Published on Jun 30, 2018


Learn how to make your own medicine at home with Medicine 101 (Avoid Big Pharma, Costly Doctor Bills, and become healthier):… Learn Alternatives to Dentists, avoid Dental Bills and developing healthier teeth and gums:… Show Description: Part 1: Author, Researcher & Activist, Elana Freeland, joins the program to discuss her extensive research and her latest book, “Under an Ionized Sky”. She explains the Rings that have been developing around Earth and how Lockheed Martin’s Space Fence is being developed into a complete World Wide Control Grid. You can see more of Elana Freeland and purchase her book at Elana Freeland answers more questions for my Patreons at FREEBIES Mentioned: FREE Lifetime Membership to GreenFlower and receive 100’s of free cannabis videos and information at… FREE 7 Day Sugar Challenge:… FREE Candida Summit (July 9-July 15):… FREE Month Grow Network Membership:… Thank you for listening and for supporting the show!