Now I realize this is dated, but it certainly causes one to pause and ask why the East Coast?  Is it because of the proximity to Washington DC? Pentagon? Governmental Assemblies?  Who knows, but it should not be overlooked how much devotion is being placed on this area by our offworlders. – A.M.
September 3, 2012 in BREAKING NEWS,
The Americas, USA 2 ?
Extreme-Activity-Being-Reported-Especially-Over-the-East-Coast-of-the-USA1Never before in all my years writing about the paranormal have I been swamped with email and phone reports as I have been this summer concerning reports of UFO and Orb activity. Daily I am being told of new sightings over Long Island New York as well as sightings in California, Connecticut and upstate New York. A group of 20 watched a formation of Orbs fly over central Long Island south east over the Island and out to the Atlantic Ocean. A man on the North Shore of Long Island witnessed a single red Orb fly over his trees during its course out to the Long Island Sound -which is the water mass between Long Island and Connecticut. A family in Connecticut near Bridgeport watched as two large Orbs raced across the night sky heading out towards the Long Island Sound. All of these sightings took place over the past week starting on August 22nd. The descriptions of the sightings were nearly identical. The Orbs were all silent as they quickly skirted across the night sky. They were all about helicopter size with solid swirling bright light that fades to yellow then orange and lastly red. The Orbs in all cases blink out but not before the witnesses make out the distinct shape of a black object just before the Orb completely disappears. I have been given this description over and over by those seeing the strange Orbs.

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