#10: Exclusive Never Before Revealed Info About The Moon W/ Corey Goode (1/2)

Jul 25, 2019

Welcome to Ninety Degree Turns, where we expand the minds, beliefs, and perspectives of the collective and awaken the sleeping many from their slumber. Today, with our guest, Cory Goode, we are diving deep interesting new information surrounding the Secret Space Program, MILAB, the Galactic Slave Trade, Inner Earth, and of course an EXCLUSIVE reveal regarding what really is on the Moon. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series so enjoy and stay tuned! Military Program For Children/ MILAB (1:07) SSP Intro + ’20 & Back’ Program (1:39) Age Regression Tech (1:55) Origins of ’20 & Back’ Program (2:50) Military Inoculations Altering DNA (4:53) Initial E.T. Interaction (5:58) Retrieve Intercept & Interrogate Program (6:55) Hive Mind Interrogations (9:00) Galactic Slave Trade (9:58) Origins of Secret Space Program (11:05) EXCLUSIVE: What’s On The Moon?? (11:32) Resistance is Futile (17:47) Why Are Humans Desired In The Galactic Slave Trade? (20:00) “Hot Dog” Research Vessel (24: 58) Interfacing with E.T.’s (30:13) First Encounter With Mayans (35:05) Are Corey Goode’s Memories Real? (36:28) Temporal Timeline War (39:00) Where Did The Mayans Go? (40:02) ________________________________________________________ Interview: Learn More About Dimensions of Disclosure: Grab Your Ticket To Dimensions of Disclosure Before They Sell Out: S O C I A L @ NinetyDegreeTurns Instagram: Facebook:…