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“The further one goes, the less one knows.” – Lao Tzu

As some of you know, I have been having UFO encounters for ‘a few years’; possibly, my entire life. I have been asked to write about these experiences and I have always either deferred or politely said, “no”. It’s not that I want to be rude or mysterious, but how the heck do I relate the experience to someone else when I barely understand it myself?

astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsYet lately, something—some indescribable something—has been fooling around with my life to the point I can not keep moving in the same direction. Every time I set my life on a new course, I seem to come right back to where I last left off. It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone where the streets have all changed, everyone’s name is different, and the beginning is the end—it would almost be fun if I could get past all the misdirection, potholes, and surprised looks.

I start this month’s article on UFOs as there is no way I can continue to write strictly on the subject of astrology. I can no longer narrow myself down to a simple description or self-definition without offending my new universal, ‘Age of Aquarius’ sensibilities. I don’t think very many people can anymore. As we wake up en masse and start removing the silly labels and uniforms Big Daddy was asking us to wear, we begin to ask, “What the heck were we thinking?”

In so doing, we appear to have attracted the attention of our galactic neighbors. They’ve noticed we’re working out who we really are, and becoming more responsible on a planetary level. We’re throwing off the outmoded, top-down approach to social governing where the few rule the many; and, as more and more of us demonstrate the maturity of living in collective harmony, the more they become interested in us.

We are growing up. We are taking global responsibility for ourselves, our feelings and thoughts, and how we are all connected to one another—every woman, man, plant, and animal. We have a new planetary principle: unity. Yes!

It sure beats the last one, doesn’t it? Who came up with ‘it’s a dog-eat-dog world’, anyway? How did they ever get us to go along with that one? It’s easy to understand why this planet has been under quarantine with an attitude like that.

I believe the UFOs are here to help our spiritual evolution now that we are taking out first steps in joining the greater, galactic civilization. As a result, I will continue to chronicle Earth’s astro-events, but from a much bigger perspective. I have to let myself continue to grow beyond the bounds of the old world’s box and write my passions—love, creativity, empathy, and hope.

If I can continue to bring any of that to your life—our life—I will consider my time well spent.

~ Cue X-Files Theme Music ~

Let me cut the suspense by saying that I have never had a face-to-face encounter with an extraterrestrial being. I think. From some of my disjointed, early childhood memories, I have begun to suspect I (we) have never been alone; but, I’ll leave it at that for now.

Also, I am going to save the full description of how my recent UFO experiences began for a future, lengthier post. My initial contact hints at the nature of cross-world communication, and I believe it should be the focus of its own article. All I’m going to say for now is that I asked for this other-worldly experience.

One of the most interesting things any person has ever said to me in my forty-six years on planet Earth is, “If you want to have an encounter with a UFO, build a landing pad in your backyard.”

I can say for a fact that this is true; though, I never built a landing pad in physical space. A few years ago I asked our star-friends for help in understanding them, who we are, and our planet’s place in the big picture.

They answered.

And that’s the point, really: it’s all about our intent.

We cannot have a focus for too long without coming to terms with our honesty. If there’s one thing we learned as children, it’s that we can’t ask for things we don’t really believe in. They just don’t happen. It’s not possible to lie to ourselves and still create a reality with any integrity—it all just falls apart.

Once we begin to become whole, we connect with our celestial neighbors. As we unite our minds, we unite with the rest of the universe. It’s the nature of the things. The separation between us and the ETs was just an illusion, anyway.

I am still putting together what this all means as I am quite mind-blown by their reply. However, now that I know how they are communicating with us, it makes it so much easier to hear what they have to say. It’s just that I had some growing up to do so before I could hear them.

Again, I’ll leave the actual communication method for later as I find it difficult to describe in a few words and I need to get on with the rest of this article. Suffice it to say a person can’t see a flying, silver cigar tube disappear in front of their eyes and still keep watching CNN like nothing happened. Not without needing an hourly tranquilizer.

Not in my experience.

~ Sun in Pisces ~

As the Sun moves into Pisces, I am reminded of the great cosmic ocean and how our Piscean sisters and brothers are so at home in it. Do you see Universal Love like they do? Or, are you mired in personal depression and social hopelessness?

This world has been bent and twisted so that even trying to make a difference can seem overwhelming; yet a Pisces will be the first one to say that everything is going to OK. As the last sign in the Great Cycle of Life, they have seen the end and they know it all works out.

If you have ever spent time with a Pisces, the first thing you notice is how at peace they are with things. Quite often they rarely speak as they are true empaths and know the folly of using words to describe natural beauty. Wonder and grace are to be felt, not intellectualized.

This sign has mastered the watery realm of feeling—or in the process of it—and we should be mindful of those lessons. The Heart is an awfully big place; we can either embrace it’s majesty, or get lost in it. The choice is ours.

I would encourage everyone to get outdoors this month and take in a river, a stream, a waterfall, or an ocean. The breathtaking splendor of Nature when Water plays with Earth should not be missed. At least jump in some puddles and remember that it’s all about the experience of the moment.

~ Full Moon in Virgo, February 25th ~

The Moon goes full in Virgo this month filling us up with a lot of loving, Earth-momma energy. I appreciate this particular transit so much, I get a bit goofy when it happens. It’s like the Goddess steps in and says enough of all the Masculine hoopla! Let’s get jiggy with the Feminine!

If you are out dancing under the Full Moon on this night, really embrace the female experience. Let it come out of every pore. There’s nothing quite like women taking their power back—people feel safer and more relaxed, things slow down to a more natural rhythm, and mountains move. Hallelujah, Big Momma!

For those of us who have had emotional issues on the back-burner, now’s the time to get cooking again. Remember, not only is Virgo a Goddess of Love, but She loves to tell everyone about it. So, let’s ease off on all that inner contemplation hoohah, do a little early spring cleaning at home, and make room for company.

While we’re at it, let’s make it a feast and invite everyone over for an impromptu banquet. We can show off our chef skills, sing to the Moon, dance at Her feet, and shake off those winter blues. We all just learned that we are not insignificant cogs in the machine, we are Love. Why not live it?

To further the point, Venus enters Pisces on the same, full-moon day.

Love comes easy to Pisces. Finding spirituality in that love? Even more so. Pisces is the only sign I know, surpassing even a Sagittarius, that can talk about spiritual matters all night and just be warming up on the subject.

The last Monday of February would be a great night for discussing philosophy with a group of friends, or, perhaps, with that special someone. Just pull back before trying to convert the neighbors.

~ The Red Planet enters Aries ~

Mars moves into its home sign of Aries around the middle of March. He’ll balance out a lot of the month’s misty, female energy. We may be feeling a bit emotionally waterlogged at times with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron all in Pisces; Mars in Aries will nicely offset all that watery stuff.

The waters of Pisces tend to pool, yet we can use the ambitious, drive of Mars to heat things up and get that water moving again. Mars will help us keep it real by making sure we put our dreamy aspirations in motion. You know, give us a bit of direction while we’re out floating around in the Great Sea.

It may help to visualize a Ying-yang symbol made of Fire and Water to help ride out the month’s energetic wave. These two elements don’t naturally mix, but they still compliment each other. Picture a rolling ball of flame chasing ocean-breakers all wrapped up in a swirling, steamy, perpetual dance.

These elements cannot directly touch one another so they will always circle each other constantly looking for the opportunity of union. We could power cities with all that frenetic movement. The trick is not to let one element outshine the other; likewise, we need to respect the power of our own male and female parts, and find the balance.

~ Mercury Retrograde in Pisces ~

Mkay, I’m a-gonna burst a bit of a bubble this Mercury retrograde cycle. I’m tired of people running for the astrological hills every time this occurs; so, please, forgive me.

We need to realize that Mercury moves backwards through the sky three or four times a year. It has been going on since each of us were born. Think of all the times this planetary aspect has happened and we had no idea it was even going on. The sky didn’t fall, did it?

So, please, everyone just calm down. Simply because Mercury (the planet of thoughts, travel, and communication) goes retrograde does not mean our computers could blow up every few months. Or that things will get lost on the mail. Or every contract that gets signed will end up in court. When this quick-moving planet starts to move backwards, we need to watch what sign it is in before packing up the kids, some vittles, and the kitchen sink.

In the above conditions, if Mercury was retrograde in Gemini? Yeah, maybe those things could happen as that sign is all about ideas, changing identities, and intercommunication. Maybe.

This month, though, it is in mystical Pisces. It means we are in for a period of spiritual review until the beginning of April. In fact, the next two Mercury retrograde cycles will also be in water signs which makes me think there will be a lot of emotional issues coming up for everyone this year.

This month will be like a cosmic version of “This is your Life!” but without the applause and fabulous prizes. It’s time to have a good look at where our hearts and dreams have been, and where we feel we are going next. In other words, more of that emotional back-burner stuff with a new surprise guest every season or so.

By now, the spiritual theme of the year might be obvious to some people. The stars, as well, say it’s time to check last year’s (last age’s) quasi-religious notions at the door, allow for a fresh perspective, and mediate on who we really want to be. Who we are in this moment. Or, perhaps, who we have always been.

Enlightenment is just a breath away—if it hasn’t been working for you, take a bigger breath.

~ Swimming in an Ocean of Love ~

The song I have chosen for the month is ‘Making Contact’ by Bruce Cockburn. This man has it down: it’s all about going with the cosmic flow…and making a difference.

As we step into the future of the human race, I think it’s important to put first things first; and that’s seeing ourselves as One with the rest of the Universe. So, pull out that beach chair, your big, floppy hat, put your feet up, and enjoy!

Mai Tai, anyone?

Blessed Be,


~ A personal note for my Readers ~

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** I apologize for the delay on this article. I was in a car accident many years ago and there have always been complications because of it. Lately, what was becoming normal, day-to-day back pain flared up into a pinched nerve and caused such anguish, I could barely sit up, let alone type away for hours at my keyboard.

It really put me in touch with what was important in my life; like, if I only had so much time to do things, only so much time to be at my computer, then what would I do what that time?

So, I have been resting, exercising, meditating, eating better, focusing on our sky-friends, and writing about this whole unity thing. Understandably, I am going through a lot of deep transformations, at the moment; and, as a spiritual being, I take those changes with a certain degree of solemnity. I will always try and get my articles out to you as the Sun passes into the next sign, but there may be cosmic delays.

My most funky best to each one of you. I hope your own transformations are going well and beyond your own expectations. *smooch*