Paul is the BEST! He really should get an award for all the effort he puts into sharing the truth and waking up people to the government activities to deceive The People. He could be enjoying a quiet life in his retirement, rocking on the dock by the lake, tossing in a line and having a fish fry for dinner. Love you, Paul!

It looks like these are a couple of videos squeezed out of participants at the Citizen Hearing on a break in Washington last spring, where they exposed the ET coverup.

This is another great post from the folks at, which includes other revealing footage as well.  I hope you’re in the mood for videos!  Thank you for your efforts to expose the truth, too, fellas.  ~ BP

Sync Edu: Truth’s Out. Paul Hellyer Interview Exposing THE LIES & Tax is Legalised Theft Of Your Money! You Bothered About It Yet?