Discourses on an Alien Sky #33: The Prehistoric Mother Goddess

Jan 8, 2018

EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast—only $29: In this episode, we consider the early origins of the ancient mother goddess image, finding a close connection to a prehistoric gathering of planets well before the “Polar Configuration” to which we’ve devoted much attention in this video series. Most significantly, it is the role of the planet Venus in that primordial system that we look to as a window into the symbolism of Venus the world over. And one feature, in particular, draws our attention: a toroidal aspect of the goddess that can be confirmed around the world. If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on “subtitles” in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like. Become a Producer through the PATREON Rewards program — Subscribe to Thunderbolts Update newsletter: The Thunderbolts Project Home: Essential Guide to the Electric Universe:… Facebook:… Twitter: @tboltsproject Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill: Electric Universe T-shirts and Gifts: The ideas expressed in videos presented on The Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel do not necessarily express the views of T-Bolts Group Inc or The Thunderbolts Project(TM). EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast—only $29: