Published on Mar 8, 2014

Dr Courtney Brown has promised a “Big Announcement” on March 15th

A Personal Reflection:

Dr Brown is obviously not happy with the way our planet is run.

He wants change, and he thinks we can get it, without violence.

Deep and meaningful change, including a change in leadership, can come if we change our beliefs. It works that way because the power of beliefs is that it restrains us – preventing us from realising how much power we actually possess.

Religion has been one of the main sources of control on our planet, and Dr Brown seems to believe that we were given our religious beliefs by ET’s seeking to control the masses.

Now, if we want change, and to escape the shackles of past belief, we need merely to change mass consciousness. I say “just”, because I agree with Brown that we need not be violent – but it is not easy to change the consciousness of the masses. It will take a very powerful new idea, or many new ideas to do that.

This seems to be what Courtney Brown will be offering us on March 15th:
A new way to look at our world.
To really make this happen, it may need to be backed by some convincing evidence. It will be interesting to see where the ideas and evidence come from. Will they come from Dr Brown on his own, or will he have some “outside” help.

Stay tuned – we do not have long to wait !

(thanks to the Geologic channel for permission to upload this video – it is a better fit here.)
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