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Posted by Ametrine on October 27, 2013 at 7:33pm in UFO CHRONOLOGIES
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Eva Zemanova is a direct experiencer of the original seeding of humanity on earth before any animal life existed, a very long time ago. We introduce her in this first part, of what is the Bodhgaya Extraterrestrial Event. She was brought ibnto the public domain by researcher Barry King.This brings a second vitally important subject to view. King’s father was in the British Intelliegenec units in WW2 that discovered EBEs at a German R&D facility deepinside Germany at the end of the War. So the Germans were dealing with NonHumans during the war, and as we know from other sources Marconi was asked by the NAZIs to investigate these ET issues during the 30s, which involved transmisions from Ireland. Thus Broadcasting from its earliest times has a ET link. Recorded in Prague, with guest interviewer Joanne Summerscales of The AMMACH Project in a brief section in alter part.
CONFERENCE IS AUGUST 31st Sept2nd in Britannia Hotel, Nottingham. see ammach website for details.
Note Eva was previously recorded by Project Camelot, but audio issues made anything she said impossible to understand. She has a delicate accent, so please persevere.