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Since yesterday, it is not possible to share any link from www.disclose.tv on Facebook without getting a strange error pop-up.

Facebook just banned news on mysteries, urban legends, strange phenomena, and UFOs

After posting a link from Disclose.tv, the post is still being posted to your timeline (or in our case to our fan page), but will not be shown to any of your friends (or respectively to our fans).

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This seems to be the newest form of censorship on Facebook: Shadow banning whole domain names, without any warning, notification or message of wrongdoing received in advance.

We reported the issue to Facebook and awaiting their feedback.

Based on their feedback, we will evaluate our next steps including getting our lawyers involved.

In the meantime, we need your help

Let Facebook know, that you do not accept this and “report a problem” here

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On mobile devices:

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We will keep you posted on any updates.