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The idea that the Earth has a natural energy, a force that we could collectively tap into and free us from the reliance of energy industries is a conspiracy that has been debated and researched for decades. Indeed, it divides opinion and is one that could have more basis in fact than we might first think. It is also a notion that many believe was common knowledge in the ancient and pre-ancient world.

Perhaps we should recall Plato, who lived approximately 424-348 BC in ancient Greece, when he said, “The Earth, when viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” What did he mean by this?

Energy Grid

Given that we know a great deal of wisdom and esoteric knowledge that permeated the intellectual minds of ancient Greece came from visits and teachings of ancient Egypt, which itself went back thousands of years, might Plato have been privy to such knowledge of an ancient energy grid that connected to (even then) ancient sites around the world?

Such information that would be brutally removed from the public arena through such incidents as the burning of the Library of Alexandria or the brutal suppression of independent thought by The Church throughout the dark ages of Europe.

And when we consider that the ancient Egyptian civilization, like many others around the same time, appeared to begin at the height of their powers, where did their information and apparent technological knowhow come from? Might such information, and indeed the monuments they would leave and where they would leave them, be remnants of an unknown civilization that existed on Earth long before recorded history? Before “The Flood”?

And might this civilization have extraterrestrial connections, explaining why so many of these sites around the planet also attract UFO sightings today?

Bruce Cathie’s Harmonic 33 Theory

Although the findings of Bruce Cathie go back over fifty years to his 1968 book Harmonic 33, the ideas of a world energy grid have been explored before, perhaps most notably by Nikola Tesla. And, if we subscribe to the ever-growing literature of the alternative history movements, such a world grid was likely known to civilizations in antiquity, and equally likely passed on to them from an unknown intelligence in pre-history.

What is particularly interesting is that Cathie, an experienced pilot with New Zealand National Airways, developed his theory while trying to explain his own sightings of UFOs. Beginning in 1952, Cathie would monitor and record both his and other UFO sightings, and more specifically, the directions of these strange crafts.

One particular incident, as bizarre as it sounds, is worth mentioning here. Firstly, it would be something Cathie would investigate first hand. And secondly, if his findings are accurate, it endorses his theories fittingly.

In the early hours of 25th September 1966, at a little after 4 am, a huge explosion ripped through the night skies of Avondale, near Auckland City. A factory had gone up in flames. However, so loud was the explosion that people over the 50 miles away could hear it. What’s more, the destruction was reminiscent of a “wartime Block-buster bomb”, according to one investigator.

Cathie was on the premises within days and would also speak to several of those from nearby. Many of them had the windows of their homes completely shattered by the force of the blast. They would, however, get a “bird’s eye view” of the bizarre incident.

Energy Grid Earth

The Forming Of An Aerial Grid Point?

Even more interesting, many people had also reported a UFO in the area at the same time as the explosion happened. Many people also reported a laser beam-like “shaft of light” appearing to emerge from the ground and through the roof. When Cathie investigated the remains of the inside of the factory, where witnesses claimed the light had emerged from, was a “12-inch hole in the concrete floor!”

While his conclusions were seen as “radical” to some and nonsense to others, it was Cathie’s findings that the UFO sighting and the resulting fire and damage to the factory was the result of the “putting down of a Grid Point”. He would continue that the “laser beam” was, in fact, pure energy that was brought forth by the UFO. He would conclude:..Read More at

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