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(Teresa Yanaros) Disclosure hits the mainstream as we speak. This is an epic and exciting time for the alternative media community. Darkness surged through a recent cabal takedown attempt to cripple and silence alternative media movements across multiple world-wide social media outlets.

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by Teresa Yanaros, October 18th, 2018

It’s Not Going To Work

Ruling Elite (yes, my finger is pointed): Resistance is futile. Our voices will not be silenced. In fact, the blatant attempts to purge and silence our first amendment rights only encourage us to stir from the depths… and rise to meet our shadow.

Even amidst our media brothers and sisters being bullied by the negative control constructs, our collective voices are getting louder and louder. We are doing our part to bring the truth out, to be so deafeningly LOUD that the sleeping masses cannot help but hear us.

I am so pleased to share this latest information by SBA Media, describing the exciting projects being brought to the masses. It’s on the imminent horizon. The future is so bright that I can feel it in my soul.

We are rising together to spread the truth. Art is an incredibly POWERFUL way to bring the truth to the collective consciousness, and we are taking that dial and turning it up full BLAST. On Halloween 2018, the brand new paradigm-shifting documentary, Above Majestic, is being launched in addition to a comic book and graphic novel about the secret space program.

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Last Sunday, director of the film, Roger Richards, went live on social media to discuss the importance of art in media.

We are taking the tools that we have, and using them to shine the light on the darkness. Stay vigilant and strong, my friends. Disclosure is here. We are making it happen. We are all invited and play an integral part in changing the world.

“All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency.”

Teresa Yanaros

(SBA Media) The excitement around the pre-release of the Sphere Being Alliance comic book and graphic novel has exceeded our wildest expectations. The response and interest have been intensely exciting. We are pleased to announce that we are finishing up production of the second edition comic book and the first edition of our graphic novel series.

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by SBA Media, October 18th, 2018

What’s the Skinny?

So many of you have been wanting updates, and I am telling you, you are going to be floored by the amazing art that Steve Cefalo is bringing to the table with this project. We are soon sending to the print shop for the premiere on October 31st.

SBA Media is producing a series of three graphic novels providing deep insights into the true-life testimony of Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode. The series begins with the Military Abduction (MILAB) programs that began in Nazi Germany and carried over to the US during MK Ultra-related programs that developed after Project Paperclip.

The series continues with the second graphic novel which covers Goode’s 20-year service (20 and Back) in the Secret Space Program (SSP) after being trained in the MILAB Programs and then returns to Goode’s life on Earth after being age-regressed and sent back in time to the point from which he was taken.

The three-part series concludes with a graphic novel which covers Goode’s return from the SSP to his original timeline up until the point when he fully recalls his ’20 and Back’ experience and is dragged into an advisory position between 6th density extraterrestrial beings called the Blue Avians and the leaders of the SSP and Earth’s Shadow Government in a dramatic fashion.

We are pleased to announce that this epic graphic novel series will be animated in motion graphics movies as well as be used as storyboards for feature films, scripted series, and much, much more. The team is certainly busy; we have not only been talking publicly about these projects since the summer of 2017, but we’ve been deep in the throes of bringing them to fruition. The time is now. The amount of potential that has been harnessed across multiple points of expertise in our growing community is now being brought into fruition. We are reaching toward making incredibly powerful statements about the nature of reality, and this is being brought forth to humanity as we speak. These are just a few of the projects we are working on to affect the mass consciousness through media!

We are debuting the graphic novel on Halloween of this year, at the Majestic Masquerade Graphic Novel and Above Majestic premiere party in Boulder, Colorado. If you want to join the premiere party please visit the website, at http://majesticmasquerade.com.

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