Facebook.svgI’d always wondered how some
Facebook “Fan Pages” of people I’d
never heard of had so many
thousands of “Likes.”


I was told how, by my business 
partner, who runs BrasscheckTV. He 
told me that people in India were being 
paid slave wages to create fake “Likes” 
on Facebook. I suspect something similar 
is afoot on Twitter, as well.
This clip blows the lid off of the whole 
scheme, which causes the advertising 
rates of FB pages with more “Likes” to 
command higher prices for FB’s 
advertising department. 
Recently, 83,000,000 Facebook accounts 
were deleted when such frauds, generated 
outside of their approved channel were 
detected…so the “approved” fraud appears 
to persist, as you will see, here.
Often, what is telltale about the inauthentically  
“Liked” pages is the lack of engagement.
For example, The US Department of State 
spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million page 
“Likes’ and then realized only 2% were 
For the record, the 5,342 “Likes” currently on
all real – as can be conferred by the high level
of engagement received by the page, which is
easily observable.
(Video: 9 mins) 

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