As many of you know, the ancient and mystical history of Egypt stirs an excitement within the Spiritual Community. It was a time when the belief that "man contained the seed of the Divine" was accepted and direct communication with the gods was commonplace. Ancient Mystery Schools were revered and much wisdom and healing were attained through reiki, astrology, crystals and aromatherapy. Our deep Egyptian roots relate to an unquenchable desire to explore the philosophies behind enlightenment and higher states of consciousness.

The time of Isis, Osiris and Horus not only impacted our collective DNA but affected us deeply with our spiritual walk as well as our pursuance of truth. The similarities between Horus and Jesus are uncanny, where Jesus' reference as "the chief cornerstone", or top stone of an Egyptian pyramid is identical to the symbols associated with Horus. Both were born of virgins, carried out of their cities to escape death, and incessantly presented within the trinity. To mention just a few... the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the Karnak Temple where Mother Sekhmet's statue stands, the Temple of Abydos (considered to be one of THE most powerful energetic centers on the planet) and the temple of Philae where Isis makes herself present; these are just a handful of sites that reveal the fascinating mysteries of this time period. It is truly a place that deserves exploration and contemplation on our path to enlightenment.

I was fortuitous in making a connection with one of the very few experts in plant oils and aromatherapists in Egypt who grew up in the vicinity of the Giza Pyramids, lived in The Sinai for some time, and calls himself "a healer of the heart". His oils come from a 5-generationfamily business who consider these oils to be sacred. They are pure, organic, and contain no chemicals.

Truly, it gives me great pleasure the share some of my newest alchemical concoctions incorporating these beautiful sensations! They smell absolutely Divine and also include my Violet Ray Galactic Essence encoded formulas as well! Here are the remedies that Creator worked through me. When I asked how I could assist our Light Community through this epoch of change, challenge and upheaval, this is what I was instructed to create for all of you.

It is from my heart to yours as always...
When I asked Creator about the matrix, I was informed that the programming of the body was the most significant issue to remove for freeing us for ascension. This assists us in easing away from the matrix patterns. Includes the scent of Gardenia.
10ml bottle - $44
It is crucial that our bodies accept and receive the planetary work that is being done for us every day freely by Creator. This aids in that process. Includes the scent of Acacia, amongst others.
10ml bottle - $44
Due to the overwhelming bombardment of new light codes and universal frequencies, our bodies need support to stay up with the ascension process. Includes oils such as Papyrus and Royal Amber, and others.
10ml bottle - $44
Many are struggling, because of the sudden realizations and constant encountering of world distortions, from severe pain and suffering upon their fields and minds today. This formula was created to ease our genuine desire to assist the ailing world, and all who suffer, by creating concise boundaries and healthy independence. Includes oils such as Papyrus and Royal Amber with the scent of Lily of the Vally, amongst others.
10ml bottle - $44
Another side-effect in becoming unplugged from this matrix is erratic sleep patterns. An increase in mind control programs aimed during our sleep time hours has taken its toll on many of us as well. This assists in relaxation and aids you in releasing density that keeps you bogged down. Includes sacred oils such as Spikenard and Orange Blossom.
10ml bottle - $44
Change of this magnitude is stressing us out. As we continue to shift into new horizons, this formula supports integration of new realizations, thoughts, ideas, and more. Includes sacred oils such as Heliotrope, Lilac and Royal Amber.
10ml bottle - $44
It is very easy to get distracted with all of the information bombarding us now.This formula helps you focus your field on what is waiting for you on the other side! Includes sacred oils such as Gardenia, Attar of Rose and Jasmine. Another side-effect in becoming unplugged from this matrix is erratic sleep patterns. An increase in mind control programs aimed during our sleep time hours has taken its toll on many of us as well. This assists in relaxation and aids you in releasing density that keeps you bogged down. Includes sacred oils such as Spikenard and Orange Blossom.
10ml bottle - $44
This is a formula that brings forth stillness and peace. Great for meditation and ceremony work as well. Includes sacred oils such as Lotus with the scent of Orange Blossom, amongst others.
10ml bottle - $44
This formula supports better connection with Creator as well as your Guides and Teachers. Assists you in remaining in the here and now and embracing life instead of avoiding it. Includes sacred oils such as Arabian Nights and Royal Amber, amongst others.
10ml bottle - $44
This formula uplifts and brings in more joy and buoyancy. It is so important to remain steadfast and hold moments of bliss as much as possible. This also assists in holding the vibration you desire to ascend toward. Includes sacred oils such as Lotus with a scent of Orange Blossom and Attar of Rose amongst others.
10ml bottle - $44
Purchase all ten bottles (10ml) of these heavenly-smelling oils and receive a 10% discount.
The remedies are packed with a multitude of sacred oils as well as Alexandra's alchemy. You can wear them as a perfume and rub them as usual on the back of your neck, over your heart and solar plexus and on the balls of your feet.
Egyptian Oils Full Range
* Please note that some of the oils leave a little bit of a sticky residue because they are so pure
Hi Alexandra!

Took the egyptian oil for sleep last night and had lucid dream on board a ship. Woke up at 3 in the night back to the ship and woke 0600 again. Wrote it down. Got a nice calm space from the oil and felt so fresh in the morning. I have had many contact experiences since the 80 ties and many lucid Dreams on ships in my life. I was told that the war is almost over. Met with angels. Thank you for the oils. I Will buy more.

The missing oil came today. Thank you very much.

I wanted to tell you that I had a very interesting experience last night after I put all four oils on. I went to sleep and I could feel and see all this darkness leaving me. Not sure what that was but it was very healing. Please share this with Alexandra.

These are very powerful oils.

Dear Alexandra~
Just a note to express my delight when at the very moment I ordered the first of the Egyptian Oils today, I received the most beautiful Blessing on and within my Body and Soul
-Thank you for your Exquisiteness-

With Love of course!

Thank you for your willingness and interest to take a galactic leap in consciousness with our Divine Creator and me!

I am grateful and honored to be Prime Creator's conduit for these alchemical oils. I feel you will enjoy them as much as I have, for they have advanced my life tremendously and that is my intention for you as well!

With love

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Thank you


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