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NEWS November 1, 2011. Discovery was announced by Joseph Skipper – a virtual archaeologist “excavations” on other planets, looking for anomalies in images taken by satellites. He took advantage of the Internet resource Google Mars, which provided the photos for a variety of devices that were in orbit around the Red Planet. The researcher was able to see a transport system similar to the railroad. Or some other, as the “track” look jerky. The road extends to the crater of Hale, near which NASA plans to land its rover designed to search for new water, and even life. “Railway” begins about 900 km from the crater. Captain says that the crater will “evaluate” the visible structure. Not far from the “Station” marked a rectangular object, located in the “railroad.”
Scientists theorize that can “coach” or any other “station buildings.” However, the version with the car, according to Skipper monorail likely – which seems logical. Once an object casts a shadow as a few meters from surface.Although from the station building is not denied, that a tunnel is more transparent. “Something similar to these projects and photographed on Mars before the artists portrayed as tunnels may seem.” – Skipper said. The researcher observes, moving “car” or standing still is not known because there are no other pictures of the area, made at different times, which could follow the fate of a rectangular object. That is to say, look, he moved or stood still. Very easily, and it is unreasonable to assume that Skipper found on Mars transportation system. Skeptics, of course skeptical. But what really is a dashed line, or even ideas. Skipper confused and highway safety. Other facilities – for example, the Sphinx or the objects around him, like the pyramids, the ruins look. And as if they were thrown hundreds of thousands of years ago. Slightly protruding from the Martian sand and construction similar to the foundation of a fortress. “But here -. And the road and the railway station and car And nothing filled,” says Skipper. The “train” in progress can be traced back to the shadows and photographs at different periods of time! What do you think about it? See the video below.
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