Emery Smith’s Dangerous Fight in the CURE for CANCER Disclosure [CITD 2018]

Jun 15, 2018

Since coming out in Nov. 2017 on the Gaia’s Cosmic Disclosure series with David Wilcock, Emery Smith has been under attack with assassination attempts by car crashes, having his medical business being stolen from him, losing his home, and most recently they killed his dog. Emery is an insider and a veteran who has invented devices that have been used to heal people all around the world. On this Episode, Ben and Rob interview Emery at Contact in the Desert in Indian Wells, California, about these healing technologies that exist such as 3-D replicated organs from Stem cells, cancer curing technologies, and self-regeneration, but they are being blocked from being disclosed to the public. Emery worked as a Surgical First Assist at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was then offered a “moon lighting” job at both Sandia National Laboratory facilities and Los Alamos National Laboratory facilities working underground in compartmentalized laboratories. His experience working for the military, contract corporations, their hospitals and their laboratories became the foundation of knowledge and experience in which he later utilized down the road after being honorably discharged after 7 years of service taking what he learned and forming his own medical and biotechnology companies. Emery has been a leader in fighting for the disclosure on the truth about Extraterrestrials, futuristic healing technologies, underground bases in Antarctica and around the world, and so much more. Emery Smith was also featured in the documentary “Sirius” where he performed the famous autopsy on the 6 inch Atacama Humanoid body from the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Emery Smith’s website: emerysmith.net

CITD: contactinthedesert.com

Credits: Photos of Emery Smith at CITD: Ben Chasteen/Edge of Wonder Stock images from Shutterstock.com Personal Photos of Emery Smith provided by himself Video of Emery Smith speaking at CITD on June 2, 2018: Courtesy of Contact in the Desert (Special shoutout to fan, ‘Radio Face’ for the Epic Voice Over!) https://voice123.com/profiles/chrissl…

Music from: Audio Blocks: www.audioblocks.com & The Great Enrico with Ben Chasteen Special thanks to Contact in the Desert ——————–
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