Monday, September 24, 2012

Today features new and sudden beginnings.  It may be hard to believe, but something will dawn on you to show that things are different in the light of today’s energy.  Take heart and realize that darkness that has lingered is abating.  Gradually let go of what has gone.  Today is about new perspectives and new realizations, but the negative end of this energy is holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on and refusing to believe that things are getting better.  I’ve been talking about this theme for two months, but today is the first day that the energy is fully in place for the re-formation of people, places, and things.  The Sun moving into Libra and the configurations of the equinox set this up.  If you remember way back to the New Moon in Aries last spring, I discussed how it would take until late September/early October for the full manifestation of this energy.

I generally talk about the planet and what’s in play with her, but today the hero is the Sun.  Any ritual or prayer of thanks to the Sun today is going to strengthen your spiritual connection and increase your level of intuition.  The “dark side” (non-earth facing) of the Sun is highly active.  This means that the Sun is working on our unconscious levels.  NOAA estimates minimal chance for solar flares directed at us today, but we will see if the Sun decides to divert a burst into conscious manifestation.  Don’t get too deep, meaningful, or serious today.  We will find what we need in fleeting and pleasurable moments.  One final thing: the position of Mars, the planet of war and aggression (among other things), is located at a degree that outlets aggressive emotions.  The best way for this to happen is through sports – in this case archery or shooting at a range or any group sport, but any positive outlet is better than an outburst or controversy.  The energy must be discharged because if not, it will just shoot its way throughout our bodies and hurt us.  It has the power to decimate and devastate.  Be wise with this.