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atom“Now we have 200 trillion atoms per cell. That’s a hundred times more than a 200 billion stars and our milky way. Let’s go deeper, now we’re going into the atoms. We’re going into a proton this…is this working, this movie? Yeah. What we’re seeing here, not completely, is an electron. We’re into an atom here.

Hitting a proton, and we have many protons in our cells in an atom, and as it hits it, it creates so much energy that it explodes into two additional quarks. Actually its quarks within a proton. Now quarks are subatomic particles that we can now see with our microscope, see their behavior. By the way, in 30 years, 50 years, we’ll be going into quarks we’ll be going into congealed light.

That’s what we call it, right? ‘Cause we don’t know what’s beyond …Star Trek, you know? So we traveled a little bit into the human structure. Three dimensional we’re still Newtonian here as long as we’re trying to describe a structure in that way it will not go quantum. Should we treat ourselves at that level, now that we know that that’s the way. It would be difficult. It would be difficult to have medicine for quarks and so forth.

We’re not able to but it’s important to understand. So we are light energy beings. That doesn’t need any qualification, any description, please. We bathe in a soup. Did you know that these atoms within us and there are electrons that travel at 185 thousand miles per second across the entire universe.

We are a dream, right? We compose ourselves, physical dream. But we are continuously exchanging within this room and with we don’t know but it’s important you meditate on this everyday.”