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LAW DICTIONARY – ONLINE [Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd Ed)]
http://thelawdictionary.org/ This is an older version but is useful for legal terms.
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC or the Code), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.
• You will need to search for your state’s UCC version.
• Reservation of Rights is part of the UCC.
o Example: When you sign your driver’s license, you are agreeing to any and all laws dealing with transportation. If you do not know those laws you are subject to them unless you put Reservation of Rights above your signature.
o This is true of all contracts. Any portion of any contract that is not fully explained to the understanding of the individual signing said contract makes that contract null and void and unenforceable. It is to be treated in law as if it never existed.
AREA 51 & DULCE, NEW MEXICO NEW (04/29/2012)
• Parts of Area 51 are now empty and a couple of the others are empty. A lot of the stuff that was out there has been used in terms of moving them into tunnels, tunnel systems and underground bases. This was your top of the line technology reverse engineered from supposed ET craft that crashed. These things have been spread all over the country. The people who had the idea reverse engineering did so for two reasons:
1. Military superiority in terms of weaponry.
2. The advanced technologies would give them the capability of having all the electricity they wanted for as long as they wanted it kind of thing.
• The timeframe for this is 30-45 days from 8 April 2012.
• The arrests, taking into custody, sweep, and housecleaning, whatever you want to call it, will not come much lower than governor level, if that.
• President and Congress – 13th amendment will apply. If you are an agent in any way, form or shape, holding allegiance or gratitude to a foreign power, not only can you not hold citizenship, you cannot hold any office. You are not allowed to be here.
UPDATED (04/29/2012)
• He won’t be definitive about the arrests. There are the beginnings of the things which he has discussed on prior radio shows that have already transpired.
• Europe is going crazy. The reason they are going crazy is 2 reasons: they do not have the funds to back the currency known as the euro and they also have an extraordinary, staggering and impossible to pay back debt.
• A NORTHCOM maneuver is scheduled between May 2- 9 in 6 different states. Seeing military convoys wouldn’t be out of place since it is a training exercise however it could be the good guys putting their troops in place.
• The legalistics involved should be complete as of this past week. If not, the first of next week.
• Majority of the executive orders, if any, that can be used on a legal basis simply because they have not been done correctly.
• People need to start learning how these things work so they can take this down to the local level and tell their mayor no, nature does not clean up the leaves in the forest so there is no need for me to clean up the leaves in my yard as such. You are not sending locals workers over to do that for me and then charging me for the privilege. This goes to property rights.
• When certain people are in a position to do so, they will take a sweep. They will take all the people from behind the people you have in office – the financiers, people that have been being the document runners and people like that are all of a sudden going to disappear. After that sweep is made, they make sure they have all the records they need to prosecute these people. Then the people will be given the notification to go into a green light status. That means everyone will be notified about 24 hours ahead of the time you get to see people put away in handcuffs.
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
• Regarding the arrests: it will be soon and Drake will not give a date. The dates he has been given on anything have come directly from the military so he’ll let them deal with it. The federal government as we know it will cease to exist. Most of it is unnecessary and a lot of it is illegal.
• There will be some gun fights (the bad guys not wanting to be captured).
• Per Drake, if you have money in the bank everything will be zeroed out.
• Afterwards there will be a RV (re-evaluation) according to a combination of both personal and collateral accounts.
• The collateral accounts will try to attend to a combination of public works, making sure people have jobs, thing of this nature.
• The private accounts will be more attuned to making sure that the people who would bring out emergency food stuffs to people who don’t have any food have gas for their trucks and things of this nature
• The banks themselves, if they are not directly affiliated with the Federal Reserve or central banking system, will not be taken down.
• The re-evaluation is going to be a different type of value in terms of currency. We will be going from what we now know as a debt system to what will be known as equity system.
• You may be looking at 2-3 times the purchasing power you had with the Federal Reserve note. This means wages, costs, a lot of things are going to adjust.
• These things are predicated on two basis: direct valuation (means that things have a certain value) and to go along with this productivity in terms of what the individual people are capable of
doing and making sure they have the opportunity to do so. These are to see the basic needs of individuals.
• The currency of a country should be backed by some value.
• For people that have money in the bank (prior to everything being zeroed), consider purchasing gold and silver coins. By having $200-$300 worth of silver coins (called junk silver because they are 85% or more silver) you have a vendible currency that is always recognized.
• From Drake’s understanding, it will not take very long to change from the debit system to the value system.
• We will continue using the current currency and it will be phased out over time. Drake has not been told yet what the new currency will be. There will be a dead period that can be addressed with gold and silver coin. Get at least enough to last you basically a week in terms of your expenses (groceries, fuel, etc.).
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
• There are several things going on that people don’t know about. Several of those took place recently. One of those was the liens against the banking system in Europe. The interesting part about this is the legalities involved in this are basically set. There is a second and third part to that. The secondary part is coming in the near future but Drake is not certain exactly when and if he had the information he would refuse to give it out simply to protect the people doing it. The secondary part of this is causing the liens to become a warrant. The manner in which that is done is by requiring the bank, according to its charter, to pay its annual fee on the amount of the collateral accounts they have been using as collateral to maintain their operations. When that is done, the request for payment then becomes a warrant to the bank to produce their payment. When the bank cannot pay this, they are immediately referred to their bonding company. The bonding company then takes care of the problem whatever it may be. That is the system. The problem is that the bank cannot pay it. They don’t have that kind of collateral in gold which is the required payment. The bonding company doesn’t have it either so primarily you are looking at a bankruptcy. If a bank refuses to perform, in terms of reporting to its bonding company that there is some sort of serious problem, then that in and of itself is felonious and anyone who is involved with that bank can go to jail. If they do report to the bonding company, the bank is cleared of that. If the bonding company does not report back to the lien holder, that is also felonious and everyone associated can also be arrested.
• A 143 country consortium refuses to abide by the Rothschild banking system any further. They formed their own banking system.
• As these things transpire then these people, who are iffy at best, who did this on purpose in terms of our banking system, are being systematically singled out and that systematic singling out will come in the form of these arrests that everyone has been talking about. There will still be mass arrests also.
• You can expect a bank holiday when they zero out the funds so they can get rid of the bad guys. Then you will not have basic currency like we are used to and this is where the little bit of silver come in if you need it. Stock it up for a few days, maybe a week or two. Make sure you have some food. Make sure your medications are in order.
• Don’t be overly concerned. Drake’s understanding is the phones are going to work, the toilet will flush and some people can go to work and not worry about it.
BRIDGES NEW (04/29/2012)
• The dark cabal has drilled holes in the cement of the bridges to put explosives in. The good guys are still working at removing the explosives. There are a lot of bridges.
CHEMTRAILS NEW (04/29/2012)
• If we can’t get official action sometimes the people have to take action. Drake has made an issue of this through his contact chains and other people that they need to address this. Some things have been done but not nearly enough. Hopefully at some point you will start seeing fighter jets escorting these people to the ground or shooting them down or something of this nature.
• Is there any benefit to a chemtrail that we are unaware of? That depends what is in it. There are chemicals, mixes of things that can remedy most of the problems that those things have created. It can also clean the atmosphere and us. They can be beneficial if used correctly with the correct ingredients yes.
CHICAGO (NATO Meeting) NEW (04/29/2012)
• Doubt an evacuation will happen. Evacuating Chicago would be an extraordinary undertaking. The logistics do not fit. The areas around people will be sanitized and anyone questionable will get to take a trip, either voluntarily or with assistance.
• Black choppers are an intimidation and scare tactic.
• Bad guys no longer have a place to hide nor can they get off planet.
CHINA NEW (04/29/2012)
• Should we be concerned about people from China building here? Why aren’t we using people from the United States? Each individual nation will be responsible for their people. You will find that there will be a lack of capable people (people correctly trained) to handle infrastructure repair.
• Involves individuals, small towns, counties, things of this nature are going to become critical for two reasons:
1. Self survival, self preservation
2. The people will be seeing several different structural plans for a government in this country. It is going to be hinged on and primarily put together just a little differently but very similar to what we originally had. Drake’s understanding of the plan is two-fold:
 The federal government as everyone knows it now is going and the finances will be turned back to the treasury.
 The structural plans will be put on display at voting places for everyone to see with an explanation of what they are for/do. Individual nation-states will stand individually. There will be agreements between them per the Articles of Confederation.
 We will have a much more transparent government.
• Ammunition Purchases – Just because you say you are doing something does not necessarily mean it is happening. Would check to see if there is a contract along with payment that validates what you are saying.
• He has had dealings with both the White Knights and White Dragons.
• He is not a member of these groups at this time.
• There have been several Drakes popping up all over the place.
• If someone wishes to contract Drake, they may do so through www.freedomreigns.us
DRAKE’S COFFEE (Medicinal)
• He uses regular coffee but adds a few things.
• Makes 12 cups with filtered water. Uses 4 level scoops of Folder’s Dark Blend coffee. Flatten out the coffee so it is not heaped up.
• Ginger – it takes care of the acid feeling in your stomach that can occur from drinking coffee. Put enough in to speckle it a light yellowish color.
• Whole Ground Cloves – these are a pain reliever. Put enough in until it is speckled brown.
• Hyssop (can buy at a health food store) – sprinkle enough to sort of cover the prior ingredients.
• Red Clover – is a blood cleaner. Add a healthy pinch (equivalent of 1-2 blossoms and some leaves).
• Then make the coffee. The coffee will have a naturally sweet taste.
FARMERS NEW (04/29/2012)
• Two things will happen as this thing starts working itself out:
1. Re-emergence of manufacturing in this county.
2. The other general intention or focus is going to be on farming (see Localization).
• Will the $16 trillion of bailout money that went to the bankers’ pockets have to be paid back? Recently on Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock put out the report of all twelve central banks being leined. The deal with the leins is that the answer is yes. The central banks now have to pay back all of those funds that they obtained illegally. Basically the central banking system is getting ready to go bankrupt. Parts of it already have in Europe and other countries.
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
• The Federal Reserve, in terms of its collection branch known as the IRS, is supposed to last for a year. Drake has heard three different stories on this:
1. One is that they can close it down in a year’s time and get it straightened out. Drake feels this is wishful thinking.
2. The next one is a minimum of two years and they said that they may be able to do it in that period of time that they weren’t sure.
3. The last estimate was four years. This does not mean that this thing will be active in any way, shape or form during this period of time.
• There have been numerous resignations and arrests in Europe.
• In the U.S., banking officials decided to take extended foreign vacations instead of resigning. When this was discovered, some of the people have been stopped at the borders, their credentials checked, their passport was kept and they were told to go home.
• Since the current banking system can no longer take money from small foreign countries, they are limited to funds on hand. The funds on hand have been stolen, leveraged, borrowed and securitized away from what are called Collateral Global Accounts. This was without permission and illegal. These things are being addressed.
• The banks are responsible for paying this money back, not us.
• When the Fed goes here, so does the financial basis, backbone or support of most of the G20.
• All of the financial power, to include the reach anyone has in any capacity (corporate, government, whatever), is going to be reduced to having no value. The framework they operate in will be taken down (the basis for it which is money).
UPDATED (04/29/2012)
• Russia’s stock exchange is realigning some of what they are doing but the problem is a person by the name of George Soros. He couldn’t affect a direct takedown while he was in the country. Apparently there was an arrest warrant issued for him for financial terrorism. Russia shut down for self-protection.
• U.S. stock market is bogus in terms of its valuation. The actual valuation right now is around 6,000. Remember what happened to housing. The housing market today is basically at more of a true value then it has been in a lot of years. When a stock splits, they are diluting the value.
• Do not throw away your Federal Reserve notes. The re-evaluation will reinstate them on an equity basis so they will still have value.
• Drake is in the process of making some of his own.
• The technologies that have been repressed are going to be a part of the disclosure. The disclosures are going to be tremendous. Anyone that has had or has cancer will be treated in such a manner that they will no longer have it.
• Was in the works for 5 years. There is no documentary evidence concerning that, that anyone can come up with at this point.
• Documentation on it does exist and is hoping to preserve that in order to prosecute the people involved with it.
• Japan is unsafe to live in and this has not been told to the people.
• The radiation has spread to Europe. The problem is not radiation itself but the type of radiation.
• This was an extortion attempt and used an explosive device.
• Has been used for a combination of things. One is extraordinary weather (called weather wars). Other parts of it are earthquakes, tsunamis, extraordinary lacks in certain things (example: if you move the jet stream a certain way and a whole area goes dry).
• Foreclosed homes will be returned to the owner. People that have bought those homes will need to find a new one.
• The interest rate in terms of a mortgage is going to become a moot point. People may want to look what is occurring in Iceland.
1. Majority of what the central banking system was telling them was fraudulent. Iceland ruled that their debt was fraudulent and that the banks could pay their own debt.
2. Recently Iceland forgave all mortgages.
• You are your own creditor. Fact of the matter is that these things will be officially recognized and rectified. All federal taxes will disappear and as well as your mortgage.
UPDATED (04/29/2012)
• Strawman account is in our name and tied to our birth certificate. Specifically the strawman doesn’t exist and what it is is an equity issued according to your value. Generally it is around three billion dollars. This goes directly to the Fed in terms of valuation upon birth. You have to
remember that because of the fictitiousness of the origins of these actions, as goes to the corporate government, that
1. A corporation has no more right than Walmart or someone else to collect taxes and
2. They do not have the capability to lawfully operate as an entity where it regards a free people.
• The other part of this is that you have people losing their homes because they don’t understand that they are actually issuing the credit to the mortgage holders against themselves. In other words, you are worth X amount of money. If you sign a paper, there’s no transfer of funds. They go on a computer screen and change some numbers and that’s it. There is no value that moves.
• As to the issue of the credit, the individual does not owe but the banks do. This is a part of the reverse they put it to cause us to think certain things. People have been lead to believe that when you apply for a loan you are actually getting an intrinsic value when you’re not.
• As far as fighting that sort of thing, there are several places you can go. Put “knockoutcollectors.com” into your browser’s address bar (do not do a search) and you will come up with some answers. There are a whole lot of things in legalistics and legal terms that most average people are unaware of. Due to the bankruptcies that this country has had, we operate under what’s called the Unified Commercial Code (UCC). Everything is commerce.
• The strawman ideology: yes it does have some legal valuation, it does have some legal ramifications but using the UCC as an international law whereby all commerce is conducted within this field of a combination of understanding and enforcement, then everyone has to pay certain portions of bills when they are coming payable. It also outlines contracts – exactly their legal condition, and the manner in which you can sign one so they cannot say you agreed to the contract so this, this and this applies when it is not written anywhere in the contract.
• You use UCC 1-308 called Reservation of Rights. That means there is no implied contract. If you want to start some stuff and you’re paying federal taxes, put Reservation of Rights above your name when you sign something. It would be an idea for those who decide to do so to have a good lawyer.
• For people looking at buying a home at this time: make sure the deal is structured correctly, make sure that the property they are looking at to buy is comparable to valuations done on properties similar to it within that area.
• Most of the foreclosures have been ruled as fraudulent and the property is to either be returned or compensation made to the original owner. It may not be the best idea to invest in these things. The only entity that you are assisting when you do so is the bank itself.
ICELAND NEW (04/29/2012)
• Some of the information Drake has been given on Iceland is privileged and he has not been given authorization to discuss it.
• A certain amount of the mortgages have been forgiven according to where they were originated and the types of monies involved.
JUDGES NEW (04/29/2012)
• There are people in prison that shouldn’t be there because a judge had made a mistake. Drake suggests holding the judge personally responsible for incorrect application of the law. The record should be expunged (stricken from all records).
• On the website, www.freedomreigns.us, you will find a thing called Community Support. It provides a combination of both helping each other with simplistic things (if someone can’t do
something, you help them with it or if they need something, you may provide it). The other part of it is protection.
• Drake is not recommending violence. What he is recommending is for everyone to get their groups together and get a phone tree going. When you see something funky, call the sheriff.
• Have somebody who has time and the capability to keep an eye out and make sure they have a cell phone and a radio. It would be a good idea to advise all of the militias to put a scout, a recon, a lookout, whatever you want to call it out there with a radio and a cell phone. The call does this: they call for reinforcements, the reinforcements call the sheriff and they call up the phone tree for civilians. The militia is deployed to whatever the problem area is and these people are confronted.
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)
• The ideology is one person who is awake and the rest are not and you want to get a message out, go talk to someone it doesn’t matter who it is. Is there something that can be done that will benefit everyone that they probably would like to have taken care of? That can be anything … squeaky hinge, chipped steps, someone needs their grass mowed and can’t do it for themselves for whatever reason, go get it done. Could be as simple as a ride to the store.
• If you get a new washer and dryer, what do you do with the old ones? Do you have them cart them off or do you give them to a charity that gives out washers and dryers? Or give them to someone who needs replacements.
• Militias need to introduce themselves so they are known.
• What are you going to do to make sure that your local area it is also straightened out? If you don’t have a community working together, if you don’t have eyes and ears, how will you find out who is dirty and who is not dirty? It’s just that simple.
• The sheriff might be a great guy and he might have one deputy that is a little funky and no one has paid attention to it. The time is now to get those kinds of people out there. If they are doing something other than what they are supposed to be doing, they can’t be doing what they are supposed to be doing.
• States issues will need to be handled by individuals in that state. The same applies to your town or community. Unite and work together to take back your community. If you want freedom, you have to work for it.
• A lot of the convenience things that people are used to are not going to be readily available. It is going to be more of a regression or a turning back in time to an extent.
• If you can something correctly it can last 5-10 years and you won’t have any problem with it. Learning this is fairly easy. Go online and find out everything you need to know. How to prep the ground, how to can something, what you have to do it to can it and what you have to do if you want to preserve can it.
NOTE: These were questions that do not have a specific area.
• Social security, disability and military pensions will not be cut off.
• Mutual funds will be zeroed out and there will be a revaluation. Small investors will be compensated according to what they have invested. Most of the small people, to include business owners, will not be hurt by this revaluation. You will get something to what is called par value or some sort of direct exchange. So you will end up making money with the revaluation.
• There will be no commerce for a few days while the accounts are being zeroed out. Then there will be a revaluation.
• You will not see any cabal members and you are not likely to see any member of the bar Association in terms of holding any office or being able to ever again. This is one of the stipulations in terms of the 13th Amendment. The individuals are subject to lose their citizenship as well.
• Is Obama a good guy or bad guy? He might be a switch-a-Rooney.
• Drake says they have a combination of both internet stations as well as main stream media. These are ready to link in at the time that green light condition has been given. To tell if this is the real deal, it will be posted on the Freedom Reigns website. Information will be put out as to what channel to go to, to learn what has been done and to educate people according to what the differences are going to be.
• All of these actions are global. There are people working to set up information in the Freedom Reigns forums for countries outside the US.
• Food replicators are real and have been used since the 50s. They are not preprogrammed to make it taste like it’s supposed to and you are likely to get some really strange things.
• Political prisoners will be released if they are truly political prisoners and have not violated common law (injured part or injured property).
• Students in college will find that their education changes a bit because there is a problem with two things: history and factuality have been changed to suit a specific political and communist agenda. This will be righted and books will change.
MOLESTERS NEW (04/29/2012)
• Bogus charges are difficult to clear. If you have any physical evidence, save it. Any kind of jar will do for liquids.
• A molester living too close to schools, as Drake understands it, is forbidden under the sexual predator laws.
OPERATION GREEN LIGHT (24-hour advance notice) NEW (04/29/2012)
• Not valid! When the Green Light occurs it will be found on www.freedomreigns.us.
• If something is posted, do not make it viral until after confirming it through Freedom Reigns.
• Individuals will not be personally contacted when there is an alert. It will be posted on Freedom Reigns and they have compiled a list of various media sources who have asked to be contacted.
• When the Green Light is given, they (media sources) will help to let everyone know.
POLICE NEW (04/29/2012)
• Not all police are bad but there are some that are doing things like tazering people to death or being inappropriate taking people into custody.
• Make formal complaints to the state level law enforcement. What this does is this involves the FBI and other people directly in whatever transpired. It also causes the action to be investigated.
• If anyone has witnesses, etc., get their statements that they saw the police doing something that was not right.
• Do not assault the police.
• If people are just standing around and they arbitrarily pick someone, that needs to be radio recorded, that needs to be witnessed. At that point then the policeman is guilty of a crime.
• You do not have to abide by what would be called a police inquiry in the matter. You need to go down and file an affidavit that states or stipulates truth in a cause. That cause will go along with whatever arrest record or incident report that the police make. When you have substantial evidence to the contrary, especially video or pictures, when there is no reason for the action taken then that policeman can be held responsible for what they do.
RADIATION NEW (04/29/2012)
• The radiation and radiation levels are real. The problem with the reporting of it is that you cannot read the type of radiation with a standard Geiger counter. This is a different type of radioactivity in terms of the manner in which it presents itself in its physical manifestation.
• The radiation is at extraordinary high levels and it has already blanketed the United States and it is headed toward Europe and beginning to affect England at this point.
• There are things that can be sprayed through chemtrail applications that attend to these things it removes, it absorbs the radiation. Once the radiation is absorbed, there are biologics – small critters that eat atomic isotopes to neutralize them in the process.
UPDATED (05/06/2012)
• The technology for the Fukushima problem will be released with disclosure. Drake is not sure whether this technology will be part of the initial release or not.
• Certain elite Special Forces have been trained to hunt these things. The movie “Priest” shows this ideology.
• At a certain distance when they don’t know we are there, you can start popping them off. That is part of what is being done presently.
• If you see one, go back into the house. You don’t need to hide but keep a powerful weapon on hand just in case they decide to come to visit.
SPAIN NEW (04/29/2012)
• Spain has announced that they are going to a cashless society. Drake suggests people watch this situation simply because what happens there is going to give an idea as to what the adjustments they are looking for, in terms of making things right, is going to be or the manner in which the bad guys hide it. You can add France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and eventually the U.K. to the list of the people that are going to have financial problems. The shift is in progress but it does take some time to accomplish this.
• Good reference site that covers some of the information Drake discussed: http://humanityhealing.net/
• Drake assists with this site.
STATES (Connecting to Others) (NEW 05/06/2012)
• If you are interested in finding others in your state to connect with, the Freedom Reigns website has a way to connect here: http://frforum.freedomreigns.us/user/Discussions.aspx?id=338449. If your state is not listed, start a thread for your state.
STATES (Financial) NEW (04/29/2012)
• If states decide to have their own monetary system, Drake suggests that the American dollar be printed on one side and the state’s currency on the other. Then you have a national currency that just happens to be from that state. The problem is that some states have more wealth then others and it’s prohibitive to have an exchange rate between states.
STATES (Paperwork) NEW (04/29/2012)
• The list of states with paperwork not yet done can be found here: http://frforum.freedomreigns.us/user/Discussions.aspx?id=338446
• No idea when the Pope will step down but we will know about it when it happens.
• Everyone has heard of the scandals/problems within the church and those problems run to that particular individual. There are other things nastier than that that will come out that people will be shocked at.
UPDATED (04/29/2012)
• Drake doesn’t see the pope as being the center of attraction. According to the church doctrine, it states that the pope is the holy man directly in contact with Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ, stated in the book, is the intercessor between man and God. That doesn’t say anything about the pope.
• The pope is guilty of things that even go beyond pedophilia and other concerns that the church has.
• Drake suggests that the church should cleanse itself. This should be done by the membership. Not all church officials are dirty. The ones that are left after you clean house could be your new leadership and they should be watched closely. Anything funny reported, they should be changed for someone else.