THIS IS A MUST HEAR!!!!!!!!!! Dutchinse shows proof that ALL of these typhoons and storms came out of microwave pulses and are backed up by scientific data regarding Yolanda or Haiyan.

OK – so here is this Dr. Lagmay’s response on manipulating weather; “I have heard discussions on climate engineering – there are research projects to see if it is possible to inject aerosols and so forth into the air.”  My question is this.  If you are going to call someone onto a program to counter Dutchinse’ claims on climate engineering related events, then why would you call in this guy who claims he has “heard discussions?”  Wouldn’t you expect to be chatting with someone who has participated in these discussions, read and researched the topics regarding these so called discussions?  Did he “hear” them on a youtube video or what?  Or are we just pulling someone off of the street to canvas these questions because the government continues to see us all as a bunch of idiots…COME ON FOLKS!!!  He brings up aerosols testings as some sort of major research project.  Does anyone remember the whole aerosol thing back in the ’70’s?  Is this just a bit dated?  And who did “they” blame the aerosol poisoning and ozone depletion on?  The cars, air conditioners, and hair spray and paint spray cans so that they could enforce new laws that required all news products and packaging to be required?  They could give a s***  about the environment.  Their god is money and oppression.  Let’s not look solely at the shift away from aerosol cans but what propellants did we move to that were “safer” for the planet.

He goes on to say that “the project was shut down by the government due to complaints,” so then you need to ask yourself did they really?  Who is out there to police this?

Then he goes onto say that this “climate control conspiracy theory has yet to be proven well.”  So is that not saying that it has been proven somewhat?

When he discussed the possibilities of a microwave pulse, isn’t it logical to assume that if we can heat and boil things in an actual microwave, can we not focus that energy to shoot a microwave pulse to a specific target???

I could keep going but my last statement is this…who is this guy anyway?  What position of “authority” does this Lagmay really have?  What are his credentials to dispute Dutchsinse?  When are we going to demand that someone who has undisputed knowledge step up and counter claim Dutchsinse’s claims?

Whoever reads this, please pass this onto Dutchsinse and tell him we need to do a radio show!!!-A.M.

“Weather Modification 101” = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News (ANC)