June 10, 2012

Dear Alexandra,

Just to let you know, every week from now until June 30 we will have some powerful energies working with us. This means we’ll be feeling extra emotional, nervous, experience insomnia or being very sleepy, agitation, physical symptoms may include nausea, being very hungry and thirsty, craving salt or sugar (the body uses these to balance its energy requirements) and chocolate (which is always one of my cravings). Be gentle with yourself, get enough rest, eat well and before you re-act, pause and get grounded and centered.

Old energy gets cleared out to make room for the new so pay attention to the ‘endings’ that are happening in your life, whether you like or want them or not. Beginnings require endings and anything that is not aligned with the intentions you have set for yourself will be pushed out of your life.

This week we have Jupiter entering Gemini, which last happened in July 2000. Did you start something then that maybe failed or didn’t work out well? You have a chance to re-do it now, with greater success.

I will go into more detail on this week’s radio show, Wednesday at 8PM US Central time.

In the 2012 predictions I wrote that the period from June to August would be intense and it certainly is. It’s just starting so reserve your opinions and judgments about what’s going on until September, you may be in a totally different space physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by then. (If you want to read the predictions for 2012 click here.

This is the time to change everything, including how we manage our power and we will have an opportunity to put our learning, healing and growth into place, including everything we have learned above forgiveness and release.

One of this month’s lessons is about finding the courage to be happy, to learn how to enjoy life and start living from our joy instead of putting our healing path first and foremost. Yes, we can still do our healing work but let’s begin to align with grace and ease, with effortlessness and joy.

So, are you ready for June? I hope so because I think that by the end of this month we will definitely be seeing the world in a different way and maybe even a different kind of work, or at least its beginnings.

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Have a wonderful week and I hope you can join me on the Enlightening Life radio show on Wednesday at 8PM US central time, where we discuss the newsletter articles, current topics and I take caller questions. See the link on the right to visit the show page.

Many blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman
Author, Intuitive Mystic, Channel
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