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Drake Audio Briefing – 4-1-12

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For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the existence of chemtrails, I guess you are at an advantage because you don’t have to deal with that awareness. However, that doesn’t make it not exist. Paul and I and some of our friends were getting kind of excited because we saw that the chemtrails had stopped, except for a few one day, this past week. Then yesterday it was as if all the stuff they had wanted to dump on us the whole week came out in one day. Unbelievable streaks criss crossing all over the sky followed by a very cloudy day. I started wondering whether the “good guys” were really “winning” and had another thought that maybe this was like the grand finale on the 4th of July and the elite were just giving us their last final blast – hopefully.
There are those of us who do certain energetic treatments to clear the effects of them or prevent their effects and there are those that take certain formulas to cleanse the physical body of the effects. Between chemtrails and Monsanto our world has been dealing with quite an onslaught for such a long time. And there are probably lots of correlations between the these substances and the illnesses and deaths that take place around the world. It’s comforting to hear this report from Drake. It does explain how a few times I saw a chemtrail or two in the sky, then looked away for a few minutes and when I looked up again, it was gone. Maybe those guys (ET’s) sucked it up LOL
Let’s send Light for the highest good to this whole thing and express our gratitude for fresh clean air and healthy food and water.