This really touched me….

Alien or Angel on Mars PhotoThere are a special chosen few who come to Earth God’s work to do. We have chosen the very best who have to pass life’s hardest test. The road they walk is hard and long, to the Angel Kingdom they belong. Their apprenticeship takes many years so they may understand your tears. Through many trials they prove their grit, through sunny smiles you see their wit. They touch your lives in many ways, with encouragement in a loving gaze, with a gentle touch upon your arm, channelling through God’s healing balm. As sensitives they feel your pain with never a thought of personal gain. They send out love into the world while unseen wings are gently furled. Please cherish those who come your way for it is not their path on Earth to stay. When their work on Earth is done, back to the Angel world they come into the realms of joy and peace where prayers of love will never cease.

Take comfort and know that we both shall meet; on a distant shore your soul I’ll greet. You’ll look into my eyes and see that we’ve fulfilled our destiny.