Streamed live 8 hours ago


The 40th anniversary of Big D radio at Dublin Pirate station in 1978..which changed the world of broadacsting, celebrating its success in Dublin on Oct 31st. The news that Eva Zemanova’s data was being discussed over 120 years ago. Eva has retunred to Bases with her data on the massive Space Time Vehicle that came from a Galaxy Cluster billions of miles away, as it was able to travel through the multiple Space Time domains involved, only to crash on earth, and become our many forms. James Casbolt came to Barry King for help, and while he was being desprogrammed with Barry..something happned… Sohail’s ET creature causing disruption… A Parasitic creature that inhabits 3D humans.. to caase disruption… Its a Fast Blast with Pirate Radio in it. and yes it was cold down to 5C