Unsure where this came from but was posted in a forum I am on…I found it interesting that what use to be $12 is now posed to be up to $54!-A.M.

The Fed is truly one the biggest ongoing scams in this world right now.

Corruption concept.A point of disagreement I had with someone awhile back was in their claim that
free energy devices would have to become decentralized and widely distributed to
create a world of true abundance and equality, and that all other reforms are
minor or superfluous in relation to that final goal.

I believe that FE is certainly part of the puzzle, but my own view is that
replacing the Fed with a public-bank similar to the Bank of North Dakota that
can create interest-free money (within reason) subject to public control would
remove much of the lifeblood on which the black budget/financial cabal operates,
thus greatly increasing the opportunity for sequestered ET-related technology to
come to light.

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