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Post Election Healing Meditation Tonight

Teleconference Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:00pm PT

Tonight we gather on the weekly teleconference call for a Healing Meditation for our individual and the collective consciousness after the divisiveness of the election. Regardless of whether the candidate you supported won or not, or whether you choose to take a stand and not vote for the lesser of two evils, we, the LightWorkers, can now assist the Collective Conciousness to recalibrate to the Highest Frequency of this Initiation.

Ashli will begin with 15 minutes of open conversation to allow feelings to be expressed. We will then proceed to the Healing Negative Influences process and move into the teaching and Healing Meditation for the evening. Afterwards there will be time for questions or sharing.

There are still free Heart Hugs scholarships available for tonight’s call and if you are able to support Ashli holding space there are donation options from $1 to $20. If anyone is drawn to be part of the evening and the Heart Hug scholarships are filled by the time you go to register, send Ashli an email at by 4pm PT and she will provide you with a scholarship. The cuttoff time is 4pm as Ashli then goes into meditation preparation for the Conference Call and does not check emails after that time.

WE are the change we’ve been waiting for.

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Wednesday November 9th – Post Election Healing Meditation
Wednesday November 16th – Self Mastery Meditation
Wednesday November 23rd – Free Gratitude Teleconference


You continue to amaze us with your commitment not only to helping out at the ranch in whatever mode of necessity that is called for, yet still continue to hold sacred space (and grace) by honoring your commitment to follow through with these weekly sessions! We all are amazed with the multidimensional frequencies that you channel and guide us into experiencing for ourselves. Last night in particular was incredible… the 11D contact continues to become more familiar; and the raising our vibration to 5D was awesome! I truly feel that your work is loving and pure and helps all of us hold a frequency of NO FEAR! Thank you and the TEAM for sharing important insights into the upcoming shifts and how we can be prepared to go with the flow! Looking forward to our next encounter.

I love you and have deep gratitude and appreciation, Cass

You are such a natural – you shed light on the darkness. We all felt more peaceful clear and secure – you raising our consciousness in this way is truly your gift to share – Cathryn

Aloha Dear One. Thank you so much for everything you are doing and the space you are holding and co-creating with everyone. Linda

I want to thank you so much for that beautiful and inspiring meditation tonight. – BG