Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 28, 2013

first published in English on October 29, 2013 in

Freestyle Program of Ascension

Loved ones,

it is obvious that this unique process of ascension has been expanded and enriched again by an essential facet. The “obligatory program” is finished, now follows the “freestyle program of ascension.

Indeed  all the now newly created holograms of the upper 4D earths are either equipped with “walk-ins” or “incarnated” by high angelic beings who have never incorporated into a physical body, in order to keep the energy and to promote the ascension of the people who are present there.

Many beings could not be considered for (incarnation) for this “time of all times”, this is now done in full scope, and it happens that the dark ones are now being starved of energy at the levels of 4D, because they will not find the necessary number of 500 thousand human souls in all upper 4D holograms.

The slavery is over. Only the lower 4D levels and all 3D levels were seized in various grades or completely by the dark machinations. A one-time grace period has begun. Continue to have faith.

It is important, and this justifies and requires all your questions with which you come to us, it is important that you understand why now this new “time loops” are created and why the ascension of many, who are so desperately waiting for this event, will occur within this kind of dynamics.

All new holograms are inhabited, incarnated with souls and equipped until enlightenment can unfold at these levels. The ascension of the light warriors of the first hour, those who have fulfilled their specific orders, remains unaffected by these facts. Affected are only those who have yet to do and act as a man among men, in physical and yet “unfinished” nature. It is also important to know that nothing has been changed in the individual orders, these will only be reaffirmed or made known to you now, because the waiting for the salvation is grinding down the will of anybody who does not know the causes of the waiting.

This first message on this new (ascension) dynamics should lift you up, because truly, worlds are now ascended and worlds go under.

Your orders, beloved Jahn, go on initially in a “linear” fashion before the linear structure is removed. This requires that you be patient, and as a master of this you will perform very well. We will contact you again about this and other new developments. We are close to you and we are with you.

The ascension process goes into the finale of the final phase. We have performed our obligatory program and now we get the opportunity to present in the finale freestyle program once again all our abilities, the love and devotion to this divine project.

Many angels have never looked through the eyes of a man, they know not what a physical body feels like, and this is now made possible and accomplished at the upper 4D earths. With this, the universe expands again and the dark forces are deprived of the ground for their ill-doings on the here mentioned levels of being.

The process of ascension receives its “fine-tuning”, in the manner that the wishes of those are met, who were not originally approved for the journey on this earth because they come from other planes of existence or because the number of incarnated souls was met for this time of change on the earth.

This means the true completion of the ascension process, since even those potentials that were previously unaffected, can now be considered. Be ready – anytime, stay true to your orders because the great cosmic bow is now completed.

In infinite love