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Flying humanoid
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I first saw video of this intriguing spectacle about eighteen months ago and from time to time the image of a ‘person’ walking in the sky over Mexico has haunted my mind’s eye. Who hasn’t at one time wished they could fly like a bird?

We usually assume that space craft and UFOs are manned… but the Galactics employ robotics and remotely controlled technologies like the orbs that create crop circles which appear to be unmanned probes of some sort.

Perhaps these “flying humanoids” are not flesh and blood beings but drones or clones, although the fact they appear to wear helmets may suggest they are at the very least extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs).


There’s no arguing that we must expand our understanding of what is possible, because we have been fed enough lies that we have no idea what reality is. Humanity has been a culture of mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed loads of shite by those who control us.

While the rest of the Universe lives like the Jetsons, the general human population on Earth are akin to the Flintstones; kept ignorant and believing we are earth-bound and that space travel is in its infancy. Many of us can’t even grasp that the US shadow government has secretly developed craft that have been to the moon and Mars and that they built bases on Mars which have since been destroyed by the Light forces.

In truth, the wonders of the cosmos(es) are waiting for us to open our eyes and take them in. The proof is there if we will just see it. Ready or not, hidden technologies about to be shared with Humanity will change us and our lives forever.

For now, however, we must be satisfied with these tantalizing bits of possibility that poke out at us from the frayed seams of our controlled existence. 

John Kettler is a former U.S. Department of  Defense employee. He’s also an empath and communicates with some Galactics and regularly contributes to our understanding of what we are seeing and why. Your own discernment is recommended, as always.  ~ BP


Flying Humanoids–Magnified view of one shot over Mexico, March 5, 2000   Image Credit: Unknown

“Flying humanoids? You’re kidding, right?” No, and not only am I not kidding, but neither is the U.S. Intelligence Community, according to well-informed military/intelligence insiders.  Ever since flying humanoids first appeared over Mexico (a hotbed of UFO activity) in 2000, flying humanoids, so called because that’s what they most resemble, have been appearing in greater numbers and over a larger and larger area. Talking several countries!

In the thousands of cell phone images, plus considerable video, the flying humanoids appear to have heads, torsos, arms and legs. At least, that’s what we seem to be seeing. Now, such things overhead arguably are not only UFOs, but in their own separate high weirdness niche. Adding to this, flying humanoids have been photogrammetrically determined to be never less than 9′ tall and never more than 12′ tall. Here’s a high res, but fairly long distance,  video, complete with narration by paranormal researcher and UFO specialist Rich Giordano, who watched what we can somewhat see here, but through high power binoculars, and what he describes is simply astounding. See and listen for yourselves.

This is another doc on flying humanoids from the renowned Mexican UFO researcher Jaime Maussans.

Though they first appeared over Mexico, flying humanoids have since greatly expanded their area of operation. To the north, they’re in the American Southwest as far as Arizona and on the West Coast clear up to Santa Monica, California. To the south of Mexico, they appear to be operating into Central America and maybe even to Venezuela! They’ve been often observed flying, if that’s the right term, solo, sometimes in pairs, but even in V formations of three and five. Flying humanoids have also been seen flying in echelon formation.  Unsurprisingly, since they’re operating now in U.S. airspace, there’ve been encounters with the U.S. military.

Flying Humanoids & the U.S. Military

Flying humanoids have been detected and recorded both visually and on radar over and near certain U.S. bases in the Southwest. No specific base names will be given. What can be said is that it’s been scientifically determined that these flying humanoids are real. Available imagery, some taken from exceedingly close range, clearly shows these are real objects, not holograms or some other clever trick. Further, insiders report the flying humanoids are “weakly radar reflective,” lending further credence to the flying humanoids’ existence.

There have been near misses between flying humanoids and aircraft in the takeoff and landing pattern, in one case causing radical avoidance maneuvers by a transport aircraft. Fully armed F-16s have been scrambled to intercept flying humanoids, closed in ready to fight if need be, only to have the targeted flying humanoid in front vanish, then instantly reappear behind the F-16. In the fighter trade, the last place you want an opponent is on your tail or, as it’s called, “on your Six,” the number referring to an imaginary clock superimposed from above on the engaging aircraft. This clock system facilitates rapid location of targets on one hand, and making timely warnings to fellow pilots on the other.

Targets that can disappear and then reappear in the catbird seat are the nightmare of fighter pilots, since a hostile at Six is the fastest way to die in aerial combat, whether by gun or missile attack. That said, this disturbing capability has led to the cautious opinion the flying humanoids may be jumping briefly into another dimension. From high above Tikaboo Peak overlooking the famous/notorious Area 51 outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, the controversial Bill Cooper shot 70mm color film of a UFO doing what was apparently the very same thing. The UFO was there in one film frame and gone the next, sometimes jumping over great portions of the night sky. If you don’t want to wade through the meaty nearly two hour documentary below, start at around an hour and a half in.

“How can such an amazing thing be done?” you ask. As it happens, not only is there a short, relatively simple explanation, but a very detailed one, too, part of UFO propulsion book, of which, more shortly. The quick explanation is that the UFO is briefly opening a tiny wormhole between where it is and where it needs to go next. When it enters the wormhole, it disappears from our perception because it’s no longer in our dimension, but we see it, and can record it, once it’s completed its hyperjump and is once again in our dimension. Now, I promised a book, I believe.

And what a book! Paul E. Potter has written what is almost certainly the definitive Unclassified  work on flying saucer propulsion. Titled Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft: UFO Propulsion Dynamics (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008), this is the Cook’s Tour™ of what makes the classic flying saucers fly. The brain-melting scientific explanation for the hyperjumps  is on page 31, the start of Chapter 2: Helical Field Tube Technology of Propulsion.

This book may make your head throb, but fortunately for people like me, rather than presenting a sea of indecipherable equations of the sort we used to see as the underlying high order math in an episode of the former TV series “Numb3rs,” Potter has instead graced us with the most wonderful technical illustrations I’ve yet to see. And he did them himself!  His amazing illos, if you’re willing to do the associated demanding reading, explain the most complex ideas in ways those of us not Professor Charlie Epps of that show can follow.

Flying Humanoids–the Military’s Schizoid Response

Not-for-attribution contacts say the encounters with flying humanoids in protected military airspace (never mind over civilian airfields, airports and in congested urban airspace), have made them enough of an issue that they are now reported in the various Classified INTSUMs (Intelligence Summaries), which chronicle, variously, daily, weekly, monthly and even annual activities of intelligence interest.

That may be the good news. Somebody’s paying attention! Unfortunately, this the same military which has done all its considerable power to make the UFO problem go away, through rigged studies (e.g., Condon Report), tanking careers, forced mental institutionalization and more. And flying humanoids are? UFOs, at least, when viewed from the overall U.S. military perspective! Sadly, when it comes to both cases, the situation is akin to players in the now superceded D&D™ (Dungeons & Dragons™) fantasy roleplaying game who, when confronted with some horrible monster, instantly respond to the game master’s spine-tingler with “Attempting to disbelieve!” Why? They fervently hope what they’re seeing is imaginary, some sort of illusion or hallucination.This is exactly how the U.S. military has historically reacted to UFOs, and the word’s that the same has happened when it comes to flying humanoids. It’s safe to say, too, that the previously mentioned vanishing act encounters haven’t improved the situation, either. Maybe we should see what other sources have to say on the matter? Contacts, not from here, if you will!

Flying Humanoids! The ETs/EDs of the LF Wade In!

One of the key things which puts the reportage here into realms where other researchers can’t follow is the ability to fundamentally change perspective by telepathically interviewing/intuitively communicating with senior leaders of the ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces), who are working to free us from unimaginable tyranny encompassing incomprehensible periods of time. From one such came the following:

Q: What can you tell us of Earth about the flying humanoids?

A: They’re real, aren’t hostile, and collisions between them and your air vehicles would be bad for all concerned. They seem to be dipping into your reality and gadding about in 3-D something like those who do the same thing on your sidewalks and trails on a Segway. As was noted in the Rich Giordano video in this post, there’s a considerable conceptual similarity between the terrestrial jet packs and what’s being seen in your skies, but I’d say the difference is of the order of the Wright Brothers plane vs a flying saucer in technology level. When threatened, they simply leave 3-D until the threat passes. Think of the flying humanoids  as being tourists of a sort.

Q: Ground Contingents have opined, when asked, that the flying humanoids may be the man/fish instructor and lawgiver Oannes, scuba diving in an ocean of which Earth is a greater realm. What do you think of this assertion?

A: Interesting idea, but we’ve seen nothing to support such a claim.

Q: Where are the flying humanoids from?

A: From what we’ve seen, there would appear to be multiple origins. We lack details, given our busyness with wars and such, but we’re leaning toward a notion of what you’d call ET/ED travel agencies, each supplying similar, but not identical, flight gear to their clients.

Q: What about the report of a terrifying clash between a flying humanoid and a Mexican cop?

A: There are always, as you say, bad apples in any group, be they locals or tourists. In this case, the malefactor was apparently from the tourist side of the equation. We understand this unfortunate event is being handled by the appropriate authorities on the world from which this tourist hails. No, we don’t have any particulars.

Q: Is there anything else you’d care to pass on regarding flying humanoids?

A: Flying humanoids, dragons and many more amazing, maybe disturbing, even horrifying things are going to increasingly be the norm on Earth as dimensional veils (remember the interpenetration of realities) thin, allowing the unseen to be seen, at least some of the time. Best get used to it!

After the usual closing remarks on both ends, this interview concluded.

Flying Humanoids–Summing Up

They’re real, they’re here, they’re mostly harmless tourists, and we need to deal with them and other emerging realities, just as we need to deal with UFOs. In a larger sense, the frighteningly common ostrich mentality is simply unsuited for the events unfolding, for the new realities emerging. It’s time for humanity to wake up and grow up!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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