Saturday, August 25 – Sunday, August 26, 2012

This weekend’s energy is like walking through the mists of Avalon.  There is a predominance of mutable and watery astrological energy, which heightens intuition and creativity, as well as strengthening links with the spirit realm.  It is wonderfully calming if you are one who goes with the flow, but if you are trying to structure or control things, it will cause emotional difficulties.  The best bet is to be on a mental vacation this weekend because the energy favors escapism.  Be careful of overindulging in anything (especially alcohol) because it is easy to get lost.  This weekend’s energy is highly emotional.  Feelings will run the gamut and can spill out like water.  But as we span the emotional spectrum, the spectrum of the colors of the rainbow are forming.  The planet is using this energy to reform and correct things (situations in our lives).  Last month was the Turning Point and this month is The Reformation.  We are witnessing a great master painting her masterpiece.  The keyword is “painting” – as a verb, meaning that it is in process.  It can be unsettling when we want things settled.  But we want the best possible outcome so we must float along while it’s happening.  Resistance is futile this weekend, so continue to let go and let Gaia and don’t force anything.

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