tsunamiartThe Wave of Love is moving. I am giving you an update on how close the Tsunami Wave is through Archangel Michael’s chat with Steve Beckow last week. What came up in their discussion was the use of the word Tsunami to describe this Wave of Love that Source will send to Earth shortly. To some the word seems threatening and dangerous but it is far far from that. When the Wave comes it will penetrate every cell of our being. It will not just wash over us and ‘wet’ the outside and continue on but it will reach the very core of every atom. Earlier in these discussions we have been asked to imagine ourselves being as open as a flour sieve – a screen so that there is no resistance to the Love Energy coming in.

You may earlier have read a piece that I wrote entitled ‘The Event Flash’. So to be very clear about this – there is absolutely NOTHING to fear when this day is upon us. Mother would not release this Wave – this Flash – if She knew it would cause harm. She has been preparing us now for many months for this. She is {please understand that when I say She I am referring to the feminine aspect of The One – Source and not in any way shape of form forgetting the Father as they are undeniably One} enlisting the assistance of the entire Galactic Confederation to make sure that this Light Love Flash Wave will reach us at the perfect level of force for each individual on this planet. That is what is so utterly amazing – so utterly unfathomable to many that each soul is cared for and supplied with exactly the amount they need to receive of this Energy.

Also the Wave will be coming just like a tsunami in several waves. The Wave will return under a period of some weeks until we have received all that we need of this Light penetration for our Ascension.

I will now give some direct quotes from Archangel Michael on what I have just mentioned here. Firstly Steve was concerned that as he was so busy every minute of every day that he did not have the time to devote to preparing himself for the Tsunami, Steve asked “Will this impair my experience of the tsunami of love?”

AAM: Are you holding the willingness to be the screen, to be the purity, to have everything that is not of wholeness, of light, of love, of joy, washed away and out of your life?
SB: Oh, absolutely, Lord.
AAM: Well, then, you are in preparation. You are holding this energy.

Many people are ‘Anchoring’ for the collective – ‘Holding’ the energy through meditation;

AAM: If you find that you are not free or available to do the meditations, to anchor and to be the anchor — because that is also part of what is transpiring at this moment; many of you are being asked, invited, guided to hold this energy, yes, as Gabrielle has said, to be the breakwater, and to set the environment, as it were, for the tsunami.
It is rapidly approaching, and I’m sure most of you (and this is in tandem with what we have just spoken about in terms of the equinox), are feeling the shifting of the Earth, of the sands, of the energy beneath your feet and around your body — declaring yourself ready, willing, and able is tantamount. Preparing as much as you can is critically important, of course.
Know that there are many brothers and sisters that are doing the preparation as well for the collective, and many more will join them. But do not think that any being is going to be omitted from receiving this blessing, this gift, directly from the Mother.

Re; People doing basic ‘emergency’ everyday necessary work – no time to focus on this;
SB: Let me ask you a slightly different question. There are, during certain times like war, emergency people who are manning the barricades or whatever. There are other people who are doing necessary services, essential services. The people that are doing emergency services now — and that includes people like parents and teachers — you’re saying, I hope, that they will be able to participate in the tsunami of love every bit as much as all the people who have the time to do the meditations every day and all the practices. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes. Now, you have raised a very good analogy insofar as what you are speaking of is those who are on the barricades, those who are manning the turrets, the parents, the teachers, the everyday workers. The reason for the meditations is just to help them anchor and prepare, and that is why there are many assisting with this preparation. They are not merely doing it for themselves; they are like your spiritual Red Cross or emergency workers. So they are playing their roles while others are doing what you would call essential services.
The purpose of the anchoring is so that the intensity of the wave does not make you feel so overcome or swept away. That is the intention and purpose. But all will receive. Have no doubt about that. The Mother is not picking and choosing in this undertaking.
All, all animals, all trees, all minerals, all rocks, all mountains, all rivers, every blade of grass, every human being, every elder, every child, every infant will be penetrated. Now, the Mother will never make the intensity of her love of such an extent that it would hurt or harm. The energy that she sends in this tsunami of love has its own intelligence, so it will moderate and modulate individually.
That is the wonder of how she creates. It will be appropriate to each person. But that is also why we have said to thee that it comes in waves; that it comes and recedes, and comes again and recedes, and comes again. Because for many it may take several penetrations.”

Therese Zumi interjecting here and saying that it is so wonderful to hear Archangel Michael say that even He is being ‘coached’ as to the next steps as we move forward. It reminded me of Cobra’s recent post when he explained that the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Confederation had also been given the information ‘peu om peu’ regarding the many etheric archon layers of technology that were to be removed within the veil – matrix. You will remember that he informed us that we are now down to the very last layer, the one that we have been bombarding with AAM’s Blue Flame and Saint Germain’s Violet Flame. Tonight during our Sunday night meditation we will continue with this as also with ‘flooding the Vatican’.

The Tsunami Wave of Love – “The idea is love, bliss, ecstasy…”

AAM: Now, we are not talking — let us be very clear; She {Divine Mother} is coaching even me as we go, dear heart — we are not talking about indefinite penetration. We are speaking this day of radical shift and transformation, but it will not be to the extent that someone is so bowled over that they are feeling ill or overcome.
The idea is love, bliss, ecstasy, knowing of joy, being of love, of being in the higher realm. But the gateway to that is not through harm. That is not the Mother’s way. So it is nothing to fear.
Some have said, why use this word ‘tsunami’? Because we want you to know that it will penetrate all of you. It is only a destructive force insofar as it destroys pain, sorrow, grief, heaviness, greed, control, mayhem — the lower vibrations of what you have thought of as the old third. It will wash you, but it will not wash you out to sea and leave you adrift. It will bathe you. Will it bathe you more strongly than the pink light that your brothers and sisters of the stars are bathing you and Gaia with at this very moment? Yes.
There are many things unknown, yes, even to us, throughout the universe, throughout the multiverse, throughout the omniverse. But the one thing that we do know with absolute certainty is the Mother’s love is as gentle and as strong as it has need to be.”

Finally Steve has to ask AAM the big – always recurring question – which he has promised the channel Linda Dillon not to ask – namely “How Soon?”

AAM: Your question next? Well, it is two-fold, is it not, dear Steve? It is, “Well, when?” And, “Are you sure?”

SB: [laughs] Okay! [Quite often Archangel Michael “reads my question paper” and anticipates my questions.] I don’t want to get the channel riled, but okay.
AAM: Yes, we are sure. This is not a variable. This is as certain as spring, as immediate as the equinox. So, without tampering with my agreement with the channel, I tell you the time is now. The shifting sands in the depths of the universe and the heart of the Mother have already begun.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 23/03/2014