innovationWe are pleased to invite you to attend the Fourth International Congress on Green Process Engineering, GPE 2014, which will be held in Sevilla, Spain, 7-10 April 2014. This event is expected to bring together more than 300 local and international scientists and experts from universities, industries, government agencies and businesses that are involved in sustainable green process technologies and chemistry.

The deadline for abstract submission is the 1st december 2013. Please note that abstract submission should be made online through the congress website
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You can upload your abstract by following the instructions given on the congress website.
Selected articles presented at the congress will be considered for publication in special issues of the International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, Catalysis Today and 
Green Processing and Synthesis.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat at:


Finally we would appreciate if you could kindly disseminate this announcement to your contacts from academia and industry who might be interested to attend.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and we look forward to seeing you in Sevilla.

 Martine POUX – Patrick COGNET – Pedro LOZANO – Santiago LUIS – 

Chairpersons of GPE congresses series and technical and scientific chairs.
GPE 2014 - Conference secretariat

6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
31029 TOULOUSE Cedex 4 (France)

Phone. +33 (0)5 34 32 31 19
Fax:  +33 (0)5 34 32 31 13



Sustainable and clean technologies
• Ultrasonic processes
• Microwave assisted processes
• Electrochemical processes
• Catalysis and reaction engineering (New catalysts and applications – Biocatalysis,
artificial enzymes)
• Photochemical processes
• Membrane processes
• nano-technologies
New reaction media and green solvents
• Supercritical fluids
• Ionic liquids
• Bio surfactants
• Solvent-free chemical systems
Process design, modeling and optimization
• Experimental design
• Optimal design
• Process intensification
• Multifunctional reactors
• Micro-structured reactors
• Heat exchanger/reactors
• Reaction/separation coupling (Membrane reactors, Adsorptive reactors, Reactive
distillation, Reactive extraction)
• Advanced process control
Biocatalytic processes
Biomass and Biorefinery
Environment, Safety and Risk management
• Process safety
• Inherently safer process solutions
• Assessment and evaluation of hazard and risk
• Environmental risks
• Cleaner production
Sustainable Energies.
• Renewable energy (solar, geothermal, wind etc.)
• Bio fuels
• Clean coal and gas technologies
• Biomass transformations
• Hydrogen technologies and fuel cells
• Greenhouse mitigation technologies
• Green/Eco buildings
Green Chemical and Engineering Education