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CeRPER CE-5 First Contact Training – United Kingdom
September:  7 – 8, 2013

CeRPER CE-5 First Contact Training – U.S.
So. California (Joshua Tree): August  22-23-24-25

CeRPER CE-5 First Contact Training – Spain
September 12-15

CeRPER Training California

CeRPER is the European CE-5 Expedition and Intrapersonal Development Center; an independent non-profit diplomatic and scientific organisation registered in England and Wales engaged in human initiated Star Being (ET) Contact Training.

The CeRPER Diplomat ET1C Training program provides guidance in quiet mind/mediation, inter-dimensional communication, bio-field sensing, remote viewing, consciousness expansion and more from within a holistic vis-a-vis spiritual growth framework.

Orientated towards a rational non-anthropocentric understanding of star visitors, CeRPER encourages a synthesis of empiricism and spiritual understanding as a necessary component for successful star person contact and communication which to date, empiricism alone has failed to achieve.

Unlike the NASA funded SETI project, CeRPER’s human initiated star person contact programme explores and uses human consciousness, emotional intelligence, bio-electromagnetics and psi-skill training augmented with technical equipment to make direct contact with resident and visiting star craft along with their occupants into the contact group vicinity. To learn more about how to make your first contact, join us on a unique training course that will challenge the way you understand yourself and your place in the cosmos!

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jtsunsetCeRPER CE-5 First Contact Training
Joshua Tree Retreat Center Aug. 22-25, 2013

theteamTo Register: www.CeRPER.org
Questions? Email Us: CeRPER@GalacticConnection.com

4 Full Days: £450.00
(www.x-rates.com for currency conversion)

Make Your Reservations: www. CeRPER.org
ET Contact Expeditions are limited to 25 persons

Accommodations: www.jtrcc.org
– Please mention CeRPER when making reservations

Training Content:
CE-5 Training & Intrapersonal Development Overview:
In the course of making direct contact with our star visitors you will learn how to…

  • Recognise through experience the many diverse forms of star visitor contact; in the environment, overhead in the sky, physically and within the human consciousness – which are typical of CeRPER Contact trainings
  • Understand and experience Remote-View-Vectoring (RVV). For example, moving one’s inner focused attention from the contact site outwards just beyond Earth’s atmosphere to vector star craft to the field site
  • Communicate using Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) and how this communication modality is confirmed through Visual Lock On Contact (VLOC)
  • Use CE-5 contact modalities in respect of light, sound and thought. For example using a laser pointer as a potential communication tool, sound transmission, radar detector returns and electro-magnetic meter detection
  • Recognise information transference through consciousness interaction
  • Cultivate through guidance, the right motives, attitudes, and intentions that are viewed as a vital prerequisite to successful CE-5 contact work.

 It will also be the purpose of the director to provide a clear overview of the star being (ET) topic including comprehensive heart/consciousness exercises for contact, including… 

  • Understanding your social and personal program constructs
  • Use of specific meditation techniques to begin your expanded consciousness;
  • Understanding the necessary spiritual components for star visitor contact, heart chakra activation and the signs of Samadhi
  • How to recognise the various diverse types of Star-Craft/star visitor manifestations with the use of soft-eye-focusing
  • How to make contact and communicate using your ‘feelings’ (Emotional Intelligence), and recognise how this mode of contact is being confirmed
  • Understanding and experiencing expansion of your bio-electromagnetic field to soften, sense and engage invited star visitors for interpersonal development
  • A clear understanding of CeRPER’s ethos, policies and research;
  • Understanding the vital importance and relevance of star person contact work in respect of the current global dynamics on Earth today
  • Understanding anthropocentrism and presenting reasons why the star visitors coming to earth are non- hostile, seek to aid intrapersonal development, an increase in human spiritual maturity and more…


  • Early evening: Meet ‘n’ Greet
  • Introduction to CeRPER CE-5 ET contact methodologies
  • Begin CeRPER intrapersonal skills development for ET Contact
  • Evening: CE-5 Human Initiated ET Contact
    Typically 9:30pm to 1am


  • Daytime workshop to include all of the above bullet points
    (3hrs typically from 1pm to 4pm)
  • Evening CE-5 Human Initiated ET Contact
    Typically 9:30pm to 1am


  • Daytime workshop to include all of the above bullet points
    (3hrs typically from 1pm to 4pm)
  • Evening CE-5 Human Initiated ET Contact  –
    Typically 9:30pm to 1am


  • Daytime workshop to include all the above bullet points  (From 11am to 2pm)
  • Debriefing – CeRPER Diplomatic Certificate presentation
  • Group photo – 2pm: Close


Joshua Tree Retreat Center / www.jtrcc.org
59700 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252 • (760) 365-8371


Please contact JTRC directly for reservations.
Mention CeRPER when you call.

Double Occupancy: $48.00 per night
Single Occupancy: $65.00 per night
Walk Ons: $17.00 per day
Camping Available at $25.00 per night

Meals are not included


Joshua Tree Retreat Center is approximately 45 minutes from Palm Springs International Airport, 1½ hours from Ontario Airport, 1¾ hours from Orange County International Airport and 2 hours from Los Angeles. Please do not rely on your GPS to get you to JTRC. There have been  issues encountered with the directions some GPS’s give.

GPS Coordinates
N34• 8′ 6″
W 116• 21′ 40″

From Los Angeles: 10 Freeway East for approximately 100 miles to Exit 117 onto CA 62 East (29 Palms Highway) for approximately 25 miles and the Center will be on your left.

From San Diego: 215 North to 60 East (Exit 29) to 10 East (Exit on the Left) go approximately 22 miles to Exit 117 onto CA 62 East (29 Palms Highway) for approximately 25 miles and the Center will be on your left.

From either direction: When you see the “Welcome to Joshua Tree” sign, you are seconds away. There is a large rust-colored metal sculpture and a blue sign at the entrance on your left. If you reach downtown Joshua Tree, you have gone too far.