This is difficult to believe, so please forgive me if I look for an ulterior -perhaps false flag – motive. ~J
Thanks to L.

May 28, 2013. New York. In two separate reports last week, Forbes Magazine warned its readers that their freedom, their democracy and even the USA itself are in dire jeopardy, not tomorrow or someday, but today. For 30 years America has transferred trillions of dollars in wealth, tens of millions of jobs, and now finally our national defense – to the Communist Chinese red army. And America’s media is covering it up.


US defense contractors pad their profits by outsourcing military manufacturing to countries like Communist China. Image courtesy of Think Progress.

For decades, it’s been a little-known secret that globalists and multinational elites of the New World Order have been slowly transferring the wealth and power of the United States from the hands of the American people to the hands of a few thousand of the world’s richest and most powerful individuals. Now, Forbes has come out publicly to warn America – but not about the treason, as that’s not even news anymore. Instead, they’re warning the US about its cover-up by the country’s own corporate owned media companies.