This week, I received the following paper from a viewer whose heart’s desire is for this knowledge to finally be shared with the world.  This is the first time this very well written composition has been distributed for all of us to read.  Please send great thanks to Alexander Dumont (his pseudonym) and The Great White Brotherhood for this articulate paper on the positive and negative effects of Extremely Low Frequency. I ask that you distribute this far and wide but please honor the original writer’s wishes and keep it in its original form.  It is not that this information has not been available for the public to read in the past, but this documents that it has been going on since 1982.  Thank you to my friend who prefers to remain anonymous for a intersting article indeed.  We appreciate you sharing this!-A.M.

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By Alexander Dumont
























frequencies-cell-phone-radiation-spectruELF stands for Extremely Low Frequency, which describes the radio wave spectrum that is below Am radio frequency. This is below the 50 Hertz range, or below 50 cycles per second.


The phenomenal of Extremely Low Frequency is two-fold. From the beginning of the formation of the planet earth there has been the presence of natural ELF in the magnetic field of the planet. This is vital to the balance and health of the earth. In contrast, existence of synthetically-produced ELF can set up a disturbance in the field of electrical energy surrounding the earth.




From the very beginning of the formation of the planet earth electrical energy took many forms. The volatile nature of the structuring of what is now termed earth gave birth to the creation of electromagnetic grids accompanied by the subtler form of natural “Extremely Low Frequency” and supported by natural vortex energy around the entire globe. This provided the format of holding the more solid composition of the planet earth together after the massive volcanic eruptions had dissipated to few active volcanoes the escape valves of internal pressures from below the crust of the earth.


The magnetic grids are somewhat like a corset in that this is the system of electromagnetic spectrum which holds all of this substance called matter together in a crystallized state. The abortion or penetration of these electromagnetic grids with synthetically-produced electromagnetic radiation in large amounts is sufficient to upset the equilibrium of the planet as well as every form of life.


The lineage of genetics has for a very long time been acclimated to this particular part of the total environment of magnetic energy which surrounds the entire globe. For this reason there was no interruption of the natural state of things on any level (until recently.)


Research has demonstrated that with the proper electronic equipment and sufficient transmitting power and the proper frequencies that artificially-produced ELF can be put to positive and constructive use for the benefit of everyone on the entire planet.


It has been said that the acclimation of the human vehicle has — through the thousands of years of transition — adjusted itself to the resonance or vibration of the surface of this earth upon which it walks. Natural electro-magnetic radiation, as background radioactive radiation, has been a resident of the electromagnetic fields of this planet earth from its beginning. The genetic adjustments for comfortable passage through these “invisible” fields of energy was accomplished thousands upon thousands of years ago and for this reason there have been absolutely no problems with human beings in a natural environment to which it had been genetically-formed.


For disease to exist in any form requires conformance to the magnetic grids. On this planet the magnetic grid system is the means by which all stabilized environment exists. These grids hold the planet together and all of the energies below as well as above its surface. This has often been referred to as “the balance of nature.” Every form of life, in every kingdom, over thousands upon thousands of years of evolution has adapted to these “unseen” energies in the electromagnetic fields.


The examination of a viral cell through the use of a microscope reveals a corona or emanation from within the cell to its outer rim into the corona itself. This corona is an electrical charge which may be measured in volts. The many viral cells which exist in the disease community have their own unique electrical charge which is common only to that particular viral family of cells. When the exact milli-volts contained in the corona of any given viral cell is discovered it provides the key for the ultimate remission of the lifespan of that particular family of viral cells. Hence, disease, electronically-transmitted, or in its natural state, can be brought to remission and eliminated from the human and animal kingdoms with comparative ease.


3 NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF ELF: Soviet Plan Carried Out


As powerful as the ELF is in the creation and maintenance of life, one can assume that if misused, manipulation and destruction of life as we now know it is possible with equal power. Because ELF wave technology is so difficult to detect, intentional invisible warfare can go on largely without the masses knowing about it. Mind-control, health and weather manipulation are results of the misuse of what we might call subliminal sound (ELF). To gain control of the whole earth and its inhabitants without their knowledge amounts to the “ultimate weapon.” We must not be fooled by recent apparent “softening” of the Soviet plan to gain control over the whole world. In fact, they are now aggressively using their “ultimate weapon.” and it is working so well and so gradually that we don’t even notice what’s happening, nor do we consider attributing our continued weakening to this silent warfare.


The Soviet philosophy is communism. This is a form of political despotism which reduces the population to little more than puppets on the ends of political strings being manipulated by what was referred to as the Politburo — a body of representatives from the furthest corner of this large geographical land mass.


The political and military intrigue of the 20th century were the formats of the ultimate crushing of the human spirit to the point of vegetation and ultimately ridding the surface of the planet of all life. The splitting of the atom led to weapons of destruction and this in turn led to the race for the doomsday weapon the ultimate of weaponry to wipe the earth clean of every vestige and sign of life and to make it uninhabitable. The Soviets were the first to launch a program designed to disturb the mental patterns of human beings. To understand the Soviet mind one must rearrange whatever logic they may possess. For instance, the western mind would not engage in experiments of this order at a very remote area which would make it very difficult to have ready access to needed material or hardware for the construction of the equipment. The deception of having such sophisticated transmitting equipment based in Siberia would not be compatible with the logic of the western mind. It is obvious that this type of deception afforded little or no resistance from any other country in the world.


The uses to which electromagnetic radiation is being put are numerous. The research being conducted in germ warfare by the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries worldwide has led to the stage of optimum capability of ridding the entire surface of the planet of all the vestiges of life forms. This type of research was developed as an alternative to nuclear confrontation with the concept being a limited area of infestation. At this point in time, the feasibility of such warfare has the far-reaching capability of nuclear war. The differences being in the time factor. Nuclear warfare — through the erratic nature of fissionable materials in an explosive state — would have a much longer life-span than would man-made germ warfare. In contrast, the use of electronics to transmit live viral infections would also have the enduring lifespan of fissionable materials and obviously would have a similar erratic nature. However the principle of the longevity of an electronically-induced modulation having a very very long lifespan would be a facsimile effect of a nuclear detonation.


Nikola Tesla succeeded in demonstrating electrical energy in forms that no other man or woman before him would have dreamed of in their wildest fantasies. Among the many accomplishments of this man of science — was the demonstration of sending an electrically induced pulse through the earth and make its exit on the other side of the planet. He also demonstrated that the manipulation of weather was entirely within the realm of feasibility. In the case of the pulse through the earth — it did not require a cannon, with a loud explosion. Rather, the manipulation of these finer energies accomplished this feat.


During the invasion of Yugoslavia, the Soviet Intelligence people (KGB entered the Tesla Museum and confiscated all of the vital material and equipment with which to begin their quest for an alternative to nuclear war reducing the societies of the world to nothing short of mental and physical vegetables. Over the past thirty years, the persistent pursuit of this type of technology led the Soviets to the current status of a state-of-the-art technology in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum


Soviet scientist, Ivan Pavlov observed the behavioral patterns of the audience of symphonic concerts and could discern that the entire spectrum of the emotional structure of humans would be altered from the pits of despair to the heights of ecstasy. These reactions of the audience were due to the structuring of the music or sound patterns that the audience was the sounding board of structured emotions. The audience was to the music as the sounding board is to the piano the taut strings of the emotional system could be played as a well-trained harpist could strum the strings of the harp.


Pavlov took his observations to the laboratory and commenced experiments with animals and discovered that the emotional chord strings of the animal could be altered with sound by observing total passiveness to total hostility. Experiments with humans and achieved the same dramatic results. Ultimately, the goal was to achieve total stability with emotionally disturbed humans through the use of sound alone which could not be heard by the human in the conventional sense. (“Subliminal sound.”) Pavlov established beyond any doubt that electromagnetic radiation (ELF can establish positive and negative biological effects in both humans and animals.)


From the marvels of modern technology has emerged a monster which has been loosed upon the entire planet. The victims of the voracious appetite of this monster are the ignorant and unaware humans who are slowly being reduced to nothing more than human vegetables with the mental capability of a moron handling an atomic weapon of enormous power.


An absurd and obnoxious as the concept may be, the Soviets have found a method of introducing disease worldwide through electronic means. And this does not exclude the Soviet citizens themselves! The Soviet science community knows that the underlying longevity of a viral cell rests with the electrical charge to be found in the corona of the living cell. The conversion of the electrical charge in the corona of a living cell is accomplished by the introduction of a like electrical charge which accelerates the multiple divisions of the cell into an electronic signal which becomes an entrainment of the electrical charge of the viral cell into the man-made electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Ultimately the transition into this form of energy finds its way around the globe on a continuing basis and thus defeats every form of medical technology and anti-bacterial substance in the medical bag. A medical scientist may observe a virus in the bloodstream with a microscope but in the area of electronically-induced viral infection it has made the transition from microscopic to submicroscopic status and therefore goes undetected or becomes untreatable by contemporary methods.


The Soviets have also learned how to take advantage of existing programming such as NBC in New York and entrain or cause to “ride” piggy-back the electromagnetic radiation signal charged with “subliminal information” to create a negative environment to whatever portion or portions of the globe the signals travel. Ingenious, but definitely insidious.


Research has revealed that power lines, electrical circuits and water pipes in the home, microwave ovens, radio and television receivers are carriers of electromagnetic radiation signals.


Ultimately, the electromagnetic radiation program shall lead to a race of human vegetables incapable of rational thinking or rational application of accepted methods of performing even the simplest of tasks. It is totally irrational to think that Soviet science community would develop such a device which would have this disastrous effect on its own people. But in the race for power and control of the world’s population under one government there apparently is no concern about the effects on the Russian populace when the entire world population is the target of the power-made geo-politicians who cast aside any and all opposition to their cause.


As it stands at this time, the entire globe, regardless of country, politics, religion, philosophy or principle is in jeopardy. It is clearly an alternative to nuclear warfare and is working effectively worldwide.


The Soviet signals have entered into an area in which no virgin signals from any earth installation exists and therefore there are no counter-measures known to the Soviet transmissions.


The original discoveries of Tesla — as described in his journals and diary — were meant to benefit mankind, to assist in its development and improve the quality of life on the planet. If this technology is being resurrected by major world powers to influence the thinking processes and behavior patterns in human beings, it would certainly be a misuse of the technology and certainly not as Tesla had intended it to be applied.


At the 1975 Geneva Conference on Disarmament one of the issues brought up by the Soviets in the Annex to the Agreement concerning types of systems of weapons of mass destruction. This was contained in detail of the Agreement on the prohibition of the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction and new systems of such weapons. One of the systems the Soviets wanted prohibited was the means of using “electromagnetic radiation to affect biological targets” as described in the Annex. The official phrases used in the Annex are deliberately vague in order to cover future unseen developments in the same category. Here is what they meant at the level of development at that time regarding electromagnetic radiation to affect biological targets:


This is the use of broadcast radio wave — i.e. electromagnetic radiation to disorient mass populations. The effects are simultaneous over the whole are blanketed by the radio waves and its effects can be made almost instantaneously, requiring only a matter of seconds to initiate mental instability in each individual. On the other hand, it can also be used to slowly deteriorate the quality of mental activity and body functions by constant exposure to relatively weak radiation overall an extended period. The advantages are the completeness of the coverage, near impossibility of defense against it an the fact that it involves no logistics. No hardware in the form of missiles, planes, tanks, warships nor troops are required to penetrate enemy territory. The disadvantage is the inability to strictly define the area covered to suit requirements. For example — the radiated field cannot be made to conform to territorial frontiers. It is primarily a strategic weapon but can be adapted for tactical use by utilizing high intensity beams directed at specific targets.


The intent and meaning of this document is self-evident. (“Don’t do this bad thing — but WE will!”) Typically, the Soviet mystique and intrigue of international politics manages to keep under wraps their real motives. A more recent example of this is the nuclear accident which occurred at Chernobyl. The real truth of what actually happened and how will probably not be known for some time. But the long-range effects of it on the people of the Soviet Union and ultimately the world have yet to be realized.


ELF represents the single greatest interference with natural laws of life and health today exceeding nuclear threat because it is already in operation. Unless it is dealt with nothing else — politics, economy, etc. — will matter.




Active forces overcoming the passive forces is the means by which a life form can be altered, but never destroyed. The introduction of magnetic currents produces mutations of the parent or primordial energy source. Thus, the progression of life in all of its crystallized forms is altered to form the phenomena known as disease. An abnormality is created because the primordial patterns of energy have been disrupted to the point of establishing a compensatory rate of vibration or pulse with a corresponding rate of vibration or pulse in the physical form. The weakened structure is then subject to the active forces of dis-ease.


There is not one disease — biological or neurological — which does not have its own unique harmonic. In all probability, once the specific harmonic is known, it can be transmitted by electronic pulses to create the mimicry, if not the actual disease in the physical body. Undoubtedly, this shall be the subject of debate in the academic hallways for decades to come. Nevertheless, it shall be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that electronically-caused disease is fact.


Also, each of the vital organs of the human body have specific harmonic rates of vibration in which they maintain their vitality. The performance of any given organ is affected by these synthetically-made pulses by altering the state of the electrolysis of that particular organ. By reversing the polarity of the organ from plus to minus in sufficient amounts, these pulses reduce the organ’s effectiveness in the total health community of the entire human system.


ELF waves move atoms in a counter-clockwise direction — literally scrambling the polarity of the atom. Electromagnetic radiation transmissions are inaudible or barely audible sounds when broadcast — causing ringing in the ears and affecting the cerebral cortex.


Electromagnetic radiation transmissions serve as an accelerated form of magnetic pulse and produce a number of symptomatic pulses in the physical body of the human. Unfounded or unexplained negative states will include loss of will power and creative instincts, anxiety, irritation, resentment, hostility, fear, lack or total loss of incentive, frustration, night terrors and sweats, defensiveness, apprehension, sense of isolation, sadness, withdrawal, combativeness, premature senility or memory loss.


Additional symptoms include a sense of “what’s the use of living,” compulsive eating, or lack of appetite, vomiting, various flu symptoms, headache, nausea, sinus and eye pressure. Emotional disturbances affecting inter-personal relationships, low or lost self-image and self-confidence usually dismissed as caused by standard of life problems — but out-of-proportion to same, produces sense of individualized or isolated quilt and lack of willingness to disclose condition publicly, fatigue resulting from sleep deprivation and victims are driven intentionally to consequent drug use — resulting in habit-forming consumption of sleeping pills “upper and downers,” tranquilizers etc., also alcohol as “counteraction.”


ELF waves, depending upon the frequency being transmitted, can also produce negative effects in the arteries, left and right hemispheres of the brain, capillary veins, cardiovascular disorders, digestive tract disorders, emotional instability, the endocrine system, the eyes, drug and alcohol addiction, gall bladder disorders, heart and liver disorders, lymphatic gland disorders, muscular disorders, nerve sheathing disorders, general nervous system disorders, reproductive organ disorders, skeletal disorders, soft tissue disorders, spleen disorders, pancreatic disorders, stomach disorders, thyroid gland disorders, disorientation and locomotion disorders, burning sinus, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, hysteria, hostility, memory loss — to mention a few of the disorders which can be created by these types of signals.


Tragically, the introduction of sterility through the use of electronic modulations specifically designed for such purposes is more than a possibility. There have been many attempts by the ecology community to control the world population through surgical intervention, birth-control substances, altering the hormones of the human body, genetic engineering etc. The worst is the introduction of impotency through the use of electronic modulations beyond the awareness of the individual. This produces more than just impotency. It also produces a number of biological dysfunctions, including a total lack of rational through and its application to the daily function of the human form. It is a mystery as to the logic of attempting to improve upon a wonderfully-working body when it had worked well from its birth.


The alteration of the electrical process of the human cerebral cortex can easily manifest the actual composition of the viral infection or the mimicry of a disorder. For example, there are known cases where the patient experienced the symptoms of a coronary problem and all of the known tests were conducted to establish whether a true coronary problem existed. The tests were negative and yet the mimicry of commonly recognized symptoms persisted. This is a demonstration of undiagnosed electromagnetic radiation caused biological dysfunction in the body of the human being. This has been repeatedly demonstrated with patients with no previously-known history of cardiac problems. There are also numerous examples of negative biological effects of electromagnetic radiation which are not necessarily perpetrated by the Soviet science community.


The logic of entraining a “foreign” extremely low frequency or signal with that of the human brain is to reduce the human immune system to a low point — if not in fact to zero — where the body is incapable of activating its defenses to any foreign invader regardless of its form. To disturb the equilibrium of the human brain is to disturb the equilibrium of the environment in which the human brain exists. The same logic may be applied to the physical universe in which the human body exists and co-exists with all other lifeforms.


The vast majority of humans and animals function daily from the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain. Those who are creative and have the spirit of adventure function through the right hemisphere. The reduction of the ability to function in either hemisphere is the goal of Soviet science — to reduce the human in particular to a vegetable state where the defense instincts are zero.


A disconcerting element in the areal of medical diagnosis is that the evidence of the symptom escapes medical diagnosis because there is not the three-dimensional evidence to support the presence of the problem. This means then that there is nothing in the medical establishment which will disable the problem and therefore it becomes a problem to resolve outside of the medical establishment through the intervention of proper electronic technology. This actually may be part of the Soviets’ plan, because it directly attacks our economic system as well. Specifically, with more and more people spending thousands of dollars in the hospital to find a cure for an illness for which there seems to be no logical cause, we only become further entrenched in debt and unhappiness.


There lies hidden within the framework of the modulation a dangerous and toxic element which is technically referred to as “heterodyne.” Heterodyne is capable of producing nausea, headaches and disorientation, to name a few, when an individual is exposed long enough to this particular electrical field.




During the months of February and March of 1983 — there were reports of wide-spread Bangkok influenza east of the Mississippi River. There were no reports of this strain of influenza west of the Mississippi. Viruses of this type usually travel on the air currents. In as much as there were no reports of this virus west of the Mississippi is a valid reason to pause and reflect on this contradiction of viral behavior. Furthermore, over one-half of the public schools in the State of Ohio were closed because of this infection. The duration of the infection for every individual who had the virus was six weeks — far beyond the normal lifespan of any of the influenza strains. How? The harmonic for this particular virus was by accident or on purpose being transmitted continuously for specific periods on a specific frequency and on specific days of the week. Everything in the medical arsenal proved ineffective. This particular phenomenal occurred throughout the eastern portion of the United States from Maine to Florida with no valid reason or answers to resolve it.


In 1975 — the citizens of Eugene, Or were complaining of “ringing” in their ears, depression, nausea, nd unexplainable fatigue. A team of ear nose and throat specialists were summoned to determine if the 80+ odd patients were suffering from massive tinnitus. The diagnosis was “not tinnitus!” The medical team determined that this phenomenal was a matter for science and not for medicine because of the lack of precedence for such biological phenomena. The matter was not resolved in Eugene, but it nevertheless was the advent of more sophisticated forms of electromagnetic radiation. Yet once the source was discovered there was little which could be done to stop it during this period because of the lack of technological “know-how.” So it remained unsolved because of the persistent pursuit of measuring and solving this form of radiation through Hertz technology. This was the target area for determining if distance would be a barrier to ELF transmission. Eugene was chosen because it has the same coordinates as the Soviet installation. They are both on the 45th parallel — so the trajectory from point A to point B was used because of the limited transmitting capability at that time. Since Eugene was on the same parallel and thus most convenient and, at the same time, unobtrusive and vulnerable, then on a small scale they could determine the success or failure of the experiment. (The experiment obviously succeeded.)


The recent episode of Humphrey — “the wrong-way whale” — swimming up the Sacramento river — illustrates how certain combinations of external electrical fields can upset a delicate balance. News reports indicate that every time the whale swam under a bridge carrying a power line it lost its sense of direction and began to swim in circles. All of the speculation concerning this particular phenomenal with Humphrey does not dispel the fact that he did “swim in circles under the bridge.”


Animals can easily detect sound beyond the human capability and react according to the degree of sound. For instance, animals are aware of a forthcoming earthquake before a seismograph picks if up. Why? The animals’ sense is much more acute than that of both human and seismograph. This is made possible because of the unique composition of the electrolysis of the animals’ systems which enable them to perceive the oncoming earthquake through the electrical disturbances in their heads and feet. The feet of a dog are highly sensitive “radars.” They might be compared to the hands of the human being in terms of sensitivity Of course, the sensing of a forthcoming earthquake is not exclusive to the dog because all of the four-footed animals are equally sensitive to changes in electrical energy.


As reported in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, February 1, 1977, the Soviets have learned how to transmit electric power without the use of wires. “Mysterious Russian radio signals have been disrupting worldwide communications. Questions concerning the possibilities of the Russian experiments were brought to the Canadian Department of Communications last winter. W. W. Scott,  director of operations at the department said that after a request for help, all nine of the agency’s listening posts were asked to analyze the Russian signals. By this time however, the Russians in response to a barrage of complaints primarily from other European governments, had begun to limit the duration of the transmissions that were causing the interference.”


“Russians Bombarding U.S. With Mind-Control Radio-Waves” reads the headline in the August 1, 1978¸ edition of the National Enquirer. “The Russians are bombarding two Canadian mining towns with powerful radio waves that cause sickness — headaches, sleeplessness and emotional problems — says a Canadian government official and qualified U.S. observers warn the same thing is happebing to a city in Oregon. Canada’s Dept. of Communication has located the culprit Soviet transmitters: one at Riga, the other at Gomel, near Minsk, said Andrew Michrowski, who is an official in the Canadian Secretary of State Department’s Evaluation Directorate.”


Psychology Today, Jan 1984,  had an article called Mind Control in 1984. “Soviet scientists have been perfecting a device that bombards the brain with low-frequency radio waves. These airborne waves can travel over distances and change the behavior of animals and humans in their path. The low-frequency radio waves simulate the brain’s electromagnetic current and produce a trance-like state.”


Chicago Sun-Times, February 16, 1982  includes “Navy’s Pesky ELF again confronts wary Michigan.” “After 2 years of false starts and frustration, the Navy again is ready to embark on the $23- Million ELF radio-communications project on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan despite concerns about its vulnerability to sabotage. ELF is capable of broadcasting radio signals on a wavelength that penetrates hundreds of feet down into the sea. It can ‘page’ deep-diving submarines.”




The brain is the most vulnerable point of the entire body. It is the mechanism of total awareness of the 3-dimensional world in which it exists. Some have achieved this type and kind of awareness mentally and physically without the division of the one from the other. Others are not aware of more than what is in the crystallized form the basis of compatibility with a 3-dimensional existence.


The brain itself feels no pain. It is a computer which registers the negative impulse of pain and converts the signal of the pain into awareness of the existence of an environment. A database, if you will.


The brain resonates at 7.83 hertz. As it happens, the earth also resonates at 7.83 hertz, and for this reason the establishment of compatibility with both environments has long been established as it concerns the electrolysis involved in both environments.


The properties of the human brain are basically electrical. Such electrical energy can be measured through the use of encephalographs which are designed specifically to “read” the electrical emanations of the brain. The cerebral cortex, being the principle source of electrical emanation from the human brain, is the area in which, in the conscious state, the human being does his or her thinking. Whenever an abortion or interruption of these electrical pulses in the cerebral cortex takes place it is because of an electrical source which is greater in output than that of the brain itself. The period of confusion, loss of memory, depression, hostility and many other symptoms are generated by the invasion of the electrical system of the cerebral cortex by an outside source foreign to the native state and function of the cerebral cortex. This then takes the form of man-made electromagnetic radiation, a pulse which is greater than, but within the range of the electrical energy of the human brain — to become affected by the invasion of a “foreign” modulation. The stage, under these circumstances, is set for the altering of human behavioral patterns and to pave the way for the introduction of electronically-transmitted disease over a very wide are without regard for any country, its people or politics.


The structuring of electrical energy of the human lies largely within the cerebral cortex, the earth through the minerals of its crust. The actual reception of ELF in the human brain is through the cerebral cortex because of the force of the ELF penetration is greater than the native pulse of the brain. The active overcomes the passive.


One of the more common occurrences of ELF penetration is after a person retires. In this state, he or she is for all practical purposes not aware or conscious of the environment in which the body is at rest. The individual is aroused (usually in the early A.M. hours) with the hair on the head very damp — particularly at the hairline or in the approximate position of the brain stem. The rest of the body is totally dry. Strangely enough, the moist hair also serves as a conductor, as well as the brain itself — and if exposure time is sufficient — it may well result in a headache accompanied by a very high-pitched sound in the auditory system.


This excessive heat is created by radiation greater than that of the brain itself and in as much as water (especially if it contains sodium — which human perspiration does conducts electrical energy). This makes it possible for the external radiation to enter into the brain stem — coupled with the information — and then on into the cerebral cortex to “scramble” the electrolysis of the cortex. Reaction to this “unseen” invasion varies from person to person. Exposure on a continuing basis to this field of radiation can in due time create numerous biological dysfunctions which defy medical diagnosis.




ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves use what Tesla called non-Hertzian “Scalar” technology. These are actually longitudinal sound waves that exist in the vacuum of empty space. Unlike Hertzian technology, these are directional frequencies that do not lose power over distance. The reason many people “hear” ELF frequencies as high-pitched ringing is that they are hearing the high upper-partial “overtones” of the fundamental low frequency that is being broadcast.


ELF Electromagnetic radiation signals are usually transmitted in early A.M. — U.S. time — but they may be broadcast at any hour. It is generally heard as a pattern of single or double prolonged tones — like a barely-audible jack hammer, a dentist’s drill or changeable Morse code. It is often perceived as a high-pitched — intermittent signal. When the Soviets began their first experiments it was called the “Russian Woodpecker” because that is precisely what it sounded like — a woodpecker on a tree trunk or light pole. These intermittent signals were quite debilitating — with variables of 1 to 5 beats per second.


The science of harmonics affords the opportunity to discover the oscillation of the planet and every form of life upon it. Harmonics reflect the entire mathematical equation from zero to infinity. The Hertz technology — on the other hand — advocates the mathematical system of “rounding off” to the nearest whole number and is an abbreviated form of which does not reflect the whole or true value of the mathematical terms being used. Hertz is an aberrated form of mathematics which leads to very limited area within the parameters of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. It is for this reason that the vast numbers of people seeking valid solutions to the riddle of electromagnetic radiation shall never find them because of the limited values represented by the Hertz school. The Hertz school is a school of mathematical convenience more than the reflection of mathematics in its purest form.


For example, research resulting from radar probes reflects the velocity of light being 186,282.397 statute miles per second. The .397 reflects a much more accurate measurement than rounding the value off to 186,282 because ultimately the further one goes into space — the more significant the “.397” becomes in obtaining the true distance from point A to point B.


In the field of electromagnetic radiation, approximations are not sufficient because to obtain a total remission of any problem associated with electromagnetic radiation one must have the precise value.   Under any other conditions — all attempts to solve the riddle shall be fruitless and frustrating to the researcher.


8 SENSITIVITY OF SUBJECT: Efforts to Suppress Information


Nikola Tesla provided the format of understanding the unlimited use of electrical energy to alter the state of both crystallized and uncrystallized energy. To create precipitation, for example, when there was no evidence of cumulus or any other type cloud formation to activate precipitation was nothing short of scientifically impossible phenomena. Yet, Tesla proved this theories by actually demonstrating them. Henry Moray, another electrical wizard, made the statement that he could make it possible to light up the average American home for the paltry sum of thirty-five cents a year. The evidence of this remarkable man was refused by the United States government and the existing utility companies of that era. Reason: Not profitable! The use and need for considerably more cumbersome equipment became the reason for the excessive price of electrical energy together with the maintenance of the equipment. The uncontrolled use of electrical energy established the electrical community to send through their systems tremendous amounts of electrical energy which produced a negative biological effect on humans called “non-ionizing radiation.” The University of Maryland proved — beyond any doubt — that the high incidence of “brain tumors” was caused by this phenomenal in the electrical system engineered by the utility company in that area. The same degree of uncontrolled distribution of electrical energy exists throughout the United States.


The technology of such wizards as Tesla, Moray, Pavlov, Steinmetz, Faraday, De Forest, et al. clearly demonstrated the common denominator of electrical energy and the various uses to which it could be put. When confronted with the technology of the above — the American science community smugly — and at times reluctantly — accepted the research findings of these men. However — in the cases of Tesla, Moray and Pavlov, history has proven their concepts were not totally accepted in the United States. The Soviet science community however — was willing to at least “test” Tesla and Pavlov’s theories in the same manner in which they were originally presented without attempting to alter in any form the original concepts. In due time the Soviet science community determined that these men knew what they were about and proceeded to accelerate the basic findings of Tesla and Pavlov into a more sophisticated form by utilizing American technology in the field of electromagnetics. More specifically, they use a 50 megagauss electromagnet developed in America — for weather and mind control. Ostensibly — the “controlled” project was to take place in the Soviet Union as a “joint effort” by American and Soviet scientists. The geo-politics of that period made it difficult, if not impossible, for the American scientists to remain in the Soviet Union to pursue research into the matter of weather control. At the time, the Soviet science community made no mention of mind control because of the earlier failures in the early thirties by the Soviets to establish extra-sensory perception as an unquestionable fact. Meanwhile — we’re out — but they still have our magnet!


There are negative effects of electromagnetic radiation whose origin is the United States Military Communications Network (USMCN). Even though the USMCN is intended for U.S. Intelligence communication, it nevertheless has an “overflow” effect which affects both military and civilian personnel. One of the more common effects of USMCN is vertigo. Although the motives differ between the two countries in the use of electromagnetic radiation transmitters, this does not allow for the biologically harmful effects of either type of radiation. Motivation of the United States is not the question. The question is what — if anything — is being done to safeguard the military and civilian populations of the United States in particular? The answer is nothing. In spite of the fact that volumes of documentation support the biological risks involved with the use of this type of energy, the government as a total entity regards the subject too sensitive to discuss.


This entire problem is not the total responsibility of the United States Government insofar as a remedy is concerned because it is a combination of Soviet and U.S. electromagnetic radiation which we must contend with on every level. Of course, the U.S. Government authorities know that this problem exists. The military sensitivity of the subject is the one basic reason that the American public has not been informed that such phenomena exists and the documented research has been buried under the bureaucratic garbage disposal to prevent public disclosure. For example, Marquette University which had conducted a two-year research program ending in 1977 with a published book (a joint effort by Marquette University and the School of Medicine at Milwaukee was taken off the shelves of all of the bookstores across the United States.) The findings of these two respected institutions reflect the definite negative biological effects of electromagnetic radiation signals on human beings of that period.


The world of harmonics beyond the 3-dimensional world is by far more immense than anything to be found in the 3-dimensional protocols to which we have all been trained, programmed and solicit in our daily activities. Individuals are too preoccupied with individual health and subsistence, just “getting through the day,” to protest other active forms of subversion occurring simultaneously, i.e. medial takeover, invasion of trained subversives as “immigrants” (appealing to good nature of “melting pot tradition” while undermining our social structure. Also, to support proselytising for party members, large-scale and in public. All methods are now “underground.” Meantime, lots of “smoke screens,” talks, etc. regarding disarmament. Priority Soviet government expenditure, not only on armament but on civil defense and mind control in all forms.


To flatly state that disease can be and is transmitted by electronic means would undoubtedly raise the ire of scientists outside of the Soviet Union.


Tesla was the founder of the alternating current system which is how our globe is presently electrified. He was financed in his early research by J.P. Morgan. And yet in spite of this incredible demonstration of genius, if you would walk up to a second-year student in electrical engineering or physics on a university campus and ask what they know about Tesla, they will usually recall only the “Tesla coil.”


This occurred because Tesla was truly a man ahead of his time. His works were swept under the rug because of intellectual conceit on the part of our own scientists: they refused to examine and at least test the principle with an open mind. His ideal were denied. And because they were, his name was ultimately erased from the electrical engineering reference books in the United States.


In the 1920s, in the early infancy of radio, American radio engineers discovered that toxic radiation was being emitted from the vacuum tubes. This is called heterodyning. Heterodyning is mixing two frequencies for the purpose of generating a precise output frequency. This merging of two opposite signals produces a toxicity that is incompatible with the electrical system of the human body.


Because of this, it became necessary to create the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). To protect the consumer required regulating the manufacturers of receivers in particular. The shielding of the vacuum tubes inhibited the radiation, thereby making the receiver in the average household safe. If people were exposed long enough to this toxic radiation from vacuum tubes it could kill them. Outside the borders of the United States there is no such thing as a regulatory body forbidding the use of a particular wavelength. Because of this, any country outside our borders can do whatever they like.


(Yet even in this country, ELF waves are not regulated by the FCC!)


It is possible to research the positive applications of this technology. This would provide new health options for the future. But it would be quite costly. A few years ago in a televised address, Caspar Weinberger and General Visey, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, appeared before the Senate

subcommittee on the military budget. They were requesting a $75 million research and development grant to experiment with the possibility of erecting a forcefield over the United States to protect it from inbound ICBMs.


The myriad problems associated with electromagnetic radiation are not totally confined to the Soviet Union even though their use of this form of radiation can be construed to be more diabolical than for practical and progressive use to the human family. One could reasonably ask this question: Does the

electromagnetic radiation affect the citizens of the Soviet Union? Of course it does! The Soviets are masters of deception.




Research demonstrates that there are specific forms of music which can be played to suspend the interaction of an electronically-induced viral infection. Stereophonic earphones and counterpoint music deflect and stabilize the infection to zero effect when played continuously for approximately 4 minutes. Johann Sebastian Bach is the best known composer of counterpoint. It is not the music per se — but the structuring of the music which is important.


ELF can also be countered — although it is quite temporary — through music that contains specific pitches. Specifically — the notes E, F and G. George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Concerto in F and American in Paris, and Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto has proven to be effective. The resonance of these particular notes lies in the areas between 7 and 8 Hz., frequently a range of ELF transmissions.


The negative ions generated by moving water can have a beneficial effect on ELF wave transmissions. But you have to stay under the shower. The moment you leave, its effect stops. Negative ion generators alone don’t seem to be helpful.


In the present renaissance of esoteric wisdom studies in the last 1 to 2 years, it is thought that meditation, proper diet, and positive thinking may in fact somehow modify the electromagnetic field around the earth. Well, no matter who you are, what you eat, how spiritually evolved you are — none of this matters. Why? Because this kind of phenomenon is not God-made, it is man-made.


The only alternative then is to deal with the problem on its own terms and ins own environment. We must observe a well-known universal law that states: the active overcomes the passive. Actually, it means that a greater activity has to be created to overcome as lesser activity.


The only viable method of protection from the onslaught of these biologically damaging signals is through the use of and construction of a “Tesla Shield” an umbrella-like effect which bounces the signals away from the area over which a Tesla Shield has been erected. A Tesla Shield is an electronically-constructed field of energy which prevents the entrance of the extremely low frequency signals to the surface and all of the inhabitants in that particular area.


Reversing to a zero state all of the ELF and Microwave signals can be permanently retired providing that one is familiar with the phenomenal of Hyperspace, Etheric Energy and the harmonic

values of the inert gas spectrum.


Every individual has the choice of activating their free will. It is not a matter of which is the sole responsibility of the governments of the world as it is a matter of individual and group initiative. It is not a matter of going on the offense. It is a matter of erecting a defense against the onslaught of

these unseen, but very real, transmissions from within the borders of the United States as well as beyond its borders. It is a different kind of warfare being waged in lieu of the conventional battlefield war.


There is not one valid reason for not putting the state-of-the-art electronics to constructive use. It is time to leave the sandbox and the drawing board to conduct one’s self as an adult and not as an ungovernable child who makes senseless scratches on the canvas of life on this planet!


The solution to this phenomenal lies in meeting and matching the pulse or beat of the electromagnetic radiation transmission in its own environment and thus establish zero activity insofar as its effects on and in the physical body of the human being is concerned. After this has been accomplished — the primordial or native rate of vibration has been restored to its original environment of magnetic influence in the world of form as it is commonly understood in the environment of the human being.


The solutions to the problems created by men and women worldwide in the field of electomagnetic radiation research falls far short of the goal because of their refusal to listen to Tesla and the use of harmonics exclusively. The results of such refusal is today self-evident. It is one thing to cause a radio signal or pulse to be placed 18 degrees out-of-phase. It is entirely another to use the proper mathematical value to alter the actual state of the signal permanently.


The only option left open to the general public is to attempt to create electronic method of defense. It would be utterly useless to attempt to eliminate the transmissions which have already been lofted into our atmosphere by razing all of the transmitters to the ground worldwide. The transmissions are going to remain in their orbits around this planet for a very very long time to come. It is entirely feasible to create such a device, but it would be useless through the use of Hertz technology. The only viable and lasting method is through the system of harmonics on a continuing basis ’round the clock every day and month of the year.


Alexander Dumont


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April, 2014
NOTE FROM EDITOR OF THIS ARTICLE: “Alexander Dumont” is a pseudonym. The actual author of this article is now deceased but he entrusted me to make this article public at some time in the future. My wish is to honor his request to keep his actual name unknown. However, here are few details that I would like to convey about his background: Among other things, he had the ability to heal people using “etheric healing” techniques. In 1982, he noticed that his healings would revert and at that point, he had to stop his main work. He discovered that artificial transmissions of ELF frequencies from all over the world, but mostly from Russia, at that time, were upsetting not only his healings but affecting all people on the planet in negative ways. He had the ability to remote view and each night he was able to visit the exact transmission towers all over the world and identify the new frequencies as they would update. He kept logs of these frequencies. He also discovered that it was possible to reverse the polarity of these frequencies to neutralize them. He recognized that by getting involved with this work it would be best for him to remain incognito and that is why he preferred to go by his pseudonym. He was a friend and consultant to Robert Beck, William Tiller, Tom Bearden, and Andrija Puharic. For those people who are just now learning about man-made ELF transmissions (HAARP and other variants) it is important to see that large-scale transmission has been going on for more than 30 years!

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