Earth First Journal

from the Earth First! Newswire

The Journal Crew is on the road, and we would love to see you! Our stops over the next week are:

June 3-Quilcene, WA
at The Theater
7 PM

June 4-Portland, OR
at Cider Riot
807 NE Couch St
6:30 PM

June 5-Eugene, OR
at The Campbell Club
1670 Alder St
7 PM

June 6-Williams, OR
at Sugarloaf
206 Tetherow
7 PM

June 7-Arcata, CA
at Outer Space
1100 M Street
7:30 PM

June 8-Chico, CA
at Blackbird
1431 Park Ave
7 PM

June 9-Berkeley
at East Bay Media Center
1939 Addison St.
6 PM