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World Congress on Illumination
The Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran, Wyoming

This 28th Annual World Congress on Illumination will begin with Opening Ceremonies on Saturday September 13th at 7:00 pm and conclude with the Closing Ceremonies on Thursday September 18th by 2:00 pm.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, our mission will be victoriously accomplished.


Contact in the desertA weekend of exploration into ancient astronauts, extraterrestrial life, human origins, crop circles, UFO sightings, contact experiences and the need to know.

38 Speakers, at Joshua Tree . . . the oldest and largest retreat center in the Western United States; a unique architectural landmark on a sacred site. Their mission is to support the education and nourishment of the infinite human potential.


Kelly La Sha, Perry Mills, george kavassilas, Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, and Sienna Lea look forward to celebrating with you this launch of Rise MultiVersity. We will be engaged for 2+ hours sharing our latest updates. This informative session will be immediately followed by an interactive discussion.!rise-roundtable/c12pk


What’s Different After 2012?

Ac Tah

Saturday, May 17, 2014  11 am – 6 pm   LAX Hilton / Carmel Ballroom



If Oneness is Ultimate Reality, let’s Learn it, Live it & Love it in All Parts of Our Life

Wednesday, May 7th to Sunday, May 18th – Multiple Programs Each Day

Live Program – Broadcasting Worldwide

Hear from Our Amazing Lineup of 35 Speakers!


New Living Expo 2 New Living Expo 1

Fiesta Hall, San Mateo Event Center

1346 Saratoga Drive,  San Mateo,  CA 94403

Friday April 25, 4 pm – 10 pm   |   Saturday April 26, 10 am – 8 pm   |   Sunday April 27, 11 am – 7 pm


Alchemy Event 2014

New venue : Holiday Inn London-Camden Lock Hotel


Whole Earth Summit
March 11 – 13, 2014: Conversations with 42 Global Leaders
Free online event

Why join? Though our hearts know another world is possible, it’s not necessarily easy to create the regenerative culture we dream of. Whether in our own backyards, communities at large (or even within ourselves), how do we actually create the world we want? Join this first time gathering of extraordinary activists and on-the-ground leaders as they share what they’re up to, why it’s important, and what you can do about it in your own life. Gain valuable insights and inspiration to be a more dynamic, community-oriented, and effective change-maker. A whole earth is calling us…


Create Your Self Global Summit
Each day, 4 featured interviews will be available to watch for 24 hours after which they’ll be replaced with the next days interviews. It’s FREE to register and watch every interview on the day it’s launched. At any stage you can purchase the entire Global Summit Pack for lifetime access to all 32 interviews (an incredible value for over 30 hours of wisdom and learning!)


Divine Blueprint Retreat

Kauai Ecstatic Embodiment Retreat Jan. 25th – Feb. 1st, 2014

With facilitators, Ambe’ Ray, Amoraea Dreamseed & Amber Hartnell

This 8 day course is designed specifically for this moment in Humanity’s quantum leap, providing broad-reaching, comprehensive embodied practices and insights that turn on the awareness of your Divine Codes and capacities for establishing this New Blueprint and re-perceiving how our global Crisis is actually our species Chrysalis.


Cosmic Awakening ConferenceUniting soul groups, soul families, starseeds and lightworkers



For those who are looking for a way to meaningfully celebrate Thanksgiving this year – join us for SolYoga’s first Gratitude retreat November 22-24, 2013!

Gratitude Retreat


Friday 15 November to Sunday  November 17, 2013

9 am to 6 pm daily

Expanding more and more into Joy and Love through Creativity and Consciousness

Creative Heart Retreat


Ascension Rising ConferenceFor the first time in the history of the Omniverse, a planet is being given the opportunity to Ascend Physically with all its inhabitants. We invite Lightworkers from around the world to join together with us, November 1-3 in Sedona, AZ in community to celebrate and embrace our Ascension.



O.P.A.L. Tour Launch 25 – 27 October 2013

The inspiration for the O.P.A.L. Tour began with you. We are guided by the many voices and hearts which reach out for community, unity and being together with the knowing that You are NOT alone anymore.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting