5/24/13 – 5/26/13
Irvine, California
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These notes are obviously a depiction of what I heard or what others heard when attending the conference.  Please keep in mind that there was no direct transcription of Cobra or Isis’ precise wording and I can only present these as our interpretations.
The Light IS Victorious!
Friday Evening 5.24.13
Cobra:  Welcome everybody.  Thank you so much
I think the event hasn’t happened yet, that’s why we’re here.  We are here to change that.  The purpose of this weekend is to create a little bit of infrastructure for the society that is about to be reborn.  Everyone here is a leader.  I would like Isis here to share.
Isis:  My mission and purpose is to share with you the Goddess energy.  Show you the way of surrender.  We will do more on Sunday, but also tonight.
So Rob, we need you back.  The most important moment is tomorrow.  We will have the activation at 12:12.  Tomorrow is the day.  We are preparing tonight starting with the Lunar eclipse at 9:12 pm.  You can see Mercury, Venus and Mercury in triangular Celestial alignments.  We are going to ride those energies.
(Rob talked)
We have aligned our energies a little bit to prepare ourselves for the next step, the opening of the portal.  The eclipse is happening.  Each portal is important because it raises the frequencies of the planet.  It is a multi-dimensional spiritual event.  Activating the portal allows the light forces to make an easy transition.  We are creating a bridge, both physically and energetically.  We are creating an emotional bridge and physical bridge by opening the portal.  We will start forming groups in order to begin preparing the society to transform from the old to the new.  We are creating a transitional society between the old and the new.  No one knows what it will be like.  We must get the old society gone.  We must experience a bridge to connect the two.  When The Event happens, you will know what to do.  You will be trained.  We will create this together.  Each of us has one of the pieces of the puzzle.  At the same time, we will open the portal.
There are many people around the planet that will assist.  It is a strengthening of the light.  The stronger the light is, the sooner it will happen.  There will be many disturbed individuals when The Event comes.  We will bring in the calm in the chaos and reveal how to bridge the old and the new before we get there.
The Lunar eclipse is within the next 10 min.  This is the moment when the activation starts.  You may have an interesting night.  The moment of the lunar eclipse is the entry of the portal.  Tomorrow, after the sunset, you will see a triangle of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury forming, a triangle in the sky.  This is an entry point for the energy to come to the planet.  This energy goes through that triangle.  Those planets filter that energy for humanity.  We will be one more step closer to The Event.  We will talk more about The Event tomorrow.  The event is not happening today, nor tomorrow.  Certain things must happen before The Event can happen.  We are still clearing entities so people can go through without the negative influences.  When this happens, The Event will occur.  The portal is one very big step in that direction.
Also, there are some rumors about The Dinar.  There will be no big financial changes before the reset.  The whole thing needs to be shut down, and will happen at The Event, and not before.  There will be no drastic changes.
It is a good time to be prepared more and more.  When the event happens, nobody is really ready.  It will be a surprise.  It will be very intense.  It will be a fast transition, but a good one.  We have never experienced something similar in our lifetimes.  It is not just happening on the surface of the planet.  Cosmically, it’s the END OF DARKNESS, duality and polarity.  We are going beyond that.  This has huge consequences for the evolution of the cosmos.  Many ET’s on the planet are watching, observing, and participating on some level.  When the quarantine is lifted, we can interact.  You will be trained for that and your call will be responded to.  Many people are asking why they aren’t showing up.  They are calling.  It is simply because the cabal is quite nervous about us so they have to do it slowly and gradually.  The Event has to happen before that, and then we will be free to have contact.  We are here to bring humanity to this point.
We will be in silence. Feel the eclipse energy.  Feel the Beings of Light.  (Silent Meditation)  Tonight you might receive messages in your dreams.
A few more things regarding tachyon energy….This will help trigger The Event and help us align with the universe.  We have to go back to the moment of creation, the Big Bang.  It was a small bubble that exploded.  It began to cool down and drop.  The first wave form that was created was the tachyons.  This is why it is our first connection to Source.  Tachyons have very interesting characteristics.  Wherever they are they create harmony.  Because of that, they have a direct connection with Source and are the highest healing vibration.
Most of you have heard about the veil.  Part of the veil is in the ionosphere.  Because tachyons travel in waves of energy, the Galactic Central Sun is the source of tachyons and The Light for the galaxy.  At this point, tachyons travel from the Galactic Central Sun to the Earth because there are not enough tachyons able to enter our realm.  This is why there is not enough harmony on the planet.  This is why I had to build a tachyon chamber.  This allows us to get tachyon energy onto the Earth.  Part of the Genesis 2 is connected to the surface of the planet.  This is part of the process.  The Pleiadians instructed me to build this chamber so we can start harmonizing human beings, harmonizing emotions, and human’s mind.  Tachyons can do all of that, bringing us closer to the source of life.
I have brought some of those tachyonized devices with me.  We formed a company.  We place products into the chambers for 12 hours to get tachyonized.  Tachyon water can be ingested.  It detoxifies your body, balances the immune system, and aligns you with your Higher Self.  Use 1/2 capful per day.  In 2 months, you will empty the bottle and will have gone through several changes.  We also have a cream to reverse the aging process.  Here is another product to remove back pain and muscle pain.  If you remove the source of the pain, you are back in harmony again.  Here is a laser – a very powerful healing device.  It is a very good thing.  Cobra carries/sells a disc that helps you protect house.  You put it by the fuse box and put it on your cell phones.  The pendants are to be worn on the heart chakra.  We use opals since they are the best physical matter that absorbs the most tachyon energy.  It balances the chakra’s which influence your glands.  We have a Glass with opal pendants. I have brought many crystals here with many purposes.  You can wear them in your pocket to protect you from harmful energies.  Amethyst ones help to purify the body, mind, and emotions – and addictions.  This can help.  Rose quartz is  good for healing hearts, emotions, and relationships.  Aquamarine brings you to the 5th dimension.  There are Sirius Star System stones.  We have colorful chakra sets.  Put the stones on a person’s chakras for 20 minutes.  Isis, myself, and a producer have produced a CD to help people connect deeper with the Goddess energy.  We will play some so you can have the goddess experience.  (break)
Isis:  Hello.  Now everyone feel more calm.  The energies are very big.  Be in your column of Light.  Be with your inner voice.  The moon is the feminine principle to help you go deep inside, the silence to find the answer and the deep connection with you.  The goddess is the energy of the flowing surrender, the waves.  The waves are coming and going.  The only thing you can do is go with the wave.  You can’t go against the water or the river.  The only thing you can do is to surrender.  Energies help us feel the divine feminine.  The energies that are needed to heal Planet Earth and to liberate her is the goddess.  This healthy divine feminine principles helps heal masculine energies.  We were programmed by society, by The Cabal many millennium ago.  If we want a new society, we must surrender, both principles, the masculine and the feminine.  Both are unhealthy.  When the old society is ending, we don’t know the new energy.  We need to surrender to our star brothers and sisters who helped liberate other planets.  They need our cooperation, our openness, our guidance.  We are entering into the spiral consciousness.  Again, the only way to create a new society is through the spiral consciousness.  We need to connect with star brothers and sisters.  They need the vortex of The Goddess to come closer to their spaceships.  That is the key.  To understand that key is to go inside, into the silence.  Now we can go into the silence.  Close your eyes.  (meditate).  We will be going deeper into the Garden of Eden and The Holy Grail in Hawaii at the Goddess workshop.  It is something new & special so join us.
Saturday 5.25.13
Isis:  Thanks for coming here again.  Your dedication to the love and light is tremendous.  All our meetings and work is unified.  There are other ways we are divinely guided by the Divine Masters.  One of the plans is to give as many people as possible the goddess initiations.  They prepared me in this lifetime and in my past lives they prepared me. I have been prepared.  After lunch, I will offer those who want to be guided in the goddess area.  It helps to open the main shushuman channel.  We have 7 main energy chakra’s and we need to clean them up so the light can be clear.  We can then ground it onto the planet.  It is not just about escaping to the stars.  We experience love in the heart, and now it’s time to have The Masters in our bodies.  We are the ones we are looking for.  The first time Isis came into my body I could only handle her for an hour.  After more and more time, I could finally handle that energy, not just mentally, but on all levels, including the physical body.  We go through a physical transformation.  Pain can be blockages.  It (the physical pain) needs to go.  We must remove it from the core.  The initiation helps you to release the blockages.  I dance.  The Goddess enters into my body.  We need to be open to the Galactic Brothers and Sisters.  They need more people like us to open ourselves for their presence, their guidance.  They will help you.  The CD that we created is to activate the people, to help them to remember.  It is very simple, but the energy reaches you.
Cobra:  When we open the portal today and tomorrow, that energy will need to be further grounded.  This energy will be further activated in Hawaii.  Quite strong Goddess energy will start coming to the planet the whole month of June to build your own connection to the Goddess.  Breathe that into your awareness.  The Goddess is the pure feminine essence.  That will bring peace to the planet.  War exists because of an imbalance.  It is not just about removing The Cabal.  It’s also about creating the energetic structure to support peace.  The Cabal is just the last manifestation of that energy.  It is about creating a new balance on the whole planet.  Isis does initiations to the Goddess energy.  Cobra initiates people into the 13 rays.  I help you connect to the 7 rays:
The 1st Ray – Pleiadian – the healing of the heart and relationships.
The 2nd Ray – Sirian – Joy
The 3rd Ray – Orion – integrates your inner shadow, inner hatred, guides all things suppressed.
The 4th Ray – Galactic Central Sun – the source of our light and evolution and the connecting point to our higher purpose.
The 5th Ray – Andromedan – mastery over the physical plane, the financial and the physical.
The 6th Ray – Lyra – creativity.
The 7th Ray – Antares/ Devaron – helps to transcend from duality back into oneness.
Apart from these 7 stellar rays, I also do the Ascended Master Rays which transcend the matrix and move you beyond.  When we are connecting with their energies, we are invoking The Masters into our lives.
1 – Sananda Ray – heals our heart, moves us towards unconditional love.
2 – Kuthumi Ray – healing humanity, advancement in medicine.
3.  Ashtar Ray – coordinating the vast fleet of ships that are surrounding the planet.  Assisting us to awaken our higher telepathic skills with the 5th dimension.  Positively advances us with the 5th dimension.
4  St. Germain Ray- brings back mystery schools.  Financial abundance.  The wealth he created to assist the Light Workers.
5  Serapis Bey Ray – connects to energetic
6  Djwhal Khul Ray –
7 Sanat Kumara Ray –
Charges $100.00 per person for this initiation
Opening The Portal
We are easing our transition with this mantra.  We have opened the portal and I thank you for that.  This energy will stay with us forever.  We Ahhhlmaaa – an ancient Atlantean mantra.  Ahhhlllmaaaaa
Saturday afternoon:  tachyon.org
A short brief of “The Event”:
Everyone has experienced the old society, the matrix.  Everyone knows it has to change.  There is a very detailed plan of how it is going to change.  There are forces of light on the physical and non-physical levels.  They will trigger it when the time is right.  Why is it taking so long, many ask?  One of the main reasons is the non-physical planes.  On the Etheric and astral planes, there are entities delaying the liberation of the planet.  We have to remove them first.  They are influencing the consciousness of human beings, and because humans are not aware, they are “playing” with the non-physicals.  Non-physical’s are pushing all of our buttons.   If the event happened right now, there would be chaos.  The Forces of Light are moving all of those negative entities.  On the physical plane, everything is ready.  The Resistance Movement, The Galactic Federation is ready.  We are just waiting for non-physical layers.  The surface population has no idea about this.
People are becoming aware that there is something wrong with our financial system.  Five years ago they trusted the banks.  Average people everywhere are becoming aware that something is wrong with the financial system.  The banking system is one critical area that needs to be changed.  After The Event, after the first few hours of the Event, there are certain trained groups that will take over the mass media.  When the Rothchilds are removed, the trainers can go to the studios.  The hard evidence and the scripts have been prepared, so people will be able to open their eyes to what they see on TV.  It will be easy to deprogram people through their T.V.’s.  The whole house of lies will just disintegrate.  Truth can erase years of programming.  That disintegration of programming will have a huge impact.  You will have disoriented, confused, and afraid people running around.  This is where we step in.  We need to create an infrastructure to help the emotional people, to deal with the mass of people.  They will be confused, angry, and afraid.  We will need to answer questions and change negative energy.  You will be able to explain to people what is really going on and how to deal with it.
The Event is a spiritual event.  When everything is ready, Source will send an impulse of energy from the Galactic Central Sun. This is much more powerful that anything you’ve ever experienced before.  That impulse will travel from The Galactic Central Sun and travel to Earth.  It will “hit” the Pleiadians first.  The Resistance Agents will have key individuals in high positions of the military, political system, financial system, and intelligence agencies.  They will be contacted first for what to do, who to call, and which direction to take.  Those people will contact the next group – which may be some of you.
What will start to happen from today on will be information on support groups to help prepare for the Event.  We will need to form physical groups to prepare for this time.  A few conditions need to be met however.  When these conditions are met, the Resistance Movement will have evidence for these groups and provide help.   Groups should meet once a week.  They need to meet regularly, once a week.  Cobra suggests Sunday afternoons, doing the weekly liberation meditation as well.  It is not a simple meditation.  It has a profound effect on the energy of planet.  There is an importance of hitting critical mass.  Last year, on May 5/6 2012, there was a reboot of the grid.  We matched the critical mass – we cleared 30% of the archons in that activation.  This is the importance of critical mass.  If we could do that again, we could have The Event soon.
Each person that does the Sunday liberation meditation each week will help accelerate the event.  Each person that does that is a light point so the non-physical resistance can transmit energies through you to assist the planet.  One of the major prerequisites of the support groups is to include the meditation in their group meetings on Sunday.  They need to prepare for The Event.  Not food, or militia training, but we are talking psychological preparedness.  There are different approaches to that.  When the event happens, it will be a surprise, even for all of us.  This has never happened before.  It will not be a major shock event, but it will also be a positive event.  It will bring much more hope, but psychologically it will be intense.  First take care of yourself, then help others.  Assist the distressed people around you.  Most people are not trained to handle the suppressed emotions that have been suppressed for decades.  You can help the masses of people.  You will be publicly exposed.  You will be able to speak to the mass media.  People will ask you for your guidance.  Very soon, after the event, the politicians have no solutions.  When the new system is formed, you will be the ones with the answers.  You have the skills that will be needed to go through the transition period.  the flash of light will contact The Pleiadians, the Resistance Groups and the surface population.
The physical aspects to this transition are varied:
1 – The mass arrest of the cabal.
2  – The reset of financial system.
3 – The disclosure.
You know much information there is about mass arrests that have been going on around the world.
2 – The financial reset – There is a special task force in the CIA that is sending disinformation on the net and it will NOT happen that way.  No Dinar. It won’t happen.  This will happen globally and it will happen at the same time.  There will be an activation of certain codes in the computer program and The Resistance Movement has access to those codes.  They can press the reset button but they won’t do it until the surface population is ready and The Cabal is arrested.  The banks will be closed from the moment of the event, maybe 1 to 2 weeks.  Credit cards won’t work.  You can use cash, gold, or silver.  Most of the stores will only accept gold and silver.  The trust in money will be shaken.  You will need to survive at least one to two weeks without external resources.  You can trade food, but the supermarket will be cleared in 45 minutes.  You have 45 minutes to get your food from the store because it will be emptied in 45 minutes.  It is good to have a little food, water, and gas on hand.  You will be fine though.  Mostly likely there will be power, internet, and phones working.  Most of the planet will have the grid intact.  Psychologically the impact will be hard though.  The masses don’t know about the reset.  They have savings and you will need to calm them down.  Everything will be fine.  You will need to calm them regarding military fears.  It is your task to calm them down.  We will be using the mass media, but you will need to calm down their fears.  Some of the banks will reopen, others will go bankrupt.  If your bank is bankrupt, you will be paid back if you earned it legally.  You will not lose your money.  There are many high-ranking criminals who have lots of money now, but it will be taken from them at this time.  If you acquired your money in a positive way, you will get it back.  The credit cards will not work.  The stock market will not be allowed to operate and will shut down.  Banks will have open accounting.  All the companies will have open accounting practices.  NESARA law is a valid law that will come into effect at the time of The Event.  We are headed for a very bright future.  We will be fine, but people around us will need assistance.
We are to form a surface infrastructure to start preparing the people.  You might be informed to start a Facebook group to get information out.  Big gatherings were created over facebook in Israel.
Questions and Answers Period
q;  Are we going to be upgraded when the event happens?  Those people that are aware will be more aware.  The masses need hard evidence.  It will be a mass awakening.
q:  Will The resistance Movement notify the military? Maybe
q;  We will tell you more of what the groups will be about.
q;  If we get phone call, how do we know it is The Resistance Movement?  Use your intuition.  There was a planned, staged event, but they couldn’t pull it off.  When you get a call, it’s 99% possible.  There is nothing to be worried about.  This has been on the plan book for 40 years.
q;  Regarding disclosure – there are many faces of disclosure.  There will be government files revealed on EVERYTHING.  There’s so much out there.  80% of all things will be documented, for example  who killed Kennedy, 9/11, Roswell, etc.
q;  Disclosure is not the same as first contact.  It is revealing what’s been going on.  It needs to be digested.  Humanity must be prepared.  Earth and The Pleiadians will then meet publicly – politically, then the public can admit the mass landings.  It will take years – private landings will be possible for certain individuals, after The Event.
q; Groups are encouraged to meet every Sunday, when living close to each other.  Those groups are location based.  We are creating physical groups, living by each other, then we will talk about virtual groups tomorrow.
q: Does The Resistance already knows quite a bit about us already?  Yes, they are making evaluations daily.  They keep track of the groups and those that are reliable will be called on.
q; Will the stock-market be closed?  Companies will have to buy back their shares.  Derivatives will be shut down.
q: What will happen to my pension from a big company and then that company goes away?  Big companies will be restructured and split into smaller companies and certain parts will go bankrupt.  You will get money from the collateral accounts.  Most people will receive $100,000 each after The Event.
q:  Will it take place in years?  months?  many years?  I am not allowed to speak about that.  WE are creating the future and it is not set in stone.  It depends on our global actions.  We don’t want information going to The Cabal so it is better that way.
q:  There were certain operations started in January of this year and many of the requirements were met and have already been taken care of.
q:  Since they are met, can you share?  Look at the blog – I will share later.
q;  What about the starving people?  Global, country, state?  The military will have food and emergency management.  Some local agencies will be contacted.  We are covering the psychological aspects.  Agents are not trained for that, but you are.
q:  With financial restructuring and the banks closed, was Cypress a test to see how things go?  It’s complex.  Cypress was a test for The Cabal to steal 15% of the money but it did not work.  Also they tried to stage a banking holiday, but that did not work either.  When the reset happens, the banks will be closed because the financial system will need to be closed to cut off The Cabal.  They we will then reboot and give everyone a fair start.
q;  What about evictions or foreclosed houses?   The banks actually stole the houses from the people and they will be given back their homes, even the ones that were taken away before.  Others will have to move, unless they are speculating.  Don’t gamble, it will not work.
q:  What about people who don’t have provisions or money for that week?   Will the military step in?  We need to extend compassion.
q:  Folks in military, local enforcement, when will they be contacted?  After the event:?   It will be 15 minutes from the flash from the sun to contact them.  It will take several hours to get things straightened out.
q:  Those people being contacted, do they know?  Some do, some don’t.
q:  In San Diego County, it is a military town and it was a terrible time during the firestorms.  How do we know who is safe in the military?  It is one of the biggest issues.  Many people have Police, FEMA, military, etc.  Trust will need to be created in various ways, such as between The Resistance Movement and the top chain of command.  That trust will spread through personal contact.  The high position in the military is a good guy now.  He will have already contacted mutual trust.  This is the only way this will succeed.  (Rob:  Resistance movement has so much information on people and people in power – they have been watching and recording us for years).   This will be one of the safest events in history because it’s very well planned. there will be no martial law or people being arrested.  There will be no war situation.  People will have many questions to calm down their fears.
q:  During the 1st or 2nd  weeks, should we be with family at home?  It is advisable to continue with your job – maintain your work and your daily life situation.  You will get paid.  Not everyone will follow that.  The system will stay intact.  The bus, taxi, restaurants will continue as normal.  Only thing that is different is the temporary shutdown of the financial system.  Taxi’s will be driving,  everything is working.  The trust is that they will open on Monday.  When the initial trust is shaken, it’s important to keep the transition smooth, calming and easy as possible.  There is no need for drama.  Keep life normal as much as possible.  We are working on psychological approaches.
q:  When we will have our gifts “turned on?”  They will be activated when you have that clarity as to what to do next.
q:  The Resistance Movement knows what we are thinking and feeling and reading.  If someone has an intent to blow up a nuclear reactor, they would know.  You have your privacy.  If you have a situation they need to know about – they focus on it, the physical and non-physical beings.
Q;  We will be contacted by Physical beings?   (Rob) they don’t want to incite fear.  Maybe more remote places might have contact.  Eventually they’ll land on the roof of the UN – probably years away.  People will believe it when it is on TV
q: There is so much information that’s “recorded” as the truth.  What is the method of dissemination?  TV is the key for the masses.
q:  Will there be disinformation?   NO, that will have been shut down permanently.
q:  At first we will keep our own jobs, later on do we get other jobs?   You will be able to refocus on creative, meaningful jobs.  You will keep your job at first.  This will be a new period of growth.  You will work 2-3 hours a day, especially after the new technology.
q:  For example after the Oklahoma tornado, is there an infrastructure?  You have millions of homeless people around the world.  One of the biggest priorities will be food, water, and shelter – basics, guaranteed from The Event on.  It is just how fast can this be built?  The basic health services will be provided for free.  This is one of the top priorities.
q:  How long before we get the free energy?   They already exist and have existed for the last 100 years.  It will take a few weeks/months to get production up.
q:  Why is this planet different?  This is one of the most heavily programmed populations.  This is a unique planet.
q:  False flag events are staging events to keep the population afraid.  Don’t give too much energy to those events.
q:  Has HAARP been involved in weather manipulation?  The propagation of the scalar weapons is on etheric planes and exists on the etheric waves.  They gather etheric matter in a vortex where it gathers physical matter in those patterns.  The increased activity of the galactic central sun nhas a lot to do with the weather changes.
q:  What about the Eastern Alliance and Putin?  Getting stronger day by day.  Putin got bribed in May.  It is a temporary problem.  It will be corrected.
q:  Regarding the CA earthquake, do they keep us on the edge to keep us in fear?  There will be no mass cataclysm.  People have fear from Atlantis and remember that time.  Tectonic plates are harmonized by the ET forces.  The catastrophic timeline was erased last year 12/21/12.
q:  What about the Sandy Hook Event?  I knew it was real.  Did anyone die?  Mostly it was staged.  Most likely some of them did die.  They use those kind of people to control the unstable people.
q:  Was the Boston bombing staged?  Mostly.
q:  Is the Galactic Central Sun God?  If you wish – Our souls come from there.
q:  Was the disclosure in Washington DC. helped by Galactics?  It’s good but it didn’t have the impact we intended it to have.  The media was closed on it and did not have the right essence on it.
q:  For all of the people who are sick, will there be help?   Changes are on the way.  Most illnesses you can find solutions for.  There is a working clinic in the Caribbean right now that have a good track record, in St. Marten.
q:  What will happen to the drug addicted?  The chemically imbalanced?  They will be assisted at the time of The Event, or shortly thereafter.
q:  Can we send out e-mails with this information to our lists?   Yes, you can discuss that with others.
q:  Regarding financial systems and the investing in precious metals, what about the value?  Take your money out of the bank.  If you keep money in the bank you are financing the wars, HAARP, etc. for The Cabal. You can invest money in precious metals, land, etc.  Gold and silver will most likely not lose value.  It will be used for money backing.  it will be the underlying asset for the new system, not paper.  We will have paper currency and it will be gold backed in the interim.
q:  Are Angelina Jolie and  Brad Pitt light or dark?  Most of the Hollywood stars are mind programmed.  They have been forced into it.  They are forced to do certain things.  This action was CABAL based.
Task Groups
People will train in their specific areas to give assistance at the time of the event.  Groups will form solutions for that transitional period.  There are 6 major groups.
  1. Planetary Leadership
  2. Healers
  3. Media
  4. New Renaissance
  5. New Technology
  6. New Financial
  1. New ways of leadership and governing the human race.  Politicians are corrupt.  Find new ways that are not corrupt and in divine alignment.
  2. Healers – discover and integrate into eastern and western, advanced technologies, meditation.  Every modality.  Healing for people, animals, planet, etc.
  3. Media – find ways to distribute media, internet, newspapers
  4. New Renaissance – assist in triggering the rebirth of the new human spirit.  Art, education, spirituality, etc.
  5. New technology – dedicated to developing new technologies, working prototypes, and putting them into mass production
  6. Financial group – implementing a new financial system and all the things involved with it
Formulate those steps to get closer to that vision.
Develop a protocol to approach the governments.
Put a package of information together to give to government leaders and a support team to be there to help educate.
Compile an education package to help train people in these areas.
Cobra:  We could create a website with 6 administrators to add content.  Do we have anyone here to create a web site?
comment:  magazine “In light times” educates people on what is going on the planet.  We can also contact alternative media with our message.
comment:  at the time of event, within first several days, will the public be apprised that ET and Agarthan network has been helping?  cobra:  it will be gradually disclosed to the public.   disclosure
Discuss what practical steps we can take to bring that vision into reality for each group. 
Leadership Group –
1)        develop a list of leaders, sheriffs, legislatures, etc.
2)       develop protocols on how to approach existing leaders in appropriate ways.
3)        develop educational materials in packets on what is happening with our contacts in order to get more guidance.
4)       develop ways to educate and train potential leaders.
Healers Group –
1)        stop the p anic.
2)       create an online booklet.
3)        contact core areas i.e.: pharmacies, social services, to help people that we already have to support on a local level.
4)       provide a downloadable booklet.
5)       have someone pursuant with media.
6)       put message out about what we are trying to accomplish.  It is difficult to conceptualize this without a Cabal.
Media Group –
1)        getting those 144,000 meditators to make a video.
2)       What would you do with world peace?
3)        speaking about global meditation on Sunday’s.
4)       Get critical mass.
New Renaissance Group –
1)        no consensus – always think globally.
2)       street fairs with presentations at libraries and town halls.
3)        present platform to say prayers out loud.
4)       programs to tap into your creativity/inner child.
5)       concerts,  dances, plays, etc.
New Technologies Group –
1)         get more versed on what new technologies exist and what works and what doesn’t.
2)       what would free energy mean?
3)        links to alternative, free energy sources.
4)       developing a section to register energy solutions to post.
New Finanical Group –
Cobra:  It is important for us as a whole to create a plan on how we can bring this to the general population.  We have to invite others to be with us in creating this for the future.  Basic main idea is creating a website and we can do this right now.  (Volunteer)  Six sections on the website representing their vision and pool resources to make that happen.
What is the name of the website?  Bring list of ideas.
prepareforchange.net  is available.  We have created a website.  Group administrators ontact james.arr@gmail.com
Sunday Morning 5.26.13 
Good morning.  Let’s do a short energy alignment.
The main website is official at  prepareforchange.net.  Each division will have their own “page”  with links to other resources.  There will not be many New Society Conferences in the future.
Prepare these pages for publication on the main website and send it to James.
Each group has very interesting ideas.  Send in your ideas.  We need summaries sent in to James.
At the time of The Event, certain organizations like the public Red Cross will be available.  But we need a non-governmental organization.  All the other organizations have been infiltrated and will not be running smoothly.  We need this website as soon as possible.  We should not reinvent the wheel.  We are forming a support network.
q:  How many will need to access this website?   This is the first version of this website.  The content will evolve.  As we connect with alternative media groups, we will have to upgrade as things get closer.
q:  We are the base of this website.  Do we need to regroup?  After we finish with this organizing, we will get into the local meetings.
q:  Are we going to be inviting more people?  In order for this not to stop, we are triggering the process and it will evolve.
q:  With the previous New Society conference in Rome, did it grow?   It is not strong enough yet.  They will join.
Rob;  We will have certain levels of the website.
James will be the moderator of this website.
The next phase is a forum where people can join a public form and make comments.  The next thing is to invite the Rome people.  There were 4 Facebook groups already formed.  Can someone invite those into the website.  Rob will contact the other Rome groups and get them involved.
The only precedence is that people have an awareness about The Event.  The ET stuff is not a part of The Event, except for the disclosure of the government files.
q:  Are other groups aware of The Event?   A few, but they do not have much info on The Event.
Alexandra:  If anyone knows healers who want to support the transition of The Event, please send them to Alexandra.  She is compiling the contacts.
q:  When this website reaches a certain level, it needs to be translated into other languages.  What is very important is to spread the information about this, so as many people know about this as soon as possible.
q:  The day of The Event cannot be revealed, but energy wise it is moving fast.  I have instructions to not reveal any details about The Event.  Remember it is not my time, not your time, but the right time.
q:  What is our deadline?  It will be good to have everything finalized by the end of June.
q:  What is the time frame for the transition?  The key is the transition period.  After the first 2 weeks, things go back to an apparent normalcy.
q:  So our steps should be focused on the first couple of weeks of the transition?   Yes.
After the basic website is done, then spread the information around as much as possible.
Form the website by the end of June with a work in process.  Keep spreading the word through all your contacts and know the practical steps that can be taken.
1)        Planetary Leadership Group – will get the website off the ground.
2)        Healing Group – The healing portal page is already on Alexandra’s website.  She will start collecting data and getting things up and running.  We have key people that need to be responsible.  She will be putting together a video of the leaders of this group.
3)         Media Group – Before the event, inspire people to participate in weekly meditations.  Afterwards: we will create video’s exposing hidden truths.  There will be immediate youtube videos.
4)        New Renaissance Group – how to create a new society.  We will create a new philosophy.  We will create inspirational slogans i.e.: ‘You are free to be.’  Creativity is the new currency, the new you,  imagine it and  everybody wins.  We can create new songs, creating music in 528 Hz.  We can create a slideshow of all the possibilities of the New Society.  There will be a shift in the way of architecture, new gardens, orb photography, etc.
5)        New Technology Group – can supply simple graphics now of the new free energies
6)       New Financial Group – educate the bridge between the old system and the new
Now we have formalized our plan.  The only thing left is to send Cobra the mission statement by Thursday.
q:  Can an Ambassador group be created to travel around the world and distribute this information to the world?  Rob – In the Leadership Group, we have a subgroup for a training program.  Cobra – he can do a training workshop.
q:  What about online streaming to tune and calm people down?
q:  What about creating a flash-mob with our group where we are  learning songs and dance and making it go viral?  Put it as a priority.  Song, dance, healing, energy etc.  Let’s shoot for 4th of July to create a flash-mob video to go viral.
q:  An Environmental Doctor in the audience shared that she has been writing about the environment for 35 years and has been connecting the dots, especially after chemtrail conference.  In this country, we have never had a peaceful strike.  United we strike.  It is very focused up in Oregon to call for an end to chemtrails.  We are in grave trouble.  We need to step up to the plate to come together from our hearts and our compassion.  Check out Consciousnews.com,  aircrap.org and  “The demise of America” – one of the main issues.  I am going to ask for a general strike.  We should all go home over July 4th holiday.  We should have no one in the streets.  We should spend 4 days not shopping, no stores, no movies, etc.  The 13th amendment has been gone since 1820.  We can shut the country down.  We can do it July 4th week-end.  In 1789 we were allowed to submit our grievances, and that doesn’t happen anymore.  Most importantly, we need to stop the aerosol crimes.  Everyone get tested for heavy metals.
(Cobra)  OK, the 4th of July is a target date to get more breakthroughs in awareness.  The last thing is to create an event preparedness group in Southern California.  Try to do it every Sunday at 11:30 a.m..
Sunday Afternoon
q:  All of the different sites say that the Bush’s are “arrested”, but has that actually happened?  Those people were detained last year in February for a few hours.  That was about it.  They were not arrested last week.
q:  What is the history of “them”, who are controlling “them?”  There are many types of Archons from various sources.
q: The China Gold, The St. Germain Trust have been around since the 18th century and is who controls them.  Nobody has access to those accounts.  The Resistance Movement has the codes.  The surface groups could not get the agreements.
q:  On Dec 21, 2012, what physically happened?  or were there many changes that happened on many levels?  Not exactly.  It’s a certain time window in which things happen.  Between the solstice sun and galactic plane.  We are in the middle of that alignment.  It will be over in 2021.
q:  What about the activity of the Galactic Central Sun and how it has been increasing in the last 20-30 years?  Many particles are emanating from the sun and are triggering the acceleration, clearing the darkness, bringing the suppressed things to the surface.  Everything must come to the surface for the awareness.  The Cabal cannot stop the Resistance movement.
q:  How does mind control work?  There are many layers of mind control.  1) Before birth you go through an initiation process on the etheric, 2) through the indoctrination of your parents, 3) through the programming of your schooling, 4) through your work, 5) through the media, 6) other direct means of mind control, and there’s still more.
q:  How does Angelina play into all of this?  It is a trauma based mind control.
q: When The Event happens, will you inform us?  No, the Resistance Movement will make contact ONLY if the group is seriously gathering every week and if they can be relied upon.  If you form a group in Thailand and they meet regularly, you may get a phone call.
q:  When The Event happens, what about countries such as China taking over?  Will we still be seeing ourselves separately?  Will there be powerful forces trying to take over?  There is a difference between a country and a nation.  Countries are artificial control mechanisms.  A nation is a natural outgrowth of the people.  Borders will be eliminated.  There will be no more need for passports.  There will be no more Visas.  TSA will be disbanded.
q:  The fight between light and dark and that this is the last planet – earth, to go through with this.  That is the most exciting thing I have ever heard.  There is no external threat to us now.
q:  What about the beings that got cleared from the bases?  What happened to these beings when the battles removed them from the bases?  It is the same process always.  Every being has a choice to go to The Light.  Then it receives counseling.  If it refuses, it is taken to central sun.  (such as the bases where reptilians were killed).  After it dies, it is taken from the astral plane to the mothership and then given another chance for clearing.  The Galactic Federation has organic, based in light, motherships.
q:  What would be the long term prospect for doing away with international patents?  There will be no more need for patenting anything.  It will become the legacy of humanity.  The basic premise for patents was greed.  Investors will be compensated abundantly.
q:  If everyone doesn’t have abundance don’t you think they won’t want to work?  It will be gradual.  We will be encouraged to work 3-4 hrs.  Doing nothing is boring.
q:  Why is there a reason that earth is the last planet?  Earth is a special planet.  It was the paradise in Lemuria 50K years ago.  It has a very biodiverse environment.  The renegades chose Earth amongst all of the available planets – that is why we all came here to liberate this planet.
q:  What about the ascension process work and our light bodies?  Yes, the true ascension process will start at The Event.  There will be many phases.  The Event, first contact, and frequencies will rise rapidly.  One part or group will ascend at a time.  (Mystery Schools will no longer be a mystery).  There will be schools of truth to re-establish the growth of spirit.  At a certain point, Ascended Masters will come and help teach.
q:   At the last conference, you mentioned that the channelers on earth cannot be relied upon fro accurate information?  Most of the channels don’t go through the process of a telepathic channel, they get an energetic channel.  The Archons project thought forms onto the energetic channels.  Most channelers are not reliable.  Sheldon Nidle had a physical meeting with beings and he’s quite reliable.
q:  Who is the council?  There are many of them, not just not one.  Millions and billions of reptilians are being taken care.
q:  How do we take care of invisibles?  Free the mind of all programs.  Start using your mind in creative ways.
q:  Is the avian flu legit?  Yes, they are bioengineered to program the masses by The Cabal.  Chemtrails were allowed to leave the factory intact, but they are mitigated to a great extent.  The F.E.M.A. camps will not be happening.  90% of chemtrails are mitigated.
q:  Do we need ammunition.  It is a waste of money.  They won’t use it.
q: Sheldon Nidle talks about light chambers?  Ascended masters have light chambers to help assist us.  The light chambers are the most pleasant experience possible.
q:  Will you still be having conferences?  We will see.
q: What about the grids around the earth?  Such as the Atlanteans trying to manipulate the grids?  No this is not true from the stand point that the energy grid is a vital part of the planet.  The dark forces have taken over the grid and control the grid.  We however, are taking the control back.  There are many grids though.
Rob – when the event happens, all etheric implants will be null and void.  Many people will have a difficult time, or become very sensitive.  The level of changes will be different.
There is a tachyon membrane that maintains the illusion.  When you look at the sky you see it as it was millions of years ago.  You will be able to look at the universe and you will be pleasantly surprised.  Scientists have been killed for knowing this info.
q:  Are there only 10 strands of DNA operational?  On the physical level we have 2 strands – that have been manipulated by genetic manipulation.  We have the 12 strands on the etheric plane.  After The Event, things will go fast and the DNA will activate.
q:  Why are Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels not allowed to be in direct contact with us?  What is stopping them.  They are allowed to, but they cannot always do that.  When all the dark forces are removed, there will be billions of angles all the time.  It is good to invoke them and connect with the angels regularly.
q:  Are there light chambers we can be in?  No, not at the moment.
q: You are working with The Resistance, so why can’t we?  It’s dangerous.  You will be the center of attention on the planet.  The Cabal know and the archons know all about you.  After The Event, people can experience this.
q:  Have Akashic Records been manipulated or compromised?  No, it is not possible.
q; If you are saying that we see the skies as they were millions of years ago, then are astral charts/astrology a program?  No, they are discovering the wave functioning of the planet.  The archons have used the charts for their rituals.
q;  You have mentioned that all of the bases underground have been cleared.  There is a lot written about Area 51 being moved and compiled underground in another mountain?  What was happening about 10 years is that they moved their stuff to Utah and Colorado.
q:  If it is true that all the negative beings have been cleared, what are we facing right now?  Like the negative ETs for example?  There are no negative ETs except for politicians and mostly reptilians.  Draconians are on the etheric plane.
q: Were the light chambers in Agartha? No.
q: Are there any direct portals to the 5th dimension?  No.
q; We will be gaining abilities, like psychic abilities, so what about flying?  It will happen for people very close to their ascension.
Fund raiser for Sayed Adli Bdawy  through western union – pyramid street, giza, egypt – western union.
An apology from Ron.
Isis:  Secrets of goddess energy and into the manifestation.
Welcome back.
We will talk about your power within you.  Goddess energy is a spiral energy.  Goddess is a very quick energy.  When you feel the guidance, feel the step.  Ask and call for the next step.  It is fast energy and keeps you in the present.
I was dancing as a teenager by myself, when I was alone.  I use to put music on loudly, and then I realized “something” entered my body, something moved my hands.  I always feel more powerful and clear and more powerful after I dance.  I would have spiritual dreams.  We were more of a sports oriented family.  With the dance, I become more feminine.  I slowly felt like I had many arms and many legs, and then I saw pictures from India with the many arms – but that’s happening to me when I do the goddess dance.  The goddess wakes me up at night, she dances again, and another energy comes.  Isis was teaching aerobics and that felt kind of masculine.  When Goddess enters, joy comes into her life, certain happiness, certain energies that were hidden come forth.  There is a searching.  When goddess energy happens, I feel fulfilled.  Isis started Goddess workshops in the country.  Life became like a ritual.  The Goddess takes you to “I would love to” instead of “I have to do this and this and this.”  The most important method that you will do is what you love to do.  I started to do things when I love to do that. There is a difference between “have to” and “I will because I love you.”
We have the right to be here.
We have the right to act and procreate.
We have the right to have peace and cooperation.
We have the right to love.
We have the right to speak our truth and express ourselves as who we really are.
We have the right to see the truth.
We have the right to be conscious and think with our own head.
We all have different point of views.  In the New Society there will be no arguing of who is right or wrong.  There will be an awareness that every point of view matters to get the whole perspective.  Everyone in the group has a special task.  In the New Society, no one will tell you what to do.  You will know what to do.  Get paper and write down 20 things physically, emotionally, and 20 things socially that you are good at.  This is the New Society.  There will be unemployment.  Surrendering to the Goddess and magic will happen every day.
Magnetic Manifestation – I was in a way surrendering to the guidance.  Always guidance is sent to me, I am provided for.  I do not need to worry.  One day when I was dancing, the white buffalo  woman came and talked to me.  Then on the planet was born a white buffalo.  When I was dancing and I was dressing and looking more Indian.  I met the white buffalo calk woman and the goddess woke me up that night and later we smoked the peace pipe.  In Costa Rica I did some healings with the yellow race.  I felt drawn or inspired strongly to go.
I started working with Isis, then Ashtar, and finally Cobra.
June 21, 2004 started return of Goddess for 8 years up to December 21, 2012.
There are new frequencies to experience.  There are new chakra colors, and they are changing.
Indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children, diamond children many have all 12 strands of DNA and will help raise the consciousness to the ascension frequency.
Victory to The Light! YEAH!
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