Monday, February 25, 2013

Meteors of UFOs?

Yet another unusually large, bright, and slow-moving meteor appeared on February 21, 2013. This time along the California coast, with the majority of the sightings being reported in the Los Angeles area. This only days after very similar “meteors” appeared in Miami, San Francisco, and Russia.
What is extremely strange is that all these meteors were very slow moving and long lasting. Meteors are moving 25,000-100,000 MPH when they enter the atmosphere and normally burn up within a fraction of a second.

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Yet all of these supposed meteors lasted much longer and appeared to be moving significantly slower than the 25,000 MPH meteor minimum. This has led some to question whether these objects are in fact meteors. Especially because so many have appeared in such a short amount of time. It can’t be a coincidence.