Just another perspective on this stage production in The matrix…….-A.M.
Posted by rev.joshua skirvin on September 26, 2013 at 11:15am
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rev.joshuaskirvinYesterday I posted a blog from Ben Fulford ( Gold is only another yellow metal you cannot eat) In which he himself admits he was duped big-time!

Below is an exert and then my response via my higher self.

“The conclusion is that there are no giant treasure caves in Indonesia or the Philippines and that the so-called global collateral accounts or global debt facility is based on fraud”.

What is true though, is that to this day, large amounts of un-usable dollars and Euros are printed, shrink-wrapped and left in warehouses in the region as “payment” for the gold taken from the region by Western powers in the 19th and 20th centuries.
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This line, a comment or rather confession of Ben Fulford himself , admits that there is no large amount of Gold to bring in the Prosperity Program that he himself had promoted. So here’s an end to yet another False flag. At least he admitted in a round about way that he was wrong. He needs to come straight out and say it cause there are still others out there, who are still promoting this absurd idea that we are all going to be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

Of course this is the work of the VISITORS, the DC & Archons. And its still going on right now on this site and others. They also promote Obama as a hero, a spiritual leader, when in reality he is the Ant-Christ. So thats a give away, when they promote Obama. We must all learn Discernment for there is much Deception going on and they Dark Cabal works much like Lucifer & Satan with Deception as there main tools or weapon of choice. In my book Ben fulford is a has been, like Drake the Fake, even David Wilcox is falling way behind as he enjoys being in the lime-light in front of all the camera’s, always promoting his books. So that leaves us pretty much on our own, doesn’t it.

We have known for some time now of all the False Flags done by the VISITORS from the info given to us by the Allies of Humanity, ( which I have been posting this last year ) who was the 1st to warn us about them and how they could make you think that they were the good guys and made all of those False Flag Predictions. This is much like the Matrix, in that we don’t know who we can trust. We must run everything through our Heart of Hearts to find out what is true and what is not,”Discernment”. And this leaves us with yet another False Flag that is still being promoted by them, and that is of course.

The DISCLOSURE & CANTACT that I Believe wont be happening anytime soon but it will happen with our efforts and then last but not least is the big ASCENSION EVENT, which also didn’t happen when we told it would but is still happening as we speak and I think that too, will take some more  time. In Truth it seems that the answer is within us and all of these Events including a different prosperty program which does include new energy systems, will happen when we make them happen, even our truthfull space-brothers admit that they cannot do it for us like the False Flags have foretold. But they can guide us and inspire us, such as they have done up to this moment in time. And like our Allies have told us, we are the only ones who can get rid of the DC, Archons & Visitors and make these things happen. We seems to have this belief and a hard one to break, that someone, somewhere is going to come to save us and to redeem us.

But we are the only ones who can save and redeem ourselves. We don’t need a hand-out, we need a hands up movement.We have all the natural resources that many want, we only need to learn to use them in a responsible way. We don’t want to be dependent on anyone else but ourselves. So that we don’t become Slaves again as we have with the last two Slave masters. And there are more like them just waiting for there turn out there. But I think the good ET’S will not let that happen.


We have the power, insite, guidence, & lots of inspiration. It is in our major Programing, the one before the DC programed into us. Its our true MISSION the real reason that we are here. We must over come this MATRIX     ( mind control ) and re-program ourselves in tune with the higher realms or Spirit Realms that teaches us that LOVE & LIGHT = FORGIVENESS. We are all one Family and about to step into the Greater Community of not only the Galactic Brothers but also of the Greater Universe Family.

And in doing so we have to become wise, as with whom we wish to work with. To make sure that there Agenda is the same as our agenda to benefit all of mankind. Of course Ascension will supersede all goals and Agenda’s. Service to Others is our primary concern for all must eventually Ascend, Love & Light is the best tool we have to make this happen and Forgiveness is the way it will happen. Lets work together now !! Put all of these False Flags behind us, we have learned our lessen from them and a hard one at that. Lets Create a new more positive Reality based on Love and Light. Don’t be afraid, Loves plans are made. L&L Adonai, Rev. Joshua Skirvin