The Black Vault


After reading about the amazing work of David Paulides, and having the pleasure now to call him my friend, I fired off some FOIA requests to track down documents from the FBI, relating to the mysterious disappearances of those he (and others) investigate.

This is a brand new section, and will be growing in the coming months, but wanted to thank David for the amount of work HE has done to pave the way for some of these requests (and those added in the future). If you have not checked out David’s books, do so! They are very well documented, thoroughly researched, and something I highly recommend.

Declassified Documents

 Mccullar, Charles [42 Pages, 22.3MB] – In 1974, 19-year-old Charles or Chuck McCullar left his home state of Virginia for an extended photography and hiking trip, leaving his Volkswagen camper van at home. Charles was a keen photographer. In late January of 1975, McCullar was in Eugene, Oregon, staying for a few weeks with a friend and he subsequently left on a short hitchhiking trip to Crater Lake National Park to take winter photos, planning to come back to the friend’s house two days later. Several people remember seeing him in the Diamond Lake area, but that is the last time anyone sees or hears from him.

When found, the skeletal remains were bizarre. There were foot bones in the socks, but Charles’s jeans were empty except for the broken-off ends of his shin-bones sticking up. The jeans were unbuttoned and the belt left undone. And the rest of him was gone, as if melted away. The crown of his skull was found about 12 feet away but nothing else including no shirt, coat, boots. Just an empty pair of pants sitting on a log, with socks and foot-bones inside! Also, his camera equipment was nowhere to be seen as well and no money in the pack or on the remains.  (Case background courtesy of Strange Outdoors)