I received a message from a friend this morning who would like everyone to know what is going on in the astral plane, especially after he completed some energy work the other day.

LightHe got a big hit to pass his experience onto the LightWorker community the following:

“The other night I read a sad post in the Portal 2012 site by some guy who was so desperate and thought he didn’t belong to the Light, his life was meaningless, etc.

People should know many of them are, RIGHT NOW, fighting a terrible battle against the dark side. I didn’t have a clue, but there is child bondage in the etheric plane!!! I was there and did release many of them from this dark and creepy place.

I was not afraid when I was there. That’s awesome! There were no ankle biters, just their minions and they didn’t see us. Still we had to do it very quietly. The children couldn’t see us too, we managed to bring them outside and push them away from the place, but the poor kids were in terrible conditions and very disoriented.

The good news is that I’ve seen, with a lot of Light people, that the etheric is being really cleaned up! It’s not the most beautiful place, you know, but there are totally empty wilderness where, once, there were a lot of dark ones. We were able to enter this strange like coliseum building, and it was empty and I did feel happy then, we kind of celebrated that.

Well, people should know they are here for a purpose. They say we are incarnated to fight up there, too, with them. We are the front and in many ways we are not entirely aware of.

It’s important to feel the Light inside yourself. But this is not just words! We’ve got to actually visualize it inside us and them make it expand and connect us to the Source and with Gaia. We, then, will gradually recover our power and begin to see and remember.”

He also  mentioned that the implant removal process is really important, as both Pam and I have been told many many times, it is increasing the light quotient on the planet!

Just thought you all would like to hear this from my friend who would prefer to remain anonymous.