Beware the Bearers of False Gifts: White Dragon Society, OPPT “One People’s Public Trust,” UN Swissindo, Mr. Sino King of Kings, etc. …

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This discussion is to talk about the content starting just after the 30:40 point through to the 59:00 point of the following Dutchsinse video:

[The title of this video is about what is covered in the first 30 minutes only, … After that point they start taking about OPPT, the White Dragon Society, Mr. Sino “King of Kings,” etc., and the roll out of free money to the world that’s

being proposed.]
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Recap of what was said in the above video:

First Dutch read to us the oath that was sent to him last October (2013), inviting his to become a member of their inner circle (OPPT “One People’s Public Trust,” White Dragon Society and Mr. Sino, etc,)

I did not reprint that oath here. (listen to it just after the 30:40 minute point of the above video if you want to hear what it said).
– but basically it gave said that everyone who joins their club becomes “the new elite” and will be deemed above the law in that realm – We the People are not included in this inner circle, which is:
The same pyramid of power scheme that we have now, no?)

Dutch’s research findings concerning the
History of the White Dragon Society
(Do your own research if you care to check his facts).

The White Dragon Society:

… popped up [was first heard of] back around 2009-2010 (very recently!)
They claim to have a 200 million man army.
Before it was the White Dragon Society, it was the Black Dragon Society (They changed the name from Black to White Dragon).

The Black Dragon Society:

… is a Japanese paramilitary organization from the time of WWII that was instrumental in the support of Emperor Hirohito (of Japan), and was influential over Hitler (of Germany).
… in the time of WWII held fight to the death competitions (the competitors were the Black Ninjas, or Black Dragons).
The Black Dragon Society has also been shown in multiple movies:
Enter the Dragon, 1973 – starring Bruce Lee. *This is the movie Bruce was doing when he died his mysterious death (was assassinated?). Movie plot: Bruce Lee goes to an island where there is an evil karate instructor who is leading an organization where he is having corrupt fight to the death tournaments. Behind the whole thing is a heroin operation that is being run underground (below the surface of the island).
James Bond: Dr. No, 1963 – starring Sean Connery. Movie plot: Another evil villain on an island hosting illegal competitions where James Bond is fighting to the death. And Dr. No is financed by the same thing: heroin.
The Crow, starring Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son!) Brandon Lee was also mysteriously killed (assassinated?) while filming the movie The Crow. Article: Bruce Lee’s Son, Brandon, Killed in Movie Accident Movie plot: Again, the main portion behind that movie is white powder heroin. Another thing they showed in the movie was the sick girlfriend of the movie’s evil character in the shower with a tattoo on her back of a Black Dragon.
The Black Dragon Society was around for several hundred years – for a very long time, enough that legends had been formed around them. When you see these Black Ninjas. most likely they’re coming from the Black Dragon and sometimes (when Ninjas are depicted) you even see the Black Dragon.
Before this organization was called the Black Dragon Society, it was called the Green Dragon Society.

The Green Dragon Society:

The “Boston Tea Party” – Boston, Massachusetts (December 16, 1773)
White Anglo-Saxons dressed up as Indians (now called Native Americans) to throw shipments of tea off of British ships docked in Boston Harbor.
These White Anglo-Saxons were all Free Masons – every one of then that dressed up was a Free Mason.
These Free Masons met at a local tavern called “The Green Dragon Tavern” to make their “Tea Party” plans. – This tavern is famous and is still there in Boston.
It was the Boston Tea Party that instigated the 1776 US Revolution against Great Britain.
This was the First False Flag Attack, where Native American Indians were set up as the culprits for something that instigated a war.
So, the Dragon Society was behind all of the major wars that our country has been involved in:
The US Revolutionary War
You could say there were several other wars that were very influential during that time period that may need to be looked into. Dutch verified information about the above named major wars in US history, and provided links below his video (on youtube) detailing his sources.
The Green Dragon Society goes all the way back (thousands of years) to the first Dragon Society, which was originally called the Red Dragon Society.

The Red Dragon Society:

This is the Famous Chinese Red Dragon Society that we’ve heard about “in every legend ever” (Dutch’s words, not mine).

In chronological order:
The Red Dragons, morphed into
The Green Dragons, who morphed into
The Black Dragons, who morphed into
The White Dragons, who claim to have a 200 Million Man Army.

Dutchsinse quote:

Did I just say Red, Green, Black and White, and 200 Million all in the same sentence?
That’s Revelations, guys!

Dutchsinse suggests that somebody (the Dragon Society) is trying to enact Revelations. He goes on to say that it’s BS of course – someone is enacting it like a script, but here they are: The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse (are being represented as the 4 Dragons).

Next is a reprint of the text from a video that they (the White Dragon Society) put out, where they refer to this Mr. Sino as “King of Kings.”

(Dutch plays this video of theirs at the 40:00 point of his video, embedded above in this discussion).

My (Jamie) comments are interspersed with the quoted text, appearing [in brackets].

A Female narrator is talking:

Have you ever had the feeling that everything you thought you knew was a lie? Everything from history, science, government, banking, money, law, economics, farming, energy production, water treatment, health care, even spirituality.

As we awaken to truth, we’re realizing that beneficial information in all these areas has been suppressed and revised, in order to keep us enslaved and dependent upon a corrupt debt based system we can never pay off.

Run by several private families, corrupt banksters invest in global wars to perpetuate the debt, control essential resources, and heap up value for themselves.

We are at the point of a planetary shift – We all know it. We feel it, a tipping point.

The low vibration of evil seems to be increasing, but in actuality the higher vibration of light is increasing at a much faster pace. The matrix of darkness is deconstructing, and we are realizing that we have the potential within us to bring about the needed change.

The old perpetuated slavery system was created with the soul intention of controlling people through various methods such as fictitious money systems, water, food, and chemicals to name a few.

In the old system the few were the benefactors of all the Earth’s resources, at the expense of the people.

But together we are building a bridge from the old fictitious system to a new one (!)

[Jamie Comment:
Here, the inflection in her voice made it sound like it was the end of the sentence – like an exclamation (!)
“together we are building a bridge from the old fictitious system to a new one”
To a new what? A new fictitious system, of course!!!]

Female voiced narrative continued:

… based upon entrusting Earth’s resources back to the people. To allow the people to create and bring to light their visions and projects, in adherance to universal common law.

The ability for each individual to express his or her creativity depends not only on the freedom to do so, but the financing as well. Thankfully, now there is a solution.

As of April 2013, with the assistance of K681, King of Kings Mr. Sino AS, Global Development Exhibit AB, Payments One through Elevin, have been released for distribution, back to the people of the world.

Based on population, nations of the world will receive value due their people.
– The United States of America, for example, receives on guadrillion nine hundred sixtyfive trillion dollars.
– Canada receives two hundred and nine trillion, four hundred and ninetyfive billion, five hundred twenty million dollars.

[Jamie Comment:
There is no such thing as a free lunch
– Nothing is ever for Nothing.]

Female voiced narrative continued:

What this means is that your energy or value as a human being on this planet that has been previously traded on the stock market, stolen by governments, banksters, and greedy corporations is being returned.

Together we are building a bridge from the old debt based paradigm to a free society, where we can all live a life of freedom, abundance and hope.

Healing and rebuilding can begin. It starts with the seeds of creative thought, which blossom into dreams, which glow into the fruit of reality.

Once the world debt system has lost its grip on us, we can freely exchange information and bring forth solutions. Working as teams, using our individual skillsets, we can develop lifegiving energy flows in every area of society. Instead of buying goods and services, we pay them forward.

What was once only a dream for a free society can now become a reality.

End of that canned message from OPPT, the White Dragon Society, Mr. Sino, etc. …

Dutchsinse points out that there are many
other videos put out by these same people
where they keep talking about guiding our “Democracy”

The US was NOT founded as a Democracy!

Blog, detailing the differences between
a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic:…

Democracy vs. Republic – Do you know the difference?
– Aaron Russo / Alex Jones

Uploaded on Mar 25, 2011 by acfacts

My (Jamie) research follows:

In looking for a video that only contained the above quoted female voiced message, I never did find one.
… But I did find this other video:

Published on Mar 12, 2014

I only gave a link to that vid (as opposed to embedding it here), since what I really wanted to show is that these supposed payments are said to be coming from an organization called “SWISSINDO”

So, who or what is SWISSINDO?

I looked it up, and this is what I found:

This organization is also called UN Swissindo!

Refer to the following two videos, which are also making similar promises as the above. I did not embed these videos here either, since I mainly just want to show (based on their titles) that Swissindo is also known as UN Swissindo.

UN SwissIndo presents THE OPPORTUNITY
Published on Nov 7, 2013

Basic income for all people – UN SWISSINDO
Published on Feb 2, 2014

UN Swissindo? (UN?) As in United Nations?
(UN Agenda 21?, New World Order?)

Further investigation brought me to this next vid.
I have no idea who this woman is – This is the first time I have ever seen anything from her before now. I’m posting the following 2 videos, since this lady seems to have done extensive investigation and research on the topic.
– Her findings are very interesting!


Published on Mar 13, 2014 by Shieena Living Waters

Next: the documentation she mentioned in the above video.
(Make Full Screen to better read the documents)
This is a “must see” video!


Published on Mar 16, 2014 by Shieena Living Waters

Screen print from above video:

Since the Dutchsinse “They offered me the world” video was again mentioned by the lady who did these last two videos, I am also embedding that Dutchsinse video here below for everyone to see:

10/12/2013 — They offered me the world…

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