room full of people who also have that contagious illness right?

PC: It would be very difficult. That is why all should be placed in another environment where all can do the healing they need. Do you understand what I am saying.

Alexandra: Yeah. It makes complete sense.

PC: All must go some place.

Alexandra: Very good. I could ask you a million questions. This was not intended to be a very long Q & A between the two of us so before I let you go, I want you to address the animal kingdom. There are so many of us out there that are animal lovers. How do you feel the animals will fare in this change of returning home?

PC: Well the animals are well prepared and easier to transition than the humans. They are open to receiving and quickly change and adapt to all things being sent to them. There are only a small percent left in their bodies at this time, and as we move forward towards the final ascension phase, they will move so easily and quickly. All must understand that these lovely animals will participate with their human beings. They will not be left behind. If there are wild animals, they will all be taken care of. There's nothing to worry about for any beings or animals or family members being left behind.

Alexandra: That is fabulous. Can you clarify the story behind Nibiru?

PC: Nibiru is an escape plan for those that created this. They believed that Nibiru would come close enough for them to get off of this planet and leave and escape.

Alexandra: So all of the videos about Nibiru coming or Nibiru is going to crash into the earth ... has that been a big bang scenario in past millenia?

PC: They use it to their advantage. It has been moved so that will not happen now.

Alexandra: So we don't have to worry about Nibiru. I know a lot of people are concerned about the state of the earth right now and the amount of devastation from so many weather disasters. I would love for you to comment on that.

PC: I would be happy to. There are many beings on this planet that are connected to this family. They do not understand it on a conscious level or remember who they are but they have allowed themselves to be manipulated. They continue in their false belief systems, thinking they can create this mass destruction from sacrificing beings and loss of life in order to achieve through what people understand as black magic and sorcery. This is the only way they understand how to create. This is how they created before we met them - to create using the elements, destruction and the sacrificing of another. That is not what the Love Lineage does. We learn to create with pureness through the mind.

Alexandra: Wow! Thank you for that! At this stage of the game and returning to the topic of Nibiru, is there a connection between Nibiru and Orion? I ask since Orion's Belt is constantly referred to as the ticket out of here.

PC: There is a direct correlation and they do work together. They create technology that has been mostly destructive in order to benefit themselves.

Alexandra: Back to the destruction on the planet, what would you say to all the people viewing all of the hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, devastation and loss of life?

PC: I would ask what do you choose to be a participant of? Where does your mind go? People must understand the place you are in. This is the place we started out in creating. It is made of the mind. Meaning your thoughts create everything in your reality. Do you want to buy into catastrophic events and if so then you will help create and amplify them? What do you choose to create?

Alexandra: Good point... The final outcome is very exciting for those of us no longer wanting to participate and wanting to exit this hunter's game. I think I would ask what would be your final suggestion for preparedness and what we all should be doing at this time?

PC: I would query them to ask themselves are they done participating in this mass destruction? How does it serve you to participate? What do you believe you will receive from doing so? Because I can guarantee that you will not receive what they promised you.

Alexandra: And there is a very high likelihood that if they are serving the dark, they probably are running off of oaths, agreements, and contracts made very long ago. They are just time looping, repeating the theme over and over again. Is that not true?

PC: There are agreements and contracts with these beings that they are not consciously aware of, that if they try to get out of here, there will be repercussions. The ones who created this all in the first place got this going.

Alexandra: So it is very very challenging I would imagine to sift through the depths of the murky darkness to find your children down here.

PC: Let's just say it has been like looking for a needle in the haystack.

Alexandra: Is there anything else you would like to say to planet earth at this time?

PC: I would like to say that with all of the horrific things that have happened to the Love Lineage, we are in love and gratitude for all things now understood that you have taught us. Whether they are horrific or from a place you thought was love, we are OK with that. And we will forgive and heal. We can move past this, but we cannot forget what has been done to us. We will share with others from other spaces of beings that we know and have taught, so that they can understand this deception and destruction that was shown to us, but we never understood.

I also will be including a healing with this video for Alexandra to have and for all to receive.

Alexandra: Thank you. Thank you. I am honored. I thank you for speaking with me today and bringing this information out to the world so there is more clarification and understanding. I am saying to everyone who is listening to this, please understand I could ask a gazillion questions but it is not the point of this Q and A. I feel PC agrees that today we were to provide a generalized description of how we got here, what happened, and the fact that we are going home.

PC: That is a very good synopsis of what has happened. It has been prophesied about the end of times. All must understand that what has been prophesied and predicted of old timelines does not exist. Take those predictions with a grain of salt. Just as a team of the Love Lineage has to figure out and resolve many many issues for all beings in order to ascend them wherever they are going.

Alexandra: Thank you and I want to thank you for chatting with me today.

PC: It is my pleasure always to chat with you Alexandra, as you are dear to my heart.

Alexandra: And you to me PC. Fully reconnecting with you has changed my life permanently. I am so grateful. I can't wait to come home!

PC: I have so much gratitude for you as well. You have continued to challenge yourself and push through the things that you needed to learn, understand and comprehend so you could heal yourself to make the work available for others who have not done theirs. That has ultimately and actually allowed me to come here at this time, to retrieve my children. You being one of them who is doing all of the work that needed to be done.

Alexandra: I am speechless. You have never said that to me before. I am so honored and grateful.

PC: It needed to be said. With you doing all that work, it makes it available for all the other children. Regardless of whether they have finished their work or not, it is available to them and can be taught to them so they have full comprehension. This is very important.

Alexandra: Thank you PC for all that you are. We love you! We love you! We love you! I am looking forward to the big party in the sky!

PC: You are welcome. And I am too!

Received September 19, 2017
Welcome home dear one

I was guided to anoint myself with the "going home" essence this morning

I just spent the afternoon w/you & the PC message under beautiful oaks lining our deep creek - leading out to the Magoth bay and onto the great Chesapeake Bay

I must say the blue herons & egrets and All who heard your voice were healed

We love you here

May you continue to be richly blessed


Thank you

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Thank you



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