Thursday, January 9, 2014

Right before I woke up, the first alarm was about to go off, I found myself with Ross aboard ship. It was a small flight craft, only big enough for us. It was very mobile and could hover and turn easily.

We were in the Yosemite Valley, in Winter. There was snow.

I was delighted! Here is my tour:

we were actually right in front of it, close, mid-air
Then we went someplace that looked like here. (This is actually a photograph of Tioga Pass in June–it’s not exactly where we were, it was in the floor of the valley kind of by Mirror Lake.)
Then there was a loud throbbing mechanical noise, a deep vibration, that went thrum! thrum! thrum! thrum! thrum!
Then everything got dark, and I couldn’t see except for the small lights aboard ship, kind of like in your car when you drive at night.  I had no sensation of movement, but it looked like we were going down an elevator shaft if you looked out at the walls which enclosed us. It felt like it was taking forever, and Ross smiled, lifted a finger to his lips,  and assured me all was well.

Then from the bottom, emerged a land that was so healthy and vibrant it had the energy of THIS! There was sky and sea and land, and it was VAST!


It was my first really good look at it!

We flew all over the place, and I giggled and squealed with unimaginable delight!

There were cities of Light, and towns of sorts. There were no roads or traffic, except a few small dirt paths between buildings. Nature was EVERYWHERE, and also I noticed there were no areas that seemed dry or like desert.

It was warm and very green, like temperate zones in summer or spring.

Then it was time to go. I was only allowed to hit the snooze button three times, and it was done.

I asked for one small favor–I wanted to share my Love and Gratitude to the citizens of Agartha for having me, for the plants and animals, too. I was able to feel this energy/emotion, and turn it into a column of Healing Light that was blue–it’s hard to describe the shade. But I stood in a special place on the ship, and it reminded me of Star Trek where they transport themselves, and a column of the blue light surrounded me and beamed out the bottom of the ship. I didn’t move. But I said, ‘goodbye’ to Agartha and I hope I also said, ‘See you soon!’.

As it was time to go, but before we kissed each other goodbye and wished each other a nice day, I thought in my mind of all the dolphins and whales I know, splashing in the ocean, ones I’ve seen on many a whale and dolphin watching boat…and I concentrated that joy and love and very high energy in my heart.

That was my gift to Ross, my Sirian energy. It is playful, and very fun and very Light.

He works too hard, my Twin Flame, and it is one of the best things about us is that I always bring in the fresh energies of Siirus, my home, to him. He really enjoys it, and helps him to be glad for the love we are so blessed to share.

He is my very best friend I have ever had, in one lifetime.

I am so thankful for the chance to be with my very best friend and partner again.

We are blessed!

I know the ‘t’ in this photo might upset some of you and find it too ‘church-y’, but for lack of a better photo, this is the one I have that expresses our happiness and joy as reunited Twin Flames that we would like to share now with your hearts. Please forgive the ‘t’ and enjoy the rest of the message that we have for you from our heart, and from the Divine Energies of The Higher Dimensions that we call our home Energy Signature…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc