Taken from this link…. http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2012/04/drake-intel-audio-briefings-insider.html

For your convenience, I have located all of the audio shows and intel briefings that whistleblower Drake has appeared on. The list below is organized by date starting with his most recent appearance.

Drake, a white knight, is working with the Pentagon to take out the power structures of the Dark Cabal in the United States. Mass arrests will be taking place shortly around the United States consisting of corrupted politicians, greedy corporate management, and financial terrorists. Drake has mentioned that arrests should take place by the end of May , 2012.

Listen to the audio files below to get a detailed intelligence briefing about what is planned to occur in the coming weeks. I also suggest a listen to another whistleblower named ‘FRAN’ who also talked about the arrests and coming changes to the USA. FRAN’s interview and disclosure took place on Novemeber 29th, 2011. The FRAN audio intel briefing is linked below and appears after the Drake list. All of these recordings can be found in the “Intel Audio Files” page for future reference.

These are surely exciting times!

~enerchi of ascensionwithearth.com