Epstein and Other Monsters At Dalton Elite School

Jul 17, 2019

Now they are saying that ALL previous reports of Epstein working at Dalton from 1973-1975 are wrong. I look at that in the first half. In the second half I show you that Gardner P Dunnan may someday face legal trouble of his own – this guy has been involved in some questionable projects & activities and yet he keeps getting hired to work in education. My Paypal for $$ tips & thank yous is here: Thank you so much for all your generous support! I love this work! References: Daily Beast re Barr at Dalton:… New York Times: re Dalton: Barr Quits, stayed until June 1974:… NYMAg, 2002: Epstein taught at D-lton from 1973-1975:… Yahoo Finance: Epstein at Dalton:… Thomas Volscho Professor page:… Vicky Ward the Talented Mr. Epstein re tutoring Greenberg kids:… Filthy Rich Excerpt – Epstein at Dalton in 1973:… Dalton replaces Barr, NYT:… Complaint Dalton / Dunnan:… Columbia Spectator: Dunnan to advise Provost: http://spectatorarchive.library.colum… New York Post: Columbia Kids School Dunan:… Critical Theory and Conflict Theory:… Barr Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty:… Man WAving Gun was adopted son of assistant headmaster at Dalton:… American Values and the College Generation, Barr:…