enbridge mackinaw pipeline video

Screen capture NWF

After two years of pressing pipeline regulators to release inspection photos and videos of the 60-year-old Enbridge pipeline that carries tar sands oil through the Straits of Mackinac, the National Wildlife Federation took it upon themselves to inspect the pipeline.

Unfortunately, their footage is cause for concern and shows why this pipeline is one of the greatest threats to the Great Lakes.

NWF writes:

The footage shows pipelines suspended over the lakebed, some original supports broken away (indicating the presence of corrosion), and some sections of the suspended pipelines covered in large piles of unknown debris. This visual is evidence that our decision makers need to step in and demand a release of information from Enbridge and PHMSA.

Heightening our concern around this pipeline and the company that owns it: despite having cleared our dive work with the U.S. Coast Guard, several Congressional members, and Homeland Security, our staff and the dive crew had uncomfortable interactions with Enbridge representatives. As soon as our team set out on the water, we were quickly accompanied by an Enbridge crew that monitored our every move. This monitoring did not stop at the surface: Enbridge also placed a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) into the water to watch our team.

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