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“JamesG” ecetiwebmaster

ECETI Skywatch

james_gilliland1It was another amazing weekend at ECETI. The ships were flying overhead as usual some signaling back and on Friday there was an amazing display of Aurora Borealis. The previous week was phenomenal with over 50 ships appearing in less than 30 minutes with mother ships and smaller ones darting about. The X and M class flares are really lighting up the planet. These incoming energies are creating change on every level. The Earth is expanding getting ready to give birth to a whole new world yet like all births there are birthing pains. As the old system and relationships to each other on every level go through these changes it is not always easy or fun yet once we surrender and let go a new life emerges. Sitting around the campfire Saturday night with two beautiful women with the voices of angels was a real heart opening. I really became clear on what I want for my own future. The old Earth with its power struggles, manipulations, deceptions and unhealed expressions has no place in my life. The fear, competition, selfishness, lack of love, compassion and unconscious actions find no participation, they too can no longer be a part of my life or the new Earth. We are in the middle of a grand awakening, a phasing out of the old ways the old Earth and the phasing in of the new one. There are multiple Earths, multiple time lines, now is the time to choose. The awakening and healing process is in high gear. We have to flow with these changes, match the frequency of the new Earth. She is ascending, we must align ourselves with universal law, learn our lessons so as not to repeat them and align with soul and spirit if we are going to have a future with the new Earth. The battle between the wounded insecure ego and the soul and spirit is coming to an end. People are choosing to heal and release the past or repeat it. Either choice is being amplified. The path to ascension living in harmony with each other and nature in service to the Creator in all Creation, the upward spiral or refusing to heal, align with soul and spirit and relive the past in a false security resulting in a downward spiral what we call the great train wreck. Choice and free will are always supported yet choices and actions have reactions. Universal Law is pressing hard upon the Earth, the higher dimensions of self are also coming in backed by immeasurable higher consciousness and energy. Souls are being activated some remembering they are from the higher realms with the memories of what it means to live a life of love, joy, bliss, abundance all within unity consciousness. That is the destiny of Earth. What we hold and focus upon will be our future. Even worry is a form of prayer.

“We are what we think, all that we are arises in our thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world.”

Yet never forget there are others out there thinking and creating that may not agree with you. Be well.