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Tolec, this was posted on Godlikeproductions Conspiracy forum back in early summer.  Sharing with you in case you haven’t seen this.  It’s an extremely long post but very interesting corroboration from an external source.  Check it out!


Comment left in a GLP forum discussing “the shift”:

Posted by zite User ID: 41672733, Brazil, 06/17/2013, 04:14 AM


tolec_andromeda_council_home_image10Hi Solar Guardian, your post was a bless to me. My english is not perfect so I hope you understand. I want to tell you this is story that will in the end support your dates, support what Alex Collier have said. But I need to tell you this story first, so you can understand why I think your dates are very, very real. This is big but please, read it, its important for me.


First of all, I swear that I`m not kidding with this.


I would never post something like this on the internet but I think that this is important. Just like you feel. So here we go:


I have never, ever, lost my memories before my encarnation process. I remember absolut everything during the birth process, the first day that I was born perfectly, first days… The Astral Travels and etc that I did on that time. This was all confirmed by video, photo, documents from that time that I have access decades after. So, what about it? The thing is that… When I encarnated I have not come alone, I came with another soul with me that encarnate in another body, there was another girlfriend of my mother that got pregnant at the same time. And with us there was this light being that I call “Alaíro” (is not his real name, they dont have names. Its just an sound translation of his vibration identity.) and he was somehow responsible for our encarnations, our evolution proccess… I talked with this other soul that happened to be my cousin, his father was brother of my father, we talked about all of this, and the other world…


We remembered the encarnation process too nad we talked about it in our childhood. But when he got around 6 years, for one day to another he lost his memories, I tried to talk with him about those things and he just looked at me like “wtf?” and he didnt remembered anything! Absolut nothing, I didnt understand… And after many years I discovered that no one knew that there was an “other side”. I was completly lost. I lose contact with Alaíro for years, but some times he came I said things to me. Things that would happen, things that would happen 10 years before and he said “from 10 years from now… THIS will happen” and exatcly 10 years after this X happened, and I was “wow”. Ok, so, I started my spiritual journay alone to find people here that knew about the other side, anyone from my school friends and family remember the encarnation process, they all had this amnesia thing. The other motive was that I knew that the Earth was going through a transformation, and it was going to be radical, and thats why I have encarnated.


So, I will skip all my life to get to the point of your post Solar Guardian… What I can say is that for all my life Alaíro helped me to understand alot of things, we talked for hours and hours and he taught me alot of systems, interdimensional systems, understands, I have developed telepathy, and I taught other peoples how to do it with success. I have developed telekinesis and had an group with people that could do it. I have done astral travel, I saw ghosts, and have learned to transmite messages from the other side to people. I have helped some families with that, and things like that. But I have stricted orders that I could not give my understandings to the public. And that people that needed to learn would come… And they came. Exactly like Alaíro said, one by one…


I was envolved with alot of missions on my life, I have had thousands of proofs. I have meet them in real places, they have materialized to us, with friends with me. Alaíro told me that my mother was doing to die 1 year before she did, and he said “1 year from now”. He showed why, how, etc… And he taught me the best technique to get information from the universe. He said about the greys, reptilians, all entities trying to decieve us. And taught that If I want clean information I would have to get it direct from my Spirit (some superior part of us, that is more evolved from our Soul), or the Self itself (God) and the door to access it was in our heart, not our brain. So I understand alot… I saw things happened that anyone would believe If I told, and then he said to me that in 2012 nothing was going to happen. I meet some very high beings, that tould me that 2012 was secure… They told me that in 2005. So I always knew that anything would happen.


But after 2012 Alaíro came and said something very peculiar… He showed to me my next spiritual learning and mission, I would have to choose about 2 paths, and he said finally “Now, the path you choose, is going to be the last one in this encarnation. Because the Earth has no more time.” and it was the first time he said something like that. I was like “omg, what doest that mean?” he said that the Earth was going to go to the 4D soon, and I have not time to do the first path, and after that the second… Because the Earth was not going to exist anymore in the third dimension. I choose my path and moved on.


So, after that I have the pleasure to meet the beings that were responsible for my encarnation… That was an race, very high in evolution, very similar to the Arcturians, they were in this mothership and I could go there… This experience is very complex I will let this explanation subjectively. So I talked with one of them about my encarnation, they were my race before this encarnation, and I knew them. They showed me other people that went to that mothership, he said me to find them so I did. And the exactly people he said I discovered that they went there, and they have had the same experiences and knew that same beings, the ship, everything. So we got together and started the next missions together.


Now We come to your post. I have maintained contact with these beings, and I asked if they could show me if the Earth was realy going to go to the 4D, and when and how… And they gave me access to these informations. They showed me exatcly what would happened to my friends, to Earth, in details… I have not permissions to explain all details, but one thing brought me to this post. They showed to me that the Earth was going to change dimensions between december 2013 and the mid of January 2014. And thats it. They showed me that something was going to happen in the second semester of 2013, I dont know what… Just something that was very important, and then in december the shift would start, and it would end in January mid. They showed to me a list of names of people that I know that was going to the 4D, and people that would not go.


Alaíro have explained to me the SAME that you said, thats all a choice… and the people that would not go, would be going to another 3D planet in this galaxy, very similar to Earth. And they said comething special “these people will use an technique to get to the 4D, but not you.” They said that an Secret Society would call me, and that was my jump. They would teach me an different technique. Or I could just use another way.


3 days after that an member of an secret society entered in contact with me and said they would like to meet me, and maybe put me in. That makes the info true in that sense… But, at that time I didnt knew any technique to go to the 4D that my friends could use… I have been introduced to Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Merkaba, and other spiritual techniques that did not present a way to go to the 4D. So… In June 2, Drunvalo Melchizedek appeared, and Alaíro have always said, and my Spirit too, that he was one of the few guys out there that was working in light and truth. I had one mission one time with him to learn the Merkaba, only that. But now he was giving us this technique… And this was the one that the beings have said.


And thats how my friends was going to do it, and they are now using it. And they have their contacts with interdimensional beings too… And without me telling them anything, they came to me and said “They said to me that this is the last year of Earth, that the shift is going to happen in January 2014, have you heard anything about that?” and I was in chock. More than one came to me and said that, and thats not fake spiritual people, they are people that can meet these beings in physical using ways like the CE-5 from Steven Greer, (I saw that with my on eyes). This was not bullshit, this was not people that play with spirituality.


Something big was going to happen… Then the crop circles appeared, and said that the shift was going to happen very very soon, and they said something about the need to shift after this solar cicle that happens between july 2013 and december 2013. After that the angels have appeared to Drunvalo and said to release the information about how to go to the 4D and ALOT of people are working with that in secret now.


ALL my contacts have received the same message… And now I come to godlike forum and saw that even Alex Collier saw the dates? dec 2013 and jan 2014? This signs are coming from every direction. Everything I said here is true, and all my guides, meditations, show this dates… I just knew about those dates some months before people started to appear with the same signs, and now alot of people are starting to get this information and I am in chock. When I ask to Alaíro what is going to happen, he just say “Something beyond your imaginations.”


So, I just wanted this, to share a little about my experiences and why I think this is something seriously.


I know that alot of people are not aware of these kind of events… But for now what It seems is that Atlantis is happening again, when 13k years ago no one believed that the shift was going to happen and just died. All my friends without exception have received the same messages and alerts, every single one of them are preparing for the ascencion right now. Me too. And I know big groups that are too and they expect that for now. So… Guys, if you have any feeling, intuition about that, I would say to you to follow it.


The worst scenario is that our mind-ego was right and everything will be the same in february 2014. But if you have this intuition, if it come from your heart, follow it. You have nothing to lose. Because the time seems to be now, we will all be in a new world in 1 year. Be another 3D planet, be 4D Earth, or be 5D. Believe in yourselfs, you would not want to regret some cetical mind inconveniences that can happen. 


I mean, if this is going to happen, Earth will not wait for you to go with her, she will go no matter what. Alot of people are encarnate and have the mission to go to the 4D Earth, and they are NOT going because of ego, mind, and mistakes that they made in their life *choices*. But there is still time, if you need to make some spiritual choices, make it now. There is people here that was never supposed to ascend, thats not their time. But for those that are, they can feel it. Go for it, have no fears.


Thats my message, alot of things I would love to say here, and tell, but these beings dont thing that It would do good, and I dont feel in my heart that It would too.


And again, this is not fake or made up. Hope you all understand what I`m trying to say here.


Solar Guardian: Can you show me the intel of Tolec and Alex Collier about these dates? I would LOVE to see them.


Thanks and sorry for anything that sliped from my intentions.


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